A Woman Concept of The Oppressed

A Woman Concept of The Oppressed

      Though it was already familiar that a woman is a gender being, and of a female other than male, a man. As gender being, it is academically accepted as part of concensus among feminist, that woman embedded with social construction. In Indonesia the term of woman is perempuan. But due to different understanding about the concept as a gender-being as term of woman, and a biological being as female, Indonesian feminist still using woman-perempuan to opposed women’s constructed patriarchal as woman, not a female. While in reality, word of perempuan continuously use by feminist to promote women’s awareness and progressiveness against patriarchy. I guess, within this term, I will use woman-perempuan as term of human creature who is oppressed/marginalized as a concept, as well as reality and a symbol of the ultimate word “the oppressed”, and this woman is struggle to get away with the oppression condition to become aware, of their rights by using feminism as a weapon and tool. While female, wanita or betina as a female creature is not yet have the ability to understand that they are being oppressed, and most of them still using patriarchal constructed to female creature for their ‘benefit’. Within this context the wanita, or betina is not only could adopt patriarchal role of being male-man and being female, they seem to not wanting to get away with the constructed condition by patriarchal system. So perempuan has internal meaning within the word as awareness of being oppress and has power within to claim perempuan to be able to empower themselves.


Wanita or betina has the body exactly the same as woman but somehow they do not have consciousness as a woman. It was a woman, who for the first time of their being ‘born’ that society called them woman because of their significant female-genitalia. The society trapped and constructed female to be a woman (the ultimate oppressed creature), than it is only a rational to deconstruct a woman to be free woman and the same as other human creature (deconstructed man).


I will not use psychological analytic to brought the issue of woman as the oppressed. I will use sociological facts and historical facts as main argument of how in Indonesia activist, journalist, mostly women still confuse about the acceptance concept of women as the oppressed. It was due to the real condition in our society that there are many ‘female’ wanita are involved or even the perpetuator of patriarchal system of which cause women, men, and children suffered.


One of feminists even argued that women could not become agent of peace, because there are female who actively involved in conflict makers. Within this terms she reject a concept of binary opposition that women and men, as victims of violence and actors. Of course we could not use binary opposition, that is why I proposed fourth opposition, of which woman as the oppressed, other part of the oppressors. It is strongly necessary to identify who are the ‘enemy’ and who are the ‘friends’ in the context to deconstructed patriarchal system that created social distinction and limitation to female and male.


Perempuan dan Wanita?


Kalau perempuan yang ingin menjadikan dirinya merdeka dan orang lain merdeka?






Role Play















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