I very much agree with Catherine MacKinnon about the level of importance, Sex or Race. Catherine had stated, sexism is viewed less important than racism, because racism attack male too. It is male pride they talking about. Male against male ego. The system chose to take pity on color first, because of social-cultural of Patriarchal has been rude to black race (slavery). If only slavery did not include male, it might that racism in (black/white country community) be not that important the race.


Anyhow, because race is part of both sexes, the patriarchal blurred the sex inequality into race inequality. So female feminist black (because I am not American, I won’t use African America), will choose Obama. The power of patriarchal is so rooted inside the wo-humen heads that they can’t even feel and see the truth about who always in power, in charge, in decision in term of sexuality. The basic fact of human history of anatomy of the culture of the body male female sex is ignored.


I was sorry for US American feminist. Who come along this times for so long and winding roads—to women got their RIGHT TO VOTE—how women have to stand along the cold weather, imprison and only be defeat by ANOTHER MALE with a kind of representing the oppressed (the blackness of his skin), while millions of women forgotten.


If HILLARY WON’T WIN IN DEMOCRATIC ELECTION NOMINEE FOR CONVENTION IT IS A MOURNING YEAR of 2008 of WOMEN a defeat for Feminist. We are the witnessed in 1995, Hillary as first lady of USA President speech in UN Women World Conference in Beijing. And how the Result of Beijing Conference with Platform for Action is remain to go forward into action. I believe because she was a first lady of USA she endorse such CONFRENCE.


That is why I Chose Megawati Soekarnoputri over SBY, because I believe there is still very much EXIST Sexual Inequality (sexual-jenis kelamin, male to female, Vagina-Penis betina to jantan- wanita-pria) not gender (feminine-masculine-perempuan-laki-laki).


As long as Sexual Inequality persist, I will always keep in my head “Woman vote Woman is Ideological Choice”



The patriarchal has many forms. But the most blatant everybody in this planet can see is Sexual Inequality in many branch of life: discrimination works, home, politics, and the discrimination in the mind/head (that in everybody head they mostly still think women/female is less qualified to be a leader). This is the Hegemony of the Mind that even Hillary Clinton and true Member of Democrats party did not aware of. Despite of other patriarchal form of Hillary Campaign team still embraced, but it WAS TRULY THE MEDIA IN USA one WHOM the most influence Agent to hold The Responsibilty to keep Women Inequality to Men.



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