Have the Feminists Surrendered? Pornography the Demolition of the First and the Last Citadel (Woman Body)

Have the Feminists Surrendered?  Pornography the Demolition of the First and the Last Citadel (Woman Body)


When the feminism came and enlightened most women in western country in the Sixties, there was a major breakthrough for women’s right, women embraced and claimed their sexuality. Sexual freedom and sexuality awareness was celebrated. Women began to play male role in sexual mores. It seems to be one of the highest accomplishments of women’s struggle for almost a hundred and fifty years since Seneca Falls 1847. But there were major slipped in women’s struggle, at the same time when women claimed as the owner of their own bodies, they were not free and  trapped within an advance ideology of capitalist, everything was a commodity and everything can be produce and reproduced out of capitalist economy. It was no other than male capitalist who can own all human, woman or man, body and spirit. Women not only can be useful as labor in industrial process for production of goods, woman have the body that can satisfy male needs for sexual fulfillment. Before the sixties, male needs meet female availability to sexual service mostly through marriage and brothel, the sixties had broaden the space of choice for male to have sexual service without any obligation either paid (brothel) or feed (wife). It seem male needs meet women needs for sexual fulfilling for the first time.

Somehow in between of male and women interaction, the inventory of sexual industry in the 1970s (Playboy and Deep Throat) were unstoppable. Mostly male who benefited from the industry have done nothing to prevented it, and women were helpless. The sex industry of pornography then became wider and spread throughout the world. Not only that the sexual industry was started in USA as the most industrious country in the world, USA too  a frontrunner of women’s movement throughout the world and US Constitution have always been in favour or encourage individual satisfaction, entrepreneurship and freedom of expression. While in reality those three rights are still privilege of male citizens.     

                Feminism: the primary root is woman body

                When feminism became one of the tools for women’s movement within social change and activism in 1960s (theory and practices), yet the strongest ideology and practices; capitalism have won their way of human mind without meaningful resistant. The capitalism merged into women liberalization. The capitalist tricked women by giving promises of power of liberation then use it as the road to conquest whole society of women. They won. It was in 1970s, male sold women body through beauty pageant, and buys and sell through media. Since women lose in the battle among social change, the defeat continues. Pornography became usual. It is no longer the issue. Though most feminist acknowledge pornography as violence against women, very few women activists or movement pay attention of the danger of pornography. The trap of capitalism with their mega technology is something that women cannot handle.

                The invention of surrogate mother has cheated woman reproductive function. Technology started to control the womb and reproduction function is use for commercial purpose, to produce baby. Technology have intervened women daily life in almost everything from woman’s reproduction to woman’s health to the concept of beauty, and transmitted graphic picture, photo, or live of woman’s body. It was the capital and male owner company to have sold pornography. Male company sold the sex to male buyers.

                The harsh wave of pornography through media, any kind media is overwhelmingly high that even all women in the world can’t stop it. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry. The annual revenue of that industry is $13.3 billion in the U.S. and $97 billion worldwide. What was once called “softcore” pornography is now part of the mainstream media. It is almost impossible for women to fight against it. And somehow feminist activists in western or non western country are not eager to fights against it. The pornography as form of violence against women were seem to deny. (abstract of my paper  umilasminah@yahoo.com)


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