If Hillary Not to be Nominate

For almost three months, I watch eagerly theprimary process. I really like to see Hillary to be nominate as presidential candidate for Democrate Party. I know Hillary from her book, Living Legend, and I noticed her when she opened Beijing Conference in 1995, when she speech of women rights.

I really don’t understand why feminist in America have judge her, and even make a move to against her.

I don’t really know how her work in senate in USA but she had been elected twice. And her continuesly work for healtcare is undeniable truth.

I watch Hillary like I watched Sigolene Royale in France. My sisterly feeling for Sigolene Royal is strong that I feel dissapointed when she lost against Sarkozy. And for Hillary, I really don’t like people in USA treat her, and mocking her in the internet.

How the media is always and always keep doing what their doing to WOMEN, destroyed women’s power, destroy women’s confident, by judgement, by everything the media can, to humiliate women.

If Democrate do not nominate Hillary, its just another phase of how, the power of male strength and male ‘devining’  engagement ‘race’ is part of human power. As always, racism is stronger issue than sexism. So if Hillary win, it is not because of Hillary incompetent, but her competency is not have space in the media.

And how American can be blind of how Obama refuse to debate with Hillary, because he can’t handle debate. For women, it is always easy not to bind with other women, because most of the time women lives, thinking are influenced by others.. including media and male with their strong intellectuallity…

But if women, look inside their heart, feel their soul, they will be able praise and make solidarity with other women to create strength.

If Hillary not to be nominate, it will be the lost for many women have try to achieve, especially women who have in their lifetime fight and struggle for women to have vote (suffragist). When seldom young women nowadays aware that, in order to achieved women’s rights in politics (to vote) a woman Emily Davison, have committed suicide by throwing herself in race horse in Derby….and her funeral was attended by thousands of women…

Bless Hillary, Bless all women in the World, Hope in the future Womeh have always aware that they belong to each other as the oppressed.


May, 8, 2008





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