Not that

Not that I hate American People

I love American people, their spirit their passion and their arts.

I love Joan Baez, Jewel, Tori Amos, Elvis Presley, Madonna and Janis Joplin and American writer like Marylin French or American scholar like Catherine MacKinnon or Carole Patement. And I like my American friends.
It just I don’t like their government. Their policy towards the world.Their ideology of capitalism and liberalism. Of course that the Chosen type of democratic system by American founding fahters.

Iam grateful for American for what I have read from them have enrich me and inspire me, like when I read Walt Whitman, or Emerson, or Emily Dickenson or many other poets.



Wondering if USA step off from Indonesia


Indonesia and other country inthe world hav always in relation.Soekarno said even if we are better be selfhelp nation, cooperation with other country is unavoidable. As for USA, the biggest capitalist country in the world i wonder when is the time when USA step off from Indonesia. Step off means: stop exploiting,stop fooling in and stop using in. All through years of USA-Indonesia relation since 1967, Indonesia have exploited by USA.

I can tell you this with or without  facts, most of aware intellectuals knew this. Indonesia   a rich nation with huge and enermous natural resources; from the mountain to the sea where laid there gold, coal, gas, oil, fish,spices, timber .etc.For those are real facts where gold exist in soil of Papua, North Sumatera, coal exist in soil of East Kalimantan, gas and oil in Aceh and Java. Most of those resouces exploited by USA and its benefit go to USA, Freeport for gold from Papua, oil will come from Blok Cepu to Exxon mobil.Other than that, USA have exploited forrest in Indonesia for more than 20 years.

Can you imagine Indonesia’s forrest with in 1970 given concession to 9 companies to have forrest concession HPH for their logging operations. The  USA of 9 companies have 2.726 million areas concession with investmen 6,2 million US$ and mostly they have concession to use the forrest for up to 20 years.

 And now, Indonesia is to blame for Global Warming, and even while defforestation replaying again by change the forrest to palm plantation (CPO) which crude palm oil will be alternative for fossil base energy. Again our country became target what so called First Country needed, a fresh air from natural energy.

 Anyhow, right now the USA will held general election to choose their presiden. One of them is the hopeful presidential candidate is Obama. Though he was live in Indonesia for several years, I doubt his policy will be different, will be radical. If so, he wil be introduce popular policy for Indonesian people, including sale US corporation shared to Indonesia (government) or abolish the debt.


Obama mention himself as not liberal nor conservative, somehow the media called him ultra liberal, I called him person with good ambition, but lack of intention and experience, but with his ambition, I doubt he will do what he said end poverty to be more sincere with other nation…


I think US only will step off from Indonesia when the US goverment do not think they have the enemy. Until now, they create enemy: muslim (what they called fundamentalist) or communist.


USA win their war against communism, will their win their war against terrorism (I doubt)…with Obama as president, I think USA will harser to ‘terrorist’ if not mean.


Umi lasminah 23 juni, 2008





The Winner is


The competition between human, to get food, health and happiness is all through human years…

Sexuality and Cruelty persist to maintain patriarchy, said Irene Diamond on Millet on Sexual Politics.
Liberal coopetive masks on the face of sexist hate and fear worn by nice guy as Robin Morgan said.
Pornography have self image women and women, where design to dehumanize and degrade woman.


Obama faces twin task in wooing Clinton backers

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer
Tue Aug 26, 3:43 AM ET

DENVER – Meet Cindy Lerner and Leeann Ormsbee, the two faces of Barack Obama’s struggle to win over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most fervent supporters — a task that could determine whether he becomes president. ADVERTISEMENT

They travel in different social and economic circles: one white-collar and financially safe, one working-class and less secure. They have different educations, backgrounds and reasons for backing Clinton’s presidential bid.

But both are self-described Democrats who say they may not vote for Obama this fall. And in that, they personify the complexity and urgency of his efforts to close rifts left by a marathon primary.

The most striking story line of the Democratic convention’s first day was the tenacity and emotion of Clinton backers. They unapologetically threatened to disrupt the four-day event’s unity theme, demanding that Clinton be honored with a prime-time nominating roll call vote on Wednesday — whether she wants it or not.

In conversations with die-hard Clinton backers, it became increasingly clear that her campaign was at least as much about them as about her. With 10 weeks to go to Obama’s showdown with Republican John McCain, they remain loath to turn it loose, even if their doggedness might help the GOP keep the White House.

“I’m not there yet,” said Lerner, a Miami lawyer, as she sat with fellow Florida delegates Monday wearing a Clinton button and a frown. “I hope we can use this convention to help Obama’s campaign and his administration understand what millions of women in this country live everyday in terms of a lack of respect.”

Lerner, 55, cited unequal pay, unfair workplace promotions and a “good ol’ boy network that is still alive and well in the corporate world and in the political world.”

“Delegates all over the country feel like I do,” she said.

Ormsbee, meanwhile, was far away, cleaning houses in Waterford, Ohio. Single, 29, with a high school education, she might have trouble relating to Lerner’s anger. Her concerns are mostly pocketbook and kitchen-table affairs, she said.

Clinton won her heart more by promising to fight for the working class than by talking of glass ceilings. But Ormbee’s doubts about Obama are no less pressing than Lerner’s. And she, too, feels Clinton has been disrespected.

Obama “made a foolish choice” in picking Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate, Ormsbee said in a telephone interview. “He could have been president if he had picked Hillary. How stupid can you be? It seems like he did it to spite her.”

In battleground states such as Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida, Obama needs to win the vote of every Clinton supporter he possibly can. But he must appeal to them with different themes, to address their varying grievances and fears.

Lerner and many professional women like her saw Clinton’s campaign as a chance to redeem their own struggles against sexism and hundreds of slights, large and small, over the years. They want empathy and respect from Obama, and Clinton is their surrogate.

Eleanor Strickland, a Florida delegate and Clinton supporter, has a master’s degree in advertising and a successful career behind her. But she remembers a Chicago ad agency directing her to train a man with less education and fewer qualifications to be an account executive.

“There was no thought that a woman could be an account executive,” she said.

Hearing that Clinton might not seek a full-blown roll call of her name in nomination, Strickland said: “I think she’s being pressured. It’s disrespectful. … I think she was robbed.”

She shared a Denver taxi with Florida delegate Catherine Leisek, an art professor and fellow Clinton backer. When Leisek worked at an art institute in 1980, a male co-worker said, “Honey, can you type this?”

No, Leisek had replied, adding that her secretary might.

In Garretsville, Ohio, Susan Carroll also is a Democrat and Clinton backer. But she can’t match the college degrees and salaries that Leisek and Strickland have enjoyed. She packages cheese in a factory, and worries about paying bills and obtaining affordable health care.

Carroll, 44, said she is not sure how she will vote in November. “I want to start reading and learning more” about what Obama and McCain are proposing, she said.

While Obama addresses the feminist-related resentments of women like Cindy Lerner, he almost must speak to the economic worries of the Susan Carrolls. Polls show him struggling to attract significant numbers of white Democrats without college educations who supported Clinton in the primaries.

In Denver, Clinton admirer Chris Lomas, 45, has reconciled herself to backing Obama. But she thinks she knows why so many of her sisters have not.

The contest between the two “was so close, and went on so long,” said Lomas, a first-year law student and Florida delegate. “People got so emotionally involved.”

Obama has 10 weeks to speak to those emotions and, if possible, keep McCain from stealing a crucial number of voters who call themselves Democrats.

Penjajahan Arab dan Barat


Oleh Umi Lasminah

Tergelitik kesal menyaksikan Eggy Sudjana (ES) mendominasi wacana pada Apakabar Indonesia Malam, di saluran TV One edisi 9 Juni 2008. Saya tidak menonton sampai habis, karena saya langsung menulis ini.

Pertama yang membuat kesal adalah: Eggy Sudjana menyatakan kata-kata Pancasila tidak ada di UUD 1945, yang ada kata-kata Allah. Mungkin yang ES maksudkan adalah kata-kata Allah dalam Pembukaan UUD 1945…”Atas berkat rahmat Allah Yang Maha Kuasa”…Tapi ES melupakan kata-kata …suatu susunan Negara Republik Indonesia yang berkedaulatan rakyat dengan berdasar: Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa, Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab…dst.

Dua kata-kata yang berasal dari nilai Theologis Islam, yaitu Allah, Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa (tauhid) padahal Esa bahasa Sangsekerta yang artinya Mempunyai Sifat Yang Sama, lalu diartikan sebagai ‘kemenangan’ dan pengakuan mayoritas penduduk muslim Indonesia pada masa menjelang kemerdekaan. Kemenangan ini telah melampaui bahwa pada saat Indonesia merdeka, masih banyak suku-suku bangsa yang bermukin dan tinggal di Indonesia menganut animisme, dinamisme, atau yang akhirnya mengaku sebagai Penganut Kepercayaan (mengikuti pasal 29 UUD 1945).

Sebagai muslim sejak lahir, saya mengenal Tuhan baik secara ritual keagamaan kolektif maupun personal. Dalam pengenalan saya dengan Tuhan itu saya tidak habis pikir betapa sekarang banyak orang yang mengaku Tuhan. Orang-orang yang mengaku tuhan ini berkelompok, berseragam seperti ‘malaikat’ berbaju putih, dan tidak seperti tuhan yang saya kenal Yang Penuh Cinta, mereka yang mengaku tuhan ini menebarkan kebencian dan melakukan kekerasan. Yang lebih membuat saya kesal dan sangat sebal adalah kata-kata ES terkait dengan tindakan FPI (saya menyebutnya Front Penghina Islam) “kalau satpol PP melakukan kekerasan kenapa boleh”…lalu host/pembawa acara TvOne yang lebih pintar dari ES bilang…konteksnya beda dan mereka berwenang…, tapi terus. Saya lalu berfikir, duh ini orang yang bernama ES sekolah dimana? Siapa yang mengajarinya (mudah2an tidak satu almamater dengan saya, mengingat sarang Arabisasi bermula di sana)..

Sebagai seorang yang mencintai Tuhan dan sangat merasakan bahwa Tuhan mencintai saya, tindakan-tindakan mentuhankan diri dari sekian banyak orang telah membuat saya khawatir bahwa negeri Indonesia musnah.Negeri yang didirikan oleh pengorbanan raga, jiwa, harta (darah, air mata,keringat) dari suku-suku bangsa berbeda-beda agama mengusir penjajah Belanda. Negeri yang menginspirasi bangsa-bangsa lain (di Asia Afrika) memerdekakan diri dari penjajahan.

Musnahnya suatu negeri bukanlah tidak mungkin lihat saja Uni Soviet, Yugoslavia, Cekoslovakia. Atau negeri-negeri yang mengubah dasar negaranya Iran, Burma dll.

Ancaman Musnahnya Kekayaan Seni-budaya

Bagi orang-orang muslim kebanyakan, terutama muslim perempuan commonality atau sesuatu yang umum menjadi landasan mengikuti perubahan. Ibu-ibu rumah tangga yang tidak memakai jilbab dalam keseharian, karena tetangganya menggunakan jilbab akhirnya bila ada acara memakai jilbab. Indonesia memang negeri yang gampang terpengaruh trend. Akan tetapi dalam konteks jilbab, trend-nya bukan dalam kategori fashionista (fashion saja), tetapi sudah menjadi hal yang inheren dengan kehidupan yang dianggap baik, karena kalau perempuan belum pakai banyak di antara mereka merasa ‘belum insyaf’ rendah diri atau merasa dosa. Kalau saya, biasanya simpel saja, memangnya ini Malaysia. Malaysia kan tidak punya Pancasila. Hal ini antara lain tampak dari perempuan yang terjun ke politik baik menjadi calon bupati, atau calon legislatif, agar tetap menjadi bagian umum-yang dianggap baik menggunakan jilbab. Saya tidak mau mendebat atau mendiskusikan jilbab, baik kaitannya sebagai pilihan personal ideologi maupun sebagai trend. Tapi saya beranggapan jilbab adalah salah satu penjajahan Arab dan adanya kepercayaan pengguna jilbab terkait dengan imbalan surga bagi dan terjauhkan dari neraka.

Ancaman tercerabutnya kekayaan berbusana sebenarnya sudah ada sejak penjajahan Belanda. Manakala perempuan Indonesia saat itu yang mulai bergaul atau berinteraksi dengan budaya Belanda mengenakan rok, atau pakai barat (baju bebe). Asimilasi dan internalisasi penggunaan pakaian barat oleh perempuan terkait dengan alam bawah sadar maupun tidak sadar tentang ide peradaban modern. Pada masa itu bentrokan budaya tradisi feodal (segala kulturnya termasuk berbusana) dengan peradaban modern merasuk dalam kehidupan, terutama kalangan ningrat dan terpelajar. Sementara masyarakat bawah tetap dalam kesederhanaan, kolektifitas dan gaya berbusana yang kurang lebih sama dengan masyarakat kelas bawah masa kini (yang hidup di desa-desa).

Indonesia memiliki tidak kurang dari 250 suku bangsa, dan ratusan bahasa. Di antara suku-suku bangsa itu cara-cara berbusana adalah salah satu yang membedakan suku satu dari yang lainnya. Terutama sekali akan terlihat pada busana adat perkawinan, atau busana para pemangku adat. Beruntung dengan lahirnya UU Otonomi Daerah pemerintahan di daerah tergerak untuk melestarikan ciri khas budaya lokal/daerah tersebut, baik dengan kegiatan tahunan maupuan festival-karnaval (seren taun, maulid,ruwatan bumi dsb).

Permasalannya kini adalah, Arabisasi sedang menghantam Indonesia secara damai, sama damainya dengan masuknya program-program televisi yang berasal dari negeri Paman Sam. Menjadi masalah karena keduanya akan mengancam kelestarian kekayaan seni-budaya Indonesia.

Salah satu titik ukurnya adalah bagaimana stasiun program atau bentuk kesenian yang ada akan dihilangkan dengan alasan yang sebelumnya tidak pernah/berani dikemukakan. Tidak berani atau tidak pernah dikemukakan terutama karena sebelumnya masih uncommon, sekaran sudah common maka pasti akan diterima. Seperti Tari Dero ini juga disebut dengan Tari Pontanu, jenis tari pergaulan di mana para penonton diajak ikut menari dengan saling bergandengan tangan membentuk lingkaran, oleh para ulama yang menganggap pergaulan perempuan dan laki-laki harus dipisahkan.

Pancasila Kekuatan Ideologi Bangsa Indonesia

Sejak awal sejarahnya dan hingga kini, sebenarnya bangsa Indonesia sudah menganut pancasila, dalam arti Islam yang pancasilais, Nasrani yang pancasilais, Hindu yang pancasilais, Budha yang pancasilais, Kong Hu Cu yang pancasilais maupun Kepercayaan yang pancasilais. Artinya para penganut agama-agama di Indonesia memiliki ciri-ciri yang tercantum di dalam sila-sila Pancasila. Suka saling membantu-gotong royong apapun agamanya (sila ke 5), saling berbagi, dan solidaritas tinggi dan tidak suka berkelahi (sila kedua), suka berunding dan bermusyawarah (sila ke 4), suka melihat Indonesia jaya/menang bila berhadapan dengan luar negeri (sila ke 3). Di antara itu semua yang paling membuat iri negeri plural (beragam suku/agama) lain seperti India, Srilanka adalah kerukunan umat beragama yang nampak dari hampir tidak lazimnya terjadi pembunuhan/pemb oman atas latar perang agama. Saya ingin menentang pernyataan bahwa terjadi perang antar agama atas apa yang terjadi pada 25 Desember 2000 saat pemboman serentak gereja di Indonesia, atau konflik di Maluku, Poso. Betapa pun fakta-fakta yang disodorkan pada saya mengarahkan saya untuk percaya sebaliknya. Pertama karena saya percaya bahwa peradaban Indonesia sebelum agama-agama datang sudah tinggi. Kedua peradaban tersebut dapat berkorelasi dan berasimilasi dengan agama yang datang untuk memperkaya bukan menghilangkan peradaban dan budaya yang tinggi tersebut. Dan ketiga adalah kebodohan yang luar biasa apabila bangsa Indonesia yang memiliki keragaman budaya yang kaya, ini mau dihilangkan oleh sesuatu yang bukan dari jati diri bangsa (beragam) menjadi seragam . Orde Baru mencoba melakukan hal itu dalam konteks politik, gagal. Pihak-pihak tertentu akan melakukannya dalam konteks budaya (RUU Anti Pornografi), kita lihat saja nanti.

Permasalahan utamanya adalah Penjajahan Arab sudah masuk ke ranah kekuasaan politik. Ini yang patut diwaspadai. Kekuasaan politik ini pula yang mampu meluluh lantahkan apa-apa yang menjadi pijakan berbangsa dan bertanah air. Presidendan Wakil Presiden Indonesia disinyalir membuat kesepakatan dengan salah satu partai berideologi Islam yang sekarang sedang naik daun. Tak ayal lagi, kehadiran FPI yang melakukan kekerasan lalu SKB mentri yang melarang ‘syiar’ Ahmadiyah adalah permainan kekuasaan. . Itu saja sudah mencerminkan mulai keluarnya Islam yang tidak pancasilais menanamkan pengaruhnya di dalam politik tingkat tinggi Indonesia.

Tidak Ingin Indonesia menjadi bukan Indonesia

Saya tidak mau membayangkan bahwa suatu waktu negara Indonesia tidak ada, dan berganti nama. Kalau berganti nama menjadi Nusantara saya tak keberatan, akan tetapi jika berganti nama lain yang saya tidak kenal saya keberatan. Mungkin akan ada alasan penggantian nama Indonesia misalnya kata Indonesia berasal dari orang asing, atau mungkin kata Indonesia tidak sesuai dengan agama tertentu.

Saya agak kaget juga saat seorang kawan bilang, “Umur Indonesia paling dibawah 100 tahun”. Sebagai orang yang lahir, mencari makan, memakan minuman dan makanan yang berasal dari tanah dan air Indonesia, saya keberatan jika ada sekelompok pihak yang karena kekuasaan politik dan kekuasaan ‘ilmu agama’-nya membuat orang-orang awam menjadi asing dengan sejarah dan budayanya sendiri. Saya keberatan bahwa Tuhan yang saya cintai dibawa-bawa untuk tindakan-tindakan yang dilakukan tersebut. Keberatan-keberatan saya semata-mata karena saya mengagumi dan mencintai Indonesia yang sedikit sekali saya kenali tapi saya ketahui begitu kayanya.

Saya tidak setuju bila ada orang-orang yang mengaku beriman pada Tuhan, tetapi mengaku diri tuhan dengan menganggap diri yang paling benar, padahal Hanya Tuhan yang Maha Benar.

Dengan kemampuan otak manusia yang terbatas pada saya, kemampuan yang terbatas dari pikiran, maupun mata saya untuk menyerap atau mengapresiasi kekayaan Indonesia secara langsung (selain dari perjalanan hidup saya, kerja dan melihat dari acara wisata di televisi), saya keberatan bila ada pihak-pihak baik secara terang-terangan maupu sembunyi-sembunyi hendak merusak kekayaan budaya Indonesia.

Ketidak setujuan saya dan keberatan saya adalah bagian dari rasa bangga sebagai orang Indonesia.

Kebanggaan saya karena saya mengamati bahwa budaya Indonesia kaya dengan keragaman seni budaya baik yang terkait dengan nilai maupun ritual spiritual. Setiap bentuk ritual peringatan seni/budaya tahunan pada umumnya terkait dengan spiritualitas dan seringkali terkait dengan penghormatan dan hubungan baik antara manusia dengan alam semesta. Di banyak upacara adat, atau upacara rutin, khusus selalu ada pesan tersirat dan tersurat yang biasa disebut dengan kearifan lokal. Umumnya upacara adat berbentuk tradisi telah dilakukan ratusan tahun, bahkan ada yang tidak bisa dilacak awal sejarahnya.

Bangsa Indonesia sejak jaman nenek moyang dulu telah bergaul dengan alam secara baik. Bangsa Indonesia sejak dulu tidak mengenal keserakahan dan atau pemusnahan sesuatu yang baik. Bila pada masa kejayaan Majapahit atau Sriwijaya, tak ada cerita budaya asli kerajaan yang tunduk hilang atau dilarang.

Hal tersebut di atas berbeda dengan tradisi dan bila dibandingkan dengan Barat, luar biasa kaya dan hebat, termasuk di negeri-negeri barat (Eropa dan Amerika Utara) kecuali tentu warga indigenous . Kita lihat saja tradisi memotong kayu atau mengejar keju. Umumnya tradisi/kegiatan di negeri barat baru berumur puluhan tahun, dan seringkali berujung pada kompetensi di benua tsb. Seperti di Australia, lomba mendorong dan menghias tempat tidur. Lomba minum bir, pada bir fest. Tidak ada nilai tersurat baik spritual ataupun makna yang positif selain ramai, seru dan gembira dsb.@Umi Lasminah

batalkan SKB

15. Siaran Pers Seruan Pembatalan SKB Ahmadiyah dari Aliansi Perempuan P
Posted by: “Olin Monteiro”   cfwr_kupang
Mon Jun 9, 2008 10:18 pm (PDT)
*Siaran Pers 10 Juni 2008*

*Seruan Pembatalan SKB:*

*SKB Adalah Kekerasan Negara terhadap Warga Negara*

*(Terhadap Orang tua, Perempuan dan Anak)*

Melalui surat penyataan ini, kami mengecam keras terbitnya SKB (Surat
Keputusan Bersama) terkait dengan keberadaan Ahmadiyah yang
dikeluarkan pemerintah.
SKB ini memberikan ruang terjadinya tindakan kekerasan terhadap warga negara
Indonesia, khususnya kelompok Ahmadiyah yang merajalela. Kekerasan yang
terjadi tak pandang bulu, termasuk kekerasan terhadap ibu-ibu dan
anak-anak. Seperti sebagai berikut:

“Penyerangan secara kejam ke sejumlah perkampungan Ahmadiyah antara lain
berbagai ancaman, menghancurkan atau membakar rumah, mesjid dan madrasah
telah menyebabkan penderitaan yang amat dalam dan meninggalkan dampak buruk
kepada kehidupan kaum ibu dan lebih parah lagi untuk masa depan anak-anak.”

Perbuatan tidak manusiawi ini telah terjadi di beberapa perkampungan
Ahmadiyah seperti: di Manislor (Kuningan), Sadasari (Majalengka) , Praya dan
Ketapang (Lombok), Neglasari (Cianjur), Pangauban (Garut), Parung (Bogor),
Sukapura (Tasikmalaya) , Prakansalak (Sukabumi) dll.

“Insiden terakhir ini pada 1 Juni 2008, dalam pawai damai AKKBB (Aliansi
Kebangsaan Kebebasan Beragama dan Berkeyakinan) yang berujung pada
penyerangan FPI terhadap anggota pawai termasuk di dalamnya adalah perempuan
dan ibu-ibu dari kelompok Ahmadiyah”

*Akibat dan derita yang harus ditanggung* kelompok Ahmadiyah, terutama oleh
kaum ibu dan anak-anak antara lain:

1. Trauma yang mendalam apabila mereka melihat atau bertemu dengan orang
berjubah dan berpeci putih, karena pelaku perusakan dan kekerasan tersebut
sebagian besar mengenakan jubah dan berpeci putih.

2. Perasaan tidak aman dan ketakutan yang amat besar pada diri anak-anak,
baik di rumah maupun di sekolah. Khususnya di Lombok, ada perlakuan yang
tidak pada tempatnya kepada anak-anak Ahmadiyah yaitu buku rapor mereka
dilabelkan/ditulisk an “Ahmadiyah”.

3. Trauma bila mereka melihat acara TV yang menayangkan acara demo atau
keributan, karena mengingatkan kembali pada penyerangan ke perkampungan
Ahmadiyah sebelumnya.

4. Perasaan yang amat sedih karena tidak dapat lagi sholat berjamaah,
belajar mengaji bersama sebab mesjid dan madrasah mereka tidak dapat
dipakai, karena disegel atau dirusak.

5. Penderitaan batin dan fisik yang amat berat terutama bagi mereka yang
terpaksa berkali-kali mengungsi karena rumahnya berulang kali dirusak. Tidak
sedikit dari mereka dipaksa untuk tinggal di tempat pengungsian selama 2
tahun terakhir, karena aparat yang terkait belum mengizinkan dan tidak
menjamin keselamatan mereka apabila kembali ke tempat asalnya.

6. Ibu-ibu yang biasanya bekerja tidak bisa lagi berjualan karena usahanya
diancam dan diboikot.

7. Ibu-ibu karyawati jenjang karirnya terhambat karena ia anggota jemaah

Dengan diterbitkannya SKB tersebut maka negara telah ‘melegalkan’
terjadinya kekerasan di lapangan terhadap Ahmadiyah termasuk Ibu dan anak-.
SKB tersebut akan menjadi alat kekerasan negara terhadap warga negaranya s
dan melanggar konstitusi.

Mari kita lihat dan bandingkan siapakah sesungguhnya yang paling melanggar
konstitusi dan melanggar nilai agama? Agama Islam dalam tafsir kami memegang
pesan Nabi Muhammad Rasulullah SAW dalam hadist yang melarang orang untuk
menyakiti orang tua, kaum Ibu dan anak-anak serta merusak rumah ibadah,
sekalipun dalam peperangan. Apalagi dalam suasana tidak dalam peperangan.

Sementara secara hukum dan konstitusi kelompok jemaah Ahmadiyah sama sekali
tidak melanggar konstitusi, demikian beberapa alasan kami:


1. Ahmadiyah adalah warga negara Indonesia yang juga menjalankan
kewajibannya sebagai warga negara sama seperti masyarakat lainnya.
2. Dalam sejarah kemerdekaan Indonesia, Ahmadiyah ikut berkontribusi
bersama pendiri bangsa yaitu Soekarno, tentang ide kemerdekaan dan
konstitusi, terutama soal keberagaman dan toleransi umat beragama.
3. Ahmadiyah tidak pernah melakukan kekerasan atau perusakan terhadap
rumah-rumah ibadah, tempat-tempat hiburan yang legal, dan rumah-rumah warga.
4. Bila Ahmadiyah dikenai pasal tentang penodaan agama, dan ini menjadi
alasan dikeluarkannya SKB, maka hal ini masih bisa diperdebatkan dan
kesimpulannya masih jauh dari keputusan dikeluarkannya SKB dengan alasan
sebagai berikut;

a. Pernyataan yang ada tentang penodaan ini masih menjadi masalah
persepsi dan perasaan, sementara faktanya dimanakah letak penodaan itu?

b. Apa definisi ‘agama’ menurut agama dan hukum itu sendiri?

c. Ulama Indonesia sendiri terpecah dalam menafsirkan penodaan agama.
Lalu apakah kita memilih tafsirnya MUI, Munarman, FPI atau NU dan
Muhammadiyah? Lalu dengan tafsir seperti itu dan FPI berbekal fatwa MUI
menjadikan mereka layak dan bisa melakukan kekerasan terhadap kelompok
Ahmadiyah atau lainnya, lalu mendapatkan impunitas hukum?

d. Pembubaran Ahmadiyah berarti pelanggaran terhadap masalah kebebasan
menjalankan agama dan kepercayaan di Indonesia. Tindakan pensesatan
terhadapAhmadiyah akan berimbas pada kelompok-kelompok lainnya, seperti
kelompok kepercayaan di Dayak, Badui, Kejawen di Jawa, Merapu di Sumba dan
lain sebagainya. Adalah sebuah kenyataan bahwa Indonesia memiliki banyak
kekayaan kepercayaan beragama yang semuanya sangat dihormati di dalam
masyarakat yang plural.

Upaya-upaya menghilangkan kebebasan beragama dan berkeyakinan akan
sendi yang paling mendasar untuk berdiri kokohnya Negara Kesatuan Republik
Indonesia. Kegagalan kita untuk mencegah upaya-upaya tersebut berarti
mengubah Indonesia menjadi bangsa yang keji dan jauh dari dasar konstitusi.
Disaat negara berada dalam keadaan krisis multidimensi; naiknya harga BBM ,
krisis pangan global, kemiskinan dan bencana alam, kita malah menghina,
menghancurkan dan menganiaya bangsa kita sendiri.

Berdasarkan alasan di atas, kami yang tergabung dalam *Aliansi Perempuan
Peduli Bangsa* meminta kepada Pemerintah melalui Presiden RI, Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono dan Wakil Presiden RI, Jusuf Kalla untuk melakukan upaya :

1. *MEMBATALKAN * *Surat Keputusan Bersama (SKB) 3 Menteri* yang berkaitan
dengan keberadaan kelompok Ahmadiyah di Indonesia karena bertentangan dengan
UUD 1945 Amandemen II Pasal 28i, UU No. 39/1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia,
dan UU No. 12/2005 tentang Ratifikasi Kovenan Hak Sipil dan Politik.

2. memberikan perlindungan dan rasa aman bagi setiap warga negara termasuk
kelompok Ahmadiyah yang imbasnya perlindungan terhadap orang tua, Ibu dan
Anak Ahmadiyah dan kelompok lainnya

3. Memberikan tindakan pemulihan trauma secara psikologis bagi para korban
kekerasan khususnya Ibu dan Anak Ahmadiyah

4. Menindak tegas setiap pelaku kekerasan yang mengancam kebebasan
warganegara untuk mendapatkan dan menjalankan hak-hak sipil politiknya,
termasuk beragama dan berkeyakinan. Tindakan tegas ini juga harusnya menjadi
preseden baik bagi pemerintah untuk menerapkan keadilan hukum, meminimalisir
dominasi opini publik dari kelompok tertentu yang khusus mengarahkan
kekerasan atas nama agama dan keyakinannya yang sangat bertentangan dengan
prinsip kemanusiaan dan hukum negara ini.

5. Mempertahankan cita-cita Indonesia yang majemuk, damai dan toleran. Cita-cita yang sudah ada sejak nenek moyang kita dan dikuatkan lewat hukum dan konstitusi oleh pendiri bangsa ini, Sukarno dan Hatta. Cita-cita ini juga menjadi awal perjuangan dari seluruh rekan kita yang tergabung dalam aksi
damai di Monas pada 1 Juni kemarin.

*Aliansi Perempuan Peduli Bangsa*


Jl. latuharkory No, 4B Menteng Jakarta Posat 10310, Telp. 62 – 21 –
392.5230, Fax. 62-21 – 392.5227, E-mail: info@komnasham. Web
Site : http://www.komnasham.


Sehubungan dengan diterbitkannya Keputusan bersama Menteri Agama, Jaksa Agung, dan Menteri Dalam Negeri tentang Peringatan dan Perintah Kepada Penganut, Anggota, dan/atau Anggota Pengurus Jemaat Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI) dan Warga Masyarakat, Komisi Nasional Hak Asasi
Manusia (Komnas HAM) meyampaikan pernyataan sebagai berikut:
1. Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 memberikan adanya jaminan bagi setiap orang bebas untuk memeluk agamanya masing-masing dan beribadat menurut agamanya dan kepercayaannya itu. UUD 1945 juga menegaskan, bahwa hak untuk bebas memeluk agama dan beribadat sesuai dengan keyakinannya adalah merupakan hak yang tidak dapat dikurangi dalam keadaan apa pun dan oleh siapa pun (non derogable rights).
2. Bahwa negara, terutama pemerintah mempunyai kewajiban sebagaimana dimandatkan di dalam konstitusi untuk memberikan periindungan, pemajuan, penegakan dan pemenuhan hak asasi manusia.
Dalam kaitannya dengan kewajiban untuk memberikan periindungan, Negara diharuskan memberikan kemudahan dan periindungan bagi setiap warga negara menjalankan agama dan keyakinannya. Bukan sebaliknya, membatasi hak-hak warga negara menjalankan ajaran agamanya.

3. Bahwa sesuai dengan ketentuan Pasal 73 Undang-Undang Nomor 39 Tahun 1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia, pembatasan hak dan kebebasan hanya dapat dibatasi oleh dan berdasarkan undang-undang. Berdasarkan hal tersebut, maka pembatasan dan pelarangan bagi Jemaat Ahmadiyah
melalui Keputusan Bersama ini tidak sejalan dengan amanah Pasal 73 tersebut.
4. Berdasarkan pada kewajiban konstitusional Negara tersebut dan kewajiban internasionalnya, kami berpandangan Keputusan Bersama Menteri Agama, Jaksa Agung dan Menteri Dalam Negeri dapat mengurangi secara serius ketaatan Negara ini terhadap kewajiban dasarnya, yaitu menjaga konstitusi dan kewajiban internasional hak asasi manusia.Demikian pernyataan ini disampaikan dalam rangka menciptakan kondisi yang kondusif bagi pamajuan, periindungan dan penegakan hak asasi
manusia serta menciptakan suasana yang harmonis dalam menjalankan kebebasan beragama.

Jakarta, 10Juni2008



>Media:cetak atau elektronik tidak bisa dipercaya, semua isinya tidak bisa tidak,  mengandung 5w1h (what,when, where, why, who, how) & perpektif.Yang terakhir ini yang paling nyata menunjukkan bahwa media ditulis berdasarkan kepentintgan golongan yang menjadi matron/patron media.
>Patron utama media2 adalah pemilik uang (yang bisa memiliki media) dan penguasa pemerintahan.
> Kekuatan perspektif dalam isi berita media mampu melahirkan citra, ‘imaji’, icon, label pada seseorang atau ‘kesan/impresi’, ‘opini’,’impuls’,
> Kekuatan perspektif ini dilatarbelakangi ketidak-mampuan media untuk secr bersamaan melihat/meng-capture delapan sisi peristiwa (seperti kubus) ato keseluruhan manusia
>Keterbatasan media terjadi krn media jg merupaka cermin/pantulan/representasi manusia, yaitu sama halnya dengan cermin kita hnya melihat depan kita saja,atau belakag saja atau samping saja.Hal ini karena fungsi terbatas dr organ mata manusia.Mata, sbg jendela utama masuknya segala informasi yang diserap oleh otak hanya mungkin menyerap berapa persen dari apa yg dilihat,lainnya dibantu oleh telinga (bahasa dan bunyi) dan hati nurani.
> Peran ketiga bagian tersebut melahirkan suatu impresi
> Media elektronik, tv menjadi media paling kuat dalam mnyampaikan pesan-kesan dari suatu peristiwa/kejadian maupun kehadiran manusia lainnya
> Kekuatannya ada pada suara dan gambar.
> Yang paling kuat dari pesan elektronik adalah berita
> Berita menajd kuat krn disampaikn singkat 5W1H (dgn perspektifnya terutama pada What dan How).Seringkali why tidk pernah hadir dlm berita.



Since long time I consider myself fundamentalist feminist. There is no such feminist in feminism theory. Somehow, I proclaimed it. It was because I use feminism as my view of everyday life. For me fundamentalist feminist is a combination of radical feminist in context, believe in sexual inequality persist and use it as perspective of my mind and to direct act in daily life.

Fundamentalist feminist as well radical feminist never hate male. Most of them disagree with male act as men. When male became man (gender role), they comfort in the role and forget other creature (female). In their comfort zone (patriarchy), male do not want to change the status quo (of women is subordinate, men in power and in advantage).

To be a fundamentalist feminist is only needs determination and loyalty. The determination is to continue struggle for change a patriarchy system into an equal joint-mutual community in the World. To be a fundamentalist feminist you have to be ready to be accused as not fair, “sexist”, un-strategic, due to way of persistence to be on female side, encourage female to be leader, and dare to create women’s space for their affirmation action in many parts of the life.

There is a simple way to put this into act. Try not judge woman over their ‘badness’, do not stop women to develop, etc…If you have a dream, share your dream with women, let’s make them investing to make your dream come true even in very small way.

umi lasminah@2008

PENIS CONSPIRACY, how it works

Penis Conspiracy is subsconsciouness acts of males all over the world to keep males happy, have benefit (of pleasure and wealth), and hold control of power.
To pleasure and happiness
Penis Conspiracy acts are way to keep male happy by many efforts to make the penis strong, can always perform (erect) and have an ultimate pleasure of sex, orgasm. These acts not always driven or stimulate by desire to females, but by design to keep females desirable (subordinate) to males. With this, female have to be creature to make males happy and have pleasure.
On what can constitute effort to make the penis strong and always performs are can be seen at the invention of Viagra, industry of supplement for male (Obat Kuat) and supplement beverage. The other effort is industrialization of traditional medicine to manufacture old value of sexual power of males and machoism.
And to keep females desirable, all concepts of beauty, sensuality, and sexuality of males are too carried out through beauty pageant industry, cosmetic industry and the ultimate is pornographic.
Male have benefit of wealth through capitalistic of the world. All over the world males have always been the have, the owner. Males own property. It was only until 19 century female in England can have property (family wealth or inheritance).
Control of Power
Human, females and males have stratification of class and races. Because of their class and race males or female have experience oppressed. Since ancient Rome and Greek males and female have been subjugate as slave. But somehow, it was male slave who could free themselves and become freeman.
From all faces of the oppression, male who have the power over other male can act direct action to pay up the guilt by hand over the power to the oppressed. That happened to be in South Africa where the White male then power hand over to black male.
Now it is going to happen in USA. Males guilt on their racist policy of segregation and the exclusion of black in many institution, as part of ‘sin’ of white males. Now even hundreds years after aabolitionist, that mostly support by white women in 18 century, still women have not been seen as the oppressed to deserve what she worth.
The different between the and 1960s and the 2000s, in the 1960s women in USA have not yet in position of decision making, now there are many women (white & black) in position of Governors, Senate etc. But there is not yet male from black (the oppressed) to be in position as President. And for males, it is a time for black president; after all, he’s half white.
Even in single and simple act like to choose and vote a person leader, women do not have capability to be on her-side. The cloud of theories, comment, and ideology have blurred women (academic) in seeing other woman—what they see is no longer a woman, but a form of an act, and ambition, persistence or power—of which they are never seen in a man (they surrender before the Primaries). Because of the cloud on how media (if you aware, the true enemy of women is Media: television, internet, newspaper—have succeed in exploit women) built, she was have not reach what many women expected.
Since I think, American is conservative (hell! Bush have been chosen twice), how come Obama (who was Muslim and have connection with Farrakhan and Pastor Wright he’s electability is in question. But because Democratic Party (males) do not constitute ‘the conservatives’ they choose Obama.
For males who might think that my theory is not true, is okay. But the reality is how many woman presidents in hundreds of countries in the World? Can you imagine in your head, there are six presidential candidates, 5 are women, 1 man? Can you?
Catherine MacKinnon has said sexism exist, sexual inequality persist. Racism becomes stronger issue, because it is including male (against male).
(Umi Lasminah @copyrights, but you can quote by put acknowledge me. Anda bebas mengutip, cuma tulislah sumbernya-saya)

Hillary Speech

Jumlah Delegasi Barrack Obama 2153 Hillary Clinton 1915 John Edward 4 Richarson 1

Butuh 2,118 untuk menjadi nominasi kandidat Presiden Partai Demokrat, maka Obama akan menjadi Nominasi sebagai Calon Presiden. dalam Konvensi Partai Demokrat, Agustus 2008 di Denver. Adapun Hillary Clinton belum menyatakan mengundurkan diri dari Race, dan meminta pendapat pemilihnya tentang apa yang harus dilakukkannya melalui

Berikut pidato Hillary Clinton di New York saat pengumuman kemenangan Primari di South Dakota.

Hillary Clinton Speech, June Thank you all so much. Thank you and thanks so much to South Dakota. You had the last word in this primary season, and it was worth the wait.

I want to start tonight by congratulating Senator Obama and his supporters on the extraordinary race that they have run. Senator Obama has inspired so many Americans to care about politics and empowered so many more to get involved, and our party and our democracy is stronger and more vibrant as a result. So, we are grateful, and it has been an honor to contest these primaries with him, just as it is an honor to call him my friend. And tonight, I would like all of us to take a moment to recognize him and his supporters for all they have accomplished.

Now, sixteen months ago, you and I began a journey to make history and to remake America. And from the hills of New Hampshire to the hollows of West Virginia and Kentucky, from the fields of California to the factories of Ohio, from the Alleghenies to the Ozarks to the Everglades, to right here in the great state of New York, we saw millions of Americans registering to vote for the first time, raising money for the first time, knocking on doors, making calls, talking to their friends and neighbors, mothers and fathers lifting their little girls and their little boys on to their shoulders and whispering, “See, you can be anything you want to be.”

I think, too, of all of those wonderful women in their nineties who came out to see me because they were born before women could vote, and they wanted to be part of making history. And the people who drove for miles, who waved their handmade signs, who went to all the events that we held, who came to and showed the tangible support that they felt in their hearts. And I am just enormously grateful, because in the millions of quiet moments, in thousands of places, you asked yourself a simple question: Who will be the strongest candidate and the strongest president?

Who will be ready to take back the White House and take charge as Commander-in-Chief and lead our country to better tomorrows? People in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the territories, all had a chance to make your voices heard and on Election Day after Election Day, you came out in record numbers to cast your ballots. Nearly eighteen million of you cast your votes for our campaign, carrying the popular vote with more votes than any primary candidate in history. Even when the pundits and the naysayers proclaimed week after week that this race was over, you kept on voting.

You are the nurse on the second shift, the worker on the line, the waitress on her feet, the small business owner, the farmer, the teacher, the miner, the trucker, the soldier, the veteran, the student, the hard working men and women who don’t always make the headlines but have always written America’s story. You have voted because you wanted to take back the White House, and because of you, we won together the swing states necessary to get to 270 electoral votes

In all of the states you voted because you wanted a leader who will stand up for the deepest values of our party. A party that believes everyone should have a fair shot at the American Dream. A party that cherishes every child, values every family, and counts every single vote.

I often felt that each of your votes was a prayer for our nation, a declaration of your dreams for your children, a reflection of your desire to chart a new course in this new century and in the end, while this primary was long, I am so proud we stayed the course together because we stood our ground, it meant that every single United States citizen had a chance to make his or her voice heard.

A record thirty-five million people voted in this primary, from every state, red, blue, purple, people of every age, faith, color and walk of life. And we have brought so many people into the Democratic Party and created enthusiasm among those we seek to serve. And I am committed to uniting our Party, so we move forward, stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White house this November.

For the past seven years, so many people in this country have felt invisible, like your president didn’t even really see you. I have seen the shuttered factories, the jobs shipped overseas, the families struggling to afford gas and groceries, but I’ve also seen unions retraining workers to build energy efficient buildings, innovators designing cars that run on fuel cells and bio-fuels and electricity, cars that get more miles per gallon than ever before, cars that will cut the cost of driving, reduce our reliance on foreign oil and fight global warming.

I have met too many people without health care, just a diagnosis away from financial ruin, but I have also seen the scientists and researchers solving the medical mysteries and finding the treatments and cures that are transforming lives. I have seen the struggling schools with the crumbling classrooms and the unfair burdens imposed by No Child Left Behind, but I have also met dedicated and caring teachers who use their own savings to buy supplies, and students passionately engaged in the issues of our time, from ending the genocide in Darfur to once again making the environment a central issue of our day.

None of you is invisible to me. You never have been. I see you, and I know how hardworking you are. I’ve been fighting for you my whole adult life, and I will keep standing for you and working for you every single day because in your courage and character, your energy and ingenuity, your compassion and faith, I see the promise of America every day. The challenges we face are great, but our determination is greater.

You know, I understand that a lot of people are asking, what does Hillary want? What does she want? Well, I want what I have always fought for in this whole campaign. I want to end the war in Iraq. I want to turn this economy around. I want health care for every American. I want every child to live up to his or her God-given potential, and I want the nearly 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard and no longer to be invisible.

You see, I have an old-fashioned notion, one that’s been the basis of my candidacy and my life’s work, that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their own dreams. This nation has given me every opportunity, and that’s what I want for every single American.

That’s why I want universal health care. It is wrong that Americans pay 50% more for health care than the people of any other wealthy nation, with costs doubling this decade and nearly 50 million people without any health insurance at all. It is wrong for parents to have to choose between care for themselves or their children, to be stuck in dead-end jobs just to keep their insurance or to give up working altogether so their kids will qualify for Medicaid. I have been working on this issue not just for the past 16 months, but for 16 years. And it is a fight I will continue until every single American has health insurance. No exceptions and no excuses.

I want an economy that works for all families. That’s why I have been fighting to create millions of new jobs in clean energy and rebuilding our infrastructure, jobs to come to all of our states and urban and rural areas and suburban communities and small towns. That’s why I sounded the alarm on the home mortgage crisis well over a year ago, because these are the issues that will determine whether we will once again grow together as a nation or continue to grow apart. And I want to restore America’s leadership in the world. I want us to be led once again by the power of our values, to have a foreign policy that is both strong and smart, to join with our allies and confront our shared challenges from poverty and genocide to global terrorism and global warming.

These are the issues that brought me into this race. They are the life blood of my campaign, and they have been and will continue to be the causes of my life. And your spirit has inspired me every day in this race.

While I traveled our country talking about how I wanted to help you, time and again, you reached out to help me, to grab my hand or grip my arm, to look into my eyes and tell me, don’t quit, keep fighting, stay in this race for us.

Now there were days when I had the strength enough to fight for all of us, and on the days that I didn’t, I leaned on you, the soldier on his third tour of duty in Iraq who told his wife, an Iraqi veteran herself, to take his spending money and donate it to our campaign instead. The 11-year-old boy in Kentucky who sold his bike and video games to raise money for our campaign. The woman who came to a rally hours early, waited and waited to give me a rosary. And all those who whispered to me, simply to say I am praying for you.

So many people said this race was over five months ago in Iowa, but we had faith in each other and you brought me back in New Hampshire and on Super Tuesday and in Ohio and in Pennsylvania and Texas and Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico and South Dakota. I will carry your stories and your dreams with me every day for the rest of my life.

I will carry your stories and your dreams with me every day for the rest of my life. Now the question is, where do we go from here, and given how far we’ve come and where we need to go as a party, it’s a question I don’t take lightly. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight. But this has always been your campaign, so to the 18 million people who voted for me and to our many other supporters out there of all ages, I want to hear from you. I hope you’ll go to my website at and share your thoughts with me and help in any way that you can.

In the coming days, I’ll be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward with the best interests of our party and our country guiding my way. And I want to conclude tonight by saying thank you. Thank you to the people across America for welcoming me and my family into your homes and your hearts. Thanks to all of you in every corner of this country who cast your votes for our campaign. I am honored and humbled by your support and your trust. Thanks to my staff and volunteers for all those long hours and late nights, and I thank your families and your loved ones as well, because your sacrifice was theirs. And I especially want to thank all of the leadership of my campaign. Our chairman, Terry McAuliffe and everyone who worked so hard. And, of course, my family for their incredible love, support and work. Bill and Chelsea, Hugh and Maria, Tony and Megan, Zach and Fiona and my mother who turns 89 tomorrow. And, finally, I want to thank all of the people who had the courage to share your stories with me out on the campaign trail.

Tonight, I am thinking of a woman I met just yesterday in Rapid City, South Dakota. We were outside Talley’s Restaurant. There was a crowd there as I was walking into the restaurant. And she was standing right up against the barrier. She grabbed my hand and she said, “What are you going to do to make sure I have health care?” And as she was talking, she began to cry. She told me she works three jobs. She has suffered from seizures since childhood. She hasn’t been able to afford insurance ever since she left her parents’ home. It is shameful that anyone in this country could tell that story to me. And whatever path I travel next, I promise I will keep faith with her and with everyone I met across this great and good country.

You know, tonight we stand just a few miles from the Statue of Liberty. And from the site where the Twin Towers fell and where America rose again. Lady Liberty’s presence and the towers’ absence are a constant reminder that here in America, we are resilient, we are courageous, we embrace all of our people and that when we face our challenges together, there is no barrier we can’t overcome, no dream we can’t realize, nothing we can’t do if we just start acting like Americans again.

Thank you all very much. God bless you and God bless America. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a U.S. Senator from New York, is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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