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June 23, 2008

Not that

Not that I hate American People

I love American people, their spirit their passion and their arts.

I love Joan Baez, Jewel, Tori Amos, Elvis Presley, Madonna and Janis Joplin and American writer like Marylin French or American scholar like Catherine MacKinnon or Carole Patement. And I like my American friends.
It just I don’t like their government. Their policy towards the world.Their ideology of capitalism and liberalism. Of course that the Chosen type of democratic system by American founding fahters.

Iam grateful for American for what I have read from them have enrich me and inspire me, like when I read Walt Whitman, or Emerson, or Emily Dickenson or many other poets.



Wondering if USA step off from Indonesia


Indonesia and other country inthe world hav always in relation.Soekarno said even if we are better be selfhelp nation, cooperation with other country is unavoidable. As for USA, the biggest capitalist country in the world i wonder when is the time when USA step off from Indonesia. Step off means: stop exploiting,stop fooling in and stop using in. All through years of USA-Indonesia relation since 1967, Indonesia have exploited by USA.

I can tell you this with or without  facts, most of aware intellectuals knew this. Indonesia   a rich nation with huge and enermous natural resources; from the mountain to the sea where laid there gold, coal, gas, oil, fish,spices, timber .etc.For those are real facts where gold exist in soil of Papua, North Sumatera, coal exist in soil of East Kalimantan, gas and oil in Aceh and Java. Most of those resouces exploited by USA and its benefit go to USA, Freeport for gold from Papua, oil will come from Blok Cepu to Exxon mobil.Other than that, USA have exploited forrest in Indonesia for more than 20 years.

Can you imagine Indonesia’s forrest with in 1970 given concession to 9 companies to have forrest concession HPH for their logging operations. The  USA of 9 companies have 2.726 million areas concession with investmen 6,2 million US$ and mostly they have concession to use the forrest for up to 20 years.

 And now, Indonesia is to blame for Global Warming, and even while defforestation replaying again by change the forrest to palm plantation (CPO) which crude palm oil will be alternative for fossil base energy. Again our country became target what so called First Country needed, a fresh air from natural energy.

 Anyhow, right now the USA will held general election to choose their presiden. One of them is the hopeful presidential candidate is Obama. Though he was live in Indonesia for several years, I doubt his policy will be different, will be radical. If so, he wil be introduce popular policy for Indonesian people, including sale US corporation shared to Indonesia (government) or abolish the debt.


Obama mention himself as not liberal nor conservative, somehow the media called him ultra liberal, I called him person with good ambition, but lack of intention and experience, but with his ambition, I doubt he will do what he said end poverty to be more sincere with other nation…


I think US only will step off from Indonesia when the US goverment do not think they have the enemy. Until now, they create enemy: muslim (what they called fundamentalist) or communist.


USA win their war against communism, will their win their war against terrorism (I doubt)…with Obama as president, I think USA will harser to ‘terrorist’ if not mean.


Umi lasminah 23 juni, 2008





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