Patriarchal Don’t Like Beautiful Women Look Smart & Truly Intelligent

Patriarchal Don’t Like Beautiful Women Look Smart & Truly Intelligent
There is always fear in most men to see women smart than they are. It’s unconsciousness fear. Some men claimed they like smart and beautiful women, and hot for them. But still if during a clever and public discourse on particular subject a woman can argue better and more acceptable so their opinion matter much than her male counterpart, it’s always after that the male ego erupted, and become emotional sometimes even stupid, or uncivilized.
In term of intelligent, of intellectual study where knowledge is the higher rank of human acknowledgement, to include human self of human body was made science rather less science and the acknowledgment as human power is low. Science in Western history of knowledge of general philosophy has placed body as object, as merely machine. It was Descartes who has inherit dichotomy of human as the most valued: the body and the mind. The mind was the ultimate power in human. And for woman, who all her life in ancient era where philosophy was celebrated, was considered inhuman, half beast, as in Plato, or Aristotle ever said.
The different of female and male body then interpreted by male science. Male knowledge, male mind, male perspectives and male corporations interpreted woman body. They can do it because they have the power. It was enforced, yet it became accepted. Not after feminist movement those dominance has been shocked. Woman body for hundreds years by male doctors interpreted, it was cultural interpretation of science. First woman graduated from medical school in USA, was Elizabeth Blackwell in New England, of which the university found in 1834. The beginning Elizabeth Blackwell rejected by major medical school. While Harvard Medical School only has a group of women graduated in 1940 despite the school built since 1783. Emily Martin showed us in her book of The Woman in the Body a cultural analysis of reproduction, has proof many facts on how male construction of women’s self through the body. And the example of how woman is not have control to their body is Geisy Aruda Brazilian student who has been expelled from her university Bandeirante University in Sao Bernardo do Campo, outside Sao Paulo, and what most of the proof of it that Sarah Palin, she could not be a president and beautiful.
The domination of power of male and everything that over, has created the system, the structure and came into implementation in daily human life, we called it patriarchy. Patriarchy not merely practiced by males, it is too subconciounessly practiced by women. It was practice by enforced, imposed. Almost there were/are no other choice but to accept for women to survive in the world. Male world.
Because male cannot stand that women can be beautiful and yet have power, they created the term for woman, as feminine, a weak, and ready to serve man.

(to be continue @Umilasminah)


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  1. mbak, saya senang baca blog yang informatif ini. salam kenal ya mbak. mbak saya bener2 tertarik sama soal2 feminis ini, bisakah kita ngobrol? lewat ym atau email2? makasih ya mbak, ditunggu hehehe

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