Women of Indonesia, the Pluralistic Community in the World

Women of Indonesia, is represented its nation’s character and its slogan and symbol, Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Different but One or Diversity in Unity). The Indonesia women have different cultures and characters somehow it is very easy for them to engage with each other.

Women Indonesia like many other women in the world lives mostly their live in struggle with patriarchy. Their struggle are done in sphere of consciousness or not deliberately. Most of them not deliberately fight for patriarchy. In time of digitally advance community throughout the world, women in Indonesia also have use technology in their life while still maintain their culture and tradition, especially in marital life, upbringing, and day to day caregiver.

Indonesia has more than 250 languages from more tens major ethnics, and hundreds of sub ethnics. Their cultures are varied. For most women who live in rural area, their domestic duty has made women to be the preservers of tradition. Their management skills have been the greatest source of any invention in domestic later public goods for instance traditional medicine (herbal), cook recipes, and other daily need for human to survive.

Most of Indonesian women have practiced a tradition in their life. Since the very beginning of the birth, as a girl, the tradition has put into girl child, most of them to distinguished that they are girl, and different with boys.

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