Pyramids all over Indonesia

Pyramids internationally known to exist in Egypt.  No one aware that here in Indonesia there are many pyramids, most of them all way bigger that those in Egypt. In fact Turangga Seta a foundation which found and explored the existence of pyramid in Nuswantara learnt that Egypt were adopted knowledge to made pyramid from here in Nuswantara.

Beside pyramids, other evidences will show the World that Indonesia- Nusantara of Universe was the Supreme Power for human all over the world. That Nuswantara was the place where the kingdoms and empire rule the world leads by Kings and Queens.

For European, Americans whom since after Plato stated about Atlantis, about Babilyon Tower, scientists tried hard to find the Atlantis. Yet they could not find Atlantis nor Babilyon, because as Prof.Arysio Santos stated : they searched in wrong place.

As for Indonesia, Nusantara, a great nation. Can anybody in the world not see that Indonesia, a VERY SPECIAL NATION, with Big Islands spread on the Sea yet They are ONE NATION, INDONESIA. We have mountains, we have seas and Oceans, we have rivers, even As we are living in Tropical Islands, we have Snow in a mountain in Papua, the western part of NUSANTARA.

Any Indonesia citizen should proud about it. Especially who take breath from Air of Indonesia, drink the water out of the Land of Indonesia, and eat the vegetables who breed in the Land of Ibu Pertiwi, and eat meat or eggs from animals which catles in the Land of Indonesia.

Anybody who dont feel  PROUD and DO NOT Believe and yet they eat and pray in Indonesia, and cannot see there are TRUTH HIDDEN and Will UNVEIL about The Great Nation, oh that Person might be the MOST UNLUCKY People on Earth.

How cant be BLIND when there are so many a BRIGHT SIGNS EVERYWHERE in Indonesia. Oh that must be Their heart blinded by Arrgogance, by the Colonial power outside of Indonesia. Oh my, May GOD.GODDESS forgive them, and they will foresee goodness..


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