Why feminist. If you’re a woman, because you’re in the same spirit of solidarity with other woman who have been live disadvantage life throughout the years, just because of their sexuality, a female. Because as borne females, later become woman. Woman embedded many social expectations, and became   identity, later became permanent. Woman lives their life as less human. Human Rights are not yet Woman’s Rights. That is why woman needs to be a feminist, for themselves and other women. Feminist will bring you into the core of being human. Human is borne out female womb. The womb is the sacred place. How can woman gave birth human, yet they can’t be human themselves. For feminist, to be human is to embrace all their potential and capacity to do good for themselves and to others. Feminist does not agree when people acts to hurt other people. Feminist does not agree when there are policy that will make other people less human, discriminate and disadvantage because of their sexuality.

Why feminist. If you’re a man, because you’re in the same spirit of solidarity with other human being- woman, and aware that women rights has been  taken away due to their sexuality for hundreds years. Yeah, hundreds years of western-semitism hegemony.  That is why men will join human rights campaign by promoting that woman’s rights are human rights. No more, no less. For male who join a feminist movement, they learnt to how society too has done great deal for them to be men. That male to are constructed to be, and fitted into certain stereotype. Men have to be macho and hard. Men don’t allow in showing their emotion. So they live in category to be the oppressed. Somehow men who join the feminist movement might find difficulty to cope, that most of the evidences that showed as facts that men oppressed women probably as disturbing evidences, and they have not done any of it. If male who join the feminist movement open their hearts and mind, they might not look into themselves as the actors, but look at the facts of male and female relation in realm.

The world system now still rule out by the Patriarchy of which position of females overall are subordinate with their males. The subordination is the core action of the system. It is a sexist works. The patriarchy though has disregard humanity of both males and females, but through the process of its working one of the sexes are have to face disadvantage, males more have benefit to expressed and practices its humanity than females.  It might not be aware as it



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