Indonesia Constitution of UUD 1945 Preambule stated: With Independent being the right of every nation thus colonialism must be eliminated from the face of the earth as it is contrary to the dictate of humanity and justice.

We saw that What has been done by NATO of USA and its allied are the colonialism. That is why we have to oppose what have been doing to Libyan people. If Libyan people want to change their leader let them be, do not do any military strike to Libya. Libya is free Nation. Why would dare NATO send troops and weapons.

MY CONDOLENCES TO LIBYA for they are going to face more and more difficulty and more and more Non independent, might be DIVIDED Nations.

My condolences to LIBYAN is that PEOPLE OF LIBYAN FROM NOW WILL LIVING UNDER THE COLONIALIST POWER, Libyan now do not Embrace their Independent No More.

I wish that even with your territory subordinate with Outer Power…you all People in Libya will stay alive and grateful for GODS..

UMI, 22 Oct, 2011

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