Indonesia is tremendously country with its human resources, natural resources, yet Indonesia is the country that still unaware of their beauty and greatness. As for now, the Indonesia situation is not yet arise. Not yet as Indonesia of Nusantara long time ago, at least Nusantara in Majapahit Empire.

And time of Indonesia uprising will be come. Soon. And when it comes, no one in the World can

stopped it or avoid it. And for someone, or people who ever have acts in contempt of Indonesian, doing terrible things to Indonesian people, they will be great regret. Also

Justin Bieber, who called Indonesia as ‘random'” country, while he ever had Performs in here in Indonesia. And we all of Indonesia people wanted him to make an open statement of forgiveness in Media.

Indonesia is EDEN, as Stephen Ophenheimber stated, and Indonesia have its Atlantis in their lands and seas as Arysio Santos said.

Why Indonesia is heaven or Eden, as Jews said. It all here in our Nuswantara lands, you might never seen in other part of the World there are many forms of Coconut trees and different kinds of bananas you may check in here:

And culturally, in all over the World, there is only One Nation of Indonesia whom has many traditional clothes, and clothes for any occasion of which different from different ethnic group of different Island, districts. In West Java people have different clothes for wedding as the people from Central Java and East Java, and each have different ceremony for baby shower tradition, pregnancy tradition or harvesting ceremony…

Other than way of clothing, Indonesia Nuswantara too have traditional huts, weapons of which each varied. The ethnic in Kalimantan/Jambudwipa have different houses than t

heir brother/sister in Java or Bali. And of course the music of each ethnic are different. And of course Languages, there are many languages and dialects in Indonesia, that is why we believe that Indonesia have the Babylon tower. As Arysio Santos told, all this years scientists has searched the wrong places, that was why the Western Scientists cannot found Atlantis. It was mostly because the Western Scientist Ego that they want what Great Country has ever been and mention in many Myths as Theirs. While Majapahit, a great country of which has been an Emperor and have the power over nations in Philipines, Malay and even when Brawijaya VIII the power over seize over to Latin America. You might trace the similarity of ancient building like pyramids.

So if you want to know a bit what  have left of Heaven that still can be trace here in Arcapada/Earth go see in Indonesia. Where the SOIL is live. The soil in Nuswantara can grow seed without any human intervention. Just throw a ‘wood’ brances of Casava tree it will grow, and you dont need to nurture the Nature. The Nature will lives itself by the guide of the God/Goddess.


Although Indonesia have been acknowledge as the country where “pseudo human” found: homo erectus. We believe that the homo erectus is not our ancestor. NO NOT AT ALL, even Homo Sapien is not Human Ancestor. In realities, other than human and animal there were/are other species who lived in Arcapada/Earth. They were Giants (butho), and Apes”monkey who can stand up like human, and they were the shorts  and tall in height (wanara).

The story about creatures are written in Old temple in Java, and even in one of Holy book mention about giants. And because the Western domination rational sciences has been succeed in killed Gods/Goddesses through their argument of scientific methods, they ignore the reality of Surrealist the Unseen (by common human eyes) but Real and Exist and even have Great Power.

In the context of historical heritage, most of western Archeologist are still and only try to find the Evidence from the material, the things that can be touch, or feels by seeing and smelling. While other methods that has been exist since first human being created are ignored.

And because most of the archeologists are focus on things that can be seen or touch, they only reads by the thing that has been created, or has been found, i.e buildings, recontructions, stones, etc, while other information that cannot be reached by Western methodology has been ignored. While we are Indonesian most cooptated by Western Knowledge, it makes Indonesia also follow the wrong path of learning their history. Western Knowledge learn that the science began from India, while they never know that India took every lesson from Nuswantara. But it was the philosophy during the time of Thales, Solon knew that math were learnt from India.

In context of World Written History, Nuswantara Indonesia has not been seen in any map made in sixteen century. From the maps I have been found from mainstream historical books, most picturing Nuswantara  (islands spread from Sumatra, Java to Papua) were wrote still wearing somekind of ‘ancient human” homo sapiens.

Yes it’s true that many what western called “Megalithicum” were found many-many in islands of Nusantara-Indonesia now.

@Umi Lasminah

Kartini Life of Remarkable Woman

Kartini Life of Remarkable Woman

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Kartini, her life might be short, but her spirit lives the longest time than any Indonesian Woman ever lived. She died very young, at the age 24, shortly after gave birth her only son.

She was the leader of her female sibling in her ‘royal’ family, in a district in of Java aristocracy. Seven years after Kartini passed away her thoughts; feelings and her dreams for were shared to the world. She was no longer a leader of her female siblings; she is a leader for women all over the Archipelago, especially educated women in early independent era of Indonesia.

To the world Kartini has been acknowledge for her trueness, and genuine concerns. In an introduction of 1920 publishing Kartini Letter of Javanese Princess , AGNES LOUISE SYMMERS wrote: “In them the old truth of the oneness of humanity is once more made manifest and we see that the magnificent altruism, the spirit of inquiry, and the almost morbid desire for self-searching and analysis that characterize the opening years of the Twentieth Century were not peculiar to Europe or to America, but were universal and belonged to the world, to the East as well as to the West.

Kartini was a very passionate woman, a very creative and attractive in her way to embraced honesty and sincerity. Her passion is not only with things that she loved, also with anything that relate to life and people. She was very passionate when she has a time to talk about sculptor of whom she sometimes ordered for her friends abroad. She was very passionate when talk about how she wanted for Indonesian women to be independent. She talked about how people in the village are the people who lived very simple life but they can create piece of arts. It was Kartini who took seriously about art of common people, encourage them to increase their ability and gave the order to made goods from her friends abroad. It was Kartini, the first woman, the pioneer who dare to think and act as she did, when no one dare to think as hers, even more to speak up her mind like Kartini did, it make her a great woman ever.

Kartini has always been concern other than herself, if she concerned about herself she was in awe that maybe what her act will bother or disturb other people. Although she then did many of those things she feared, it was what she was done mostly for others, even it only in her speech, or her dreams, or her hopes. She mostly mention if or when women done these, have chanced to do these or those thing it will be good for community for people and for the Nation.

That is why she often criticized any action that might degrade and create disadvantage for women or people. Most of Kartini statements were empirical and most of her judgments of critics base on facts, morality and politics in principle.

Kartini has tremendous opportunity yet had to face the great obstacles herself. It might be that her privilege in one side is her curse on the other. As part of Javanese aristocrat Kartini had a chance to know Western education (Latin alphabets, and could read, and learnt Dutch Language), yet Javanese culture still consider women have not rights to educated, especially western education. Bu Kartini was an exeption in many fate of her lives. Her ancestor has started exercised the rights given by The Colonial government. To have education, a western education. Her father started to send his daughters to school to get education. Kartini’s father, Adipati Sostroningrat, was one of the pioneers for his advance for Indonesian women. It all cost many: sacrifice, conflict and rumours among aristocrats during his times (1880s).

And gain, Kartini, whe she reached 12 years old, had to stop what she like the most, her study. She had to stop schooling. And she had to live inside her family house and had to learn to behave of becoming an adult aristocrat. She lived in vain. For all her childhood has open up herself of other world, other thought, other situation outside her world, and yet she has to stop and buried herself inside a house. Fortunately her loving father gave her a substitute for her sorrow, by giving her and bought books, magazine and hired a tutor. Also Kartini had a chance to meet her father colleagues and friends. Out of that Kartini has chosen several to be her long lasting best friends (Mrs.Rosa Abendanon and Mrs.Ovink Stoer).

Almost all any issue in life were written by Kartini. Kartini speak her mind after she discussed with friends, reading and through her experienced. She talked about arts and cultures; education; religion; class; violence; injustice; social; politics and economic. No wonder her letters are inspires many to wrote out of her thought. And Iam proud as her follower, I can claim that her struggle is the most comprehensive and complete resistence to patriarchal. She spoke her methods and act upon it. She fight with words and do the words. I may say she was unlike a suffragettes in UK, and first wave feminist in US who fight for women’s vote, of whom mostly concetrate in education and politics. Kartini do many things, thought many things, and mostly what she said more than hundred years still relevance in today’s world. And as Nusantarawati, Iam glad that Kartini saw there were nobility in Nusantara’s culture yet, she too did not doubt to criticize what not noble.

Fight for Others

At the time of Kartini lives, how many women with the same status and privilege who fight for others. Very few. Why. It will ruin their privilege, and might harm the family.  But she continued to fights and spoken her mind. Sometimes her father will warn her to behave. But it was Kartini who for people in nowdays who did not understand her circumstances might find her surrender to her situation. Many sees her surrendered to polygamy, and to pingitan system: a system in which girl has to stay at home most of the time and doesn’t permit to associate with outside the home environment.   But those acts not surrendered. She continue fight in her own way. Kartini read and write at her room, during her pingitan. Her father bought her books, magazine of different languange, most in Dutch. She absord knowledge by herself. She mirror many stories to Javanese people existences. She mirror her reading of Hilda van Suylenburg character of a novel by Mevrouw Goekoop, a novel about a women emancipation.

Kartini’s said of her pingitan experienced: When I reached the age of twelve, I was kept at home–I must go into the “box.” I was locked up, and cut off from all communication with the outside world, toward which I might never turn again save at the side of a bridegroom, a stranger, an unknown man whom my parents would choose for me, and to whom I should be betrothed without my own knowledge.

How I passed through that time, I do not know. I only know that it was terrible. But there was one great happiness left me: the reading of Dutch books and correspondence with Dutch friends was not forbidden. This–the only gleam of light in that empty, sombre time, was my all, without which, I should have fallen, perhaps, into a still more pitiable state. My life, my soul even, would have been starved. But then came my friend and my deliverer–the Spirit of the Age; his footsteps echoed everywhere. Proud, solid ancient structures tottered to their foundation at his approach. Strongly barricaded doors sprang open, some as of themselves, others only painfully half way, but nevertheless they opened, and let in the unwelcome guest.(Letter of Javanese princess p.9)

And at the age of a teenage girl, Kartini seize the new experience and always longing for freedom, freedom that has never been known for women and most of Indonesian/Nusantara people at the time of colonialism. But unlike teenage girls now, who almost have no problem in expressing themselves, Kartini, a rebelian aristocrat wrote: For the first time in our lives we were allowed to leave our native town, and to go to the city where the festivities were held in honour of the occasion. What a great and priceless victory it was! That young girls of our position should show themselves in public was here an unheard-of occurrence.The “world” stood aghast; tongues were set wagging at the unprecedented crime. Our European friends rejoiced, and as for ourselves, no queen was so rich as we. But I am far from satisfied. I would go still further, always further. I do not desire to go out to feasts, and little frivolous amusements. That has never been the cause of my longing for freedom. I long to be free, to be able to stand alone, to study, not to be subject to any one, and, above all, never, never to be obliged to marry.

But when Kartini get older, more mature than in her teenage days, Kartini have to marry, and she married. As her respect and love for her father, and yet she didnt know that her husband already have 3 wifes.

@Umi Lasminah

Momentum Setiap Hari untuk Perempuan Berbakti

Hari Kartini sebagai hari peringatan tonggak perjuangan perempuan Indonesia dan dunia akan selalu menjadikan penting pemikiran Kartini. Banyak dari pemikirannya yang sangat relevan, bahkan visioner di jamannya untuk terus digali dan dijalankan.

Kartini menjalannya sebagai manusia yang berkesadaran akan kemanusiaan, akan tingginya budi manusia adalah penentu kebaikan dan kesejahteraan.

Kehidupan Kartini saat itu tentu berbeda dengan kondisi sekarang. Hidup dalam tradisi ningrat bagi perempuan dapat menimbulkan kegalauan luar biasa, terlebih untuk Kartini yang telah mengetahui adanya kehidupan perempuan lain di dunia, dimana perempuan sudah bebas belajar, bekerja dan menyampaikan pendapatnya. Kartini tidak seperti perempuan sekarang. Ia hidup dalam kegalauan luar biasa. Ia selalu khawatir tingkah lakunya, keinginannya dan caranya berpikir dapat mengecewakan ayahnya. Ayahnya, seorang yang sangat dicintai Kartini karena telah menyayanginya dengan baik, yaitu dengan memberikan buku-buku, majalah yang memberi pencerahan pada Kartini.

Jangan Mau Mengikuti Informasi Sesat

Kasihan sekali para arkeolog, capek-capek kuliah bayar mahal untuk membuktikan bahwa mereka keturunan Pithecantropus erectus, dan mencari pembuktian bahwa bangsa nusantara dari Afrika,seperti Truman Simanjuntak–bukannya cari jejak yang bener misalnya spt patung kuno di Pulau Paskah/Easter yg wajahnya mirip wajah patung yg ada di Sumatera Utara..
Padahal Truman Simanjutak ini sendiri mengutip d situs Sangiran ditemukan 60 fosil manusia purba yg lebih banyak dr yg pernah ditemukan dimanapun di dunia..Nah itu aja udah jelas bahwa di sini lebih BANYAK.masih saja menganggap negeri di luar sana sebagai yg lebih berkembang peradaban manusianya.
Belum lagi temuan2 benda2 dgn ukiran rumit dr emas yg berserakan di Nuswantara eh malahan ngotot pada Kepurbaan manusia yang pithecantropus erectus. Mereka pastinya berpatokan pada Darwin the Origin of Species, padahal Darwin sendiri sedikit sekali menyebutkan tentang teori evolusi manusia, tapi para peneliti barat malah kemudian berpaku pada pencarian genetic origin manusia, khususnya asal evolusi.

Mereka kaum barat ini antara lain yang juga datang ke Indonesia di masa penjajahan, berarti Penjajah yaitu orang Perancis Eugène Dubois yg mencari jejak manusia purba di Indonesia-Nuswantara yang menemukan Pithecanthropus erectus ,sesudah itu orang Belanda, sebagai Penjajah Negeri pastinya ingin juga menemukan fosil yang bersejarah maka Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald, orang Jerman juga dikirim ke Nusantara untuk meneliti manusia purba di Sangiran.

Kita sebagai Bangsa Nuswantara hendaklah tidak terpengaruh pada OBSESI mereka terhadap manusia purba. Bagi kita tetaplah berpegang teguh bahwa yang ditemukan itu adalah Kera dan bukan manusia kera. Karena kera/monyet/kunyuk/munyuk itu sudah ada sejak manusia diciptakan. Dan Penciptaan manusia di Nuswantara itu jelas mengikuti alur Jagad Gumelar, karena Nuswantara memanglah tempat para Dewa datang menempatkan Manusia untuk tinggal, bahkan langsung dibimbing oleh para dewa/dewi sendiri dengan Menitis dan membentuk masyarakat hingga Kerajaan di awal mula Peradadan Manusia, yaitu pada masa Kali Swara, Jagad Gumelar :

Disamping tentang kemanusiaan bangsa Nuswantara yang sejatinya harus dikenali dan dipahami oleh Bangsa Nuswantara sendiri, kita jangan sekali-kali terpengaruh pada tulisan yang ada di media mainstream/umum seperti koran Kompas, Media Indonesia, Tempo yang sering menampilkan Tulisan dari para penulis asing atau orang Indonesia dengan mengutip ilmuwan asing. Bahkan tentang Gajah Mada, seorang peneliti asing pernah menyebut suatu nama Dewi Gayatri, yang Sesungguhnya hidup dan berada di Nuswantara berbeda masa dengan Gajah Mada.

Sekali lagi, jangan indahkan sejarah Nuswantara-Indonesia yang tidak menghargai dan menghormati Leluhurnya. Proses bangsa Indonesia menjadi seperti sekarang ini memiliki sejarah dan cerita PANJANG, yang semua akan Kembali kepada Permulaannya, Yaitu Bangsa Yang Jaya, Swarga, Jamrud Kathulistiwa. Masa awal menuju Kembali itu kini sudah di depan mata, ALAM (bukan alam tanpa ada yang mengontrol/mengelola, semua Pengelola Alam adalah Leluhur) sudah mulai bicara dan bertindak, diantaranya ada yang Dengan Sendirinya ada yang diintervensi oleh manusia.

Bersiaplah, Kala Suba. Jaman Puji-pujian. Jaya-jaya Wijayanti Nuswantara.@UmiLasminah

Tidak Benar BBM subsidi dinikmati Mobil Mewah




Jangan karena Orang Kaya Yang Menolak BELI SESUAI KEMAMPUANNYA, Lalu rakyat KENA BATU-nya Naiknya BBM.

JANGAN DIBALIKK logikanya, gara2 orang kaya, orang miskin nanggung beban lagi!!


Jumlah Kendaraan Bermotor 2009

Mobil Pribadi 10.364.125
Bis 2.729.572
Truk 5.187.740
Sepeda Motor 52.433.132 (Limapuluh dua juta empatratus tigapuluhtigaribu seratustiga dua) Motor Se Indonesia TAHUN 2009 PAKAI BBM BERSUBSIDI.
Total kendaraan : 70 714 569
(Data BPS)
Belum lagi petani yg pakai BBM u/ urus sawah,ladang..JUTAAN kiloliter BBM tiap tahun, dan Nelayan u/ ke Laut..
TAHUN 2012 kendaraan PASTI NAMBAH

Di Jakarta tahun 2012:
Sepeda MOTOR  8.244.346
Kendaraan roda empat 3.118.050. (Sebarkan krn skrg tvOne-Golkar dll provokasi agar BBM naik u/ BLSM/BLT)

Itu JUGA BUKTI ORANG KAYA Nolak BBM Naik, apalagi Orang Miskin.

Jadi Jangan berkedok orang kaya nikmati BBM bersubsidi padahal ngototnya di BLSM/BLT..

@umi lasminah, April-3

Kembalikan Warisan Nilai Bangsa yang Ditinggalkan

Pancasila adalah dasar negara yang digali dari nilai-nilai bangsa yang pernah dilaksanakan sejak dahulu kala, nilai-nilai yang lahir dan dijalankan di Bumi Pertiwi. Nilai-nilai yang telah mensejahterakan rakyat di Bumi Pertiwi. Nilai tersebut terejawantahkan dalam Kitab Negarakretagama. Kitab yang mengatur perikehidupan warga Majapahit. Nilai-nilai yang sejak dahulu terwujud dalam masyarakat Nuswantara antara lain toleransi dan solidaritas sesama manusia, musyawarah (gotongroyong), saling membantu dan percaya pada Hyang Maha Kuasa. Nilai-nilai toleransi dan solidaritas sesama manusia disebutkan dalam Sila Ke-2 Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab. Namun sila tersebut kini hampir hilang dalam pelaksanaannya. Contohnya adalah semakin bertambahnya jumlah orang miskin yang menderita, namun semakin bertambah pula orang yang kaya, yang berarti TIDAK MERATA kesejahteraan. Yang paling jelas juga, TOLERANSI terhadap mereka yang menganut KEYAKINAN BERBEDA mulai ada yang MENIPIS dan dibiarkan oleh Negara. Kasus pembakaran gereja, pembakaran masjid Ahmadiyah, kesulitan Mendirikan Gereja Yasmin, hal itu mencerminkan SILA KEDUA TELAH DITINGGALKAN dan didiamkan Pelanggarannya oleh Negara (cq Pemerintah). Apabila sila Kemanusiaan Yang ADIL DAN BERADAB sudah ditinggalkan, maka yang DIJALANKAN oleh PEMERINTAH  Indonesia YANG TIDAK ADIL DAN TIDAK BERADAB.

Berapa lama KETIDAK BERADABAN DAN KETIDAK ADILAN berlangsung, apakah rakyat harus diam saja?

Dan mengapa hal tersebut dapat terjadi. Secara sederhana akan diungkapkan disini Bagaimana KETIDAK BERADABAN Pemerintah dan KETIDAKADILAN Pemerintah dapat berlangsung terutama periode 2004-2012  ini. 1. Sila Pertama Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa dijadikan Panglima Politik Pemerintah Partai Demokrat, bukan dalam artian Pelaksanaan dan Penghayatan Sila PERTAMA melainkan Mengedepankan ‘Agama’ sebagai bagian TRANSAKSI Politik. Ketika Agama, yang adalah institusi ajaran keyakinan TERTENTU dipilih dan dikedepankan untuk transaksi politik, MAKA AGAMA bukanlah A-GAMA (tidak tak teratur), tetapi Keteraturan Semu yang dipaksakan. Terkait dengan PASAL 29 yang dengan bijak tidak diubah: Menjamin Kemerdekaan tiap penduduk untuk memeluk agamanya masing-masing dan untuk beribadat menurut agamanya dan kepercayaannya itu.. Namun, karena transaksi ‘agama’ untuk politik dari  kalangan partai tertentu maka, banyak rakyat Indonesia yang dimasa sebelumnya bebas beribadat dan menjalankan kepercayaannya, kini menjadi tidak bebas lagi, karena adanya tekanan dari rakyat yang teprovokasi oleh kalangan yang mendapat ruang oleh penguasa. Bahkan ada yang meninggal dunia, dan terbuang dari kampung halamannya sendiri.

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