Indonesia is tremendously country with its human resources, natural resources, yet Indonesia is the country that still unaware of their beauty and greatness. As for now, the Indonesia situation is not yet arise. Not yet as Indonesia of Nusantara long time ago, at least Nusantara in Majapahit Empire.

And time of Indonesia uprising will be come. Soon. And when it comes, no one in the World can

stopped it or avoid it. And for someone, or people who ever have acts in contempt of Indonesian, doing terrible things to Indonesian people, they will be great regret. Also

Justin Bieber, who called Indonesia as ‘random'” country, while he ever had Performs in here in Indonesia. And we all of Indonesia people wanted him to make an open statement of forgiveness in Media.

Indonesia is EDEN, as Stephen Ophenheimber stated, and Indonesia have its Atlantis in their lands and seas as Arysio Santos said.

Why Indonesia is heaven or Eden, as Jews said. It all here in our Nuswantara lands, you might never seen in other part of the World there are many forms of Coconut trees and different kinds of bananas you may check in here:

And culturally, in all over the World, there is only One Nation of Indonesia whom has many traditional clothes, and clothes for any occasion of which different from different ethnic group of different Island, districts. In West Java people have different clothes for wedding as the people from Central Java and East Java, and each have different ceremony for baby shower tradition, pregnancy tradition or harvesting ceremony…

Other than way of clothing, Indonesia Nuswantara too have traditional huts, weapons of which each varied. The ethnic in Kalimantan/Jambudwipa have different houses than t

heir brother/sister in Java or Bali. And of course the music of each ethnic are different. And of course Languages, there are many languages and dialects in Indonesia, that is why we believe that Indonesia have the Babylon tower. As Arysio Santos told, all this years scientists has searched the wrong places, that was why the Western Scientists cannot found Atlantis. It was mostly because the Western Scientist Ego that they want what Great Country has ever been and mention in many Myths as Theirs. While Majapahit, a great country of which has been an Emperor and have the power over nations in Philipines, Malay and even when Brawijaya VIII the power over seize over to Latin America. You might trace the similarity of ancient building like pyramids.

So if you want to know a bit what  have left of Heaven that still can be trace here in Arcapada/Earth go see in Indonesia. Where the SOIL is live. The soil in Nuswantara can grow seed without any human intervention. Just throw a ‘wood’ brances of Casava tree it will grow, and you dont need to nurture the Nature. The Nature will lives itself by the guide of the God/Goddess.


Although Indonesia have been acknowledge as the country where “pseudo human” found: homo erectus. We believe that the homo erectus is not our ancestor. NO NOT AT ALL, even Homo Sapien is not Human Ancestor. In realities, other than human and animal there were/are other species who lived in Arcapada/Earth. They were Giants (butho), and Apes”monkey who can stand up like human, and they were the shorts  and tall in height (wanara).

The story about creatures are written in Old temple in Java, and even in one of Holy book mention about giants. And because the Western domination rational sciences has been succeed in killed Gods/Goddesses through their argument of scientific methods, they ignore the reality of Surrealist the Unseen (by common human eyes) but Real and Exist and even have Great Power.

In the context of historical heritage, most of western Archeologist are still and only try to find the Evidence from the material, the things that can be touch, or feels by seeing and smelling. While other methods that has been exist since first human being created are ignored.

And because most of the archeologists are focus on things that can be seen or touch, they only reads by the thing that has been created, or has been found, i.e buildings, recontructions, stones, etc, while other information that cannot be reached by Western methodology has been ignored. While we are Indonesian most cooptated by Western Knowledge, it makes Indonesia also follow the wrong path of learning their history. Western Knowledge learn that the science began from India, while they never know that India took every lesson from Nuswantara. But it was the philosophy during the time of Thales, Solon knew that math were learnt from India.

In context of World Written History, Nuswantara Indonesia has not been seen in any map made in sixteen century. From the maps I have been found from mainstream historical books, most picturing Nuswantara  (islands spread from Sumatra, Java to Papua) were wrote still wearing somekind of ‘ancient human” homo sapiens.

Yes it’s true that many what western called “Megalithicum” were found many-many in islands of Nusantara-Indonesia now.

@Umi Lasminah


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