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By the year of 1989 and follow, USA ideology and principle (capitalist &liberal democracy) have conquered and oppressed the nations across the Globe. It was year of winning in term of Capitalist way of running the country. China already member of WTO, Soviet Union divided, German united.

So and so the USA have its legitimate (through) United Nations and illegitimate (its NATO allies) to do anything in the world, i.e use or exercise military power over one’s nation or economic politic power over one’s nation. Even the ex- Soviet Union country want to joined NATO.
And using its power as undeniable actions Against Humanity or Against One’s Nation or People’s Believe (if different from USA) is done. The USA and its allies using the power through NATO and United Nation.

The UN is a US vehicle and  tools to its legitimate/de jure for any US hidden agenda to rule the world. To shut up any dissidents country which opposed the US. The US promote boycott and embargo any particular county which different with them. Such as Cuba for long and long has been given economic embargo, and military embargo for its Country’s ideology of Communism, as US judge the country as non democratic system. While in reality, (I have met a person a US citizen can came to Cuba, and she witnessed Cuba as  economic system pro preserving ecosystem and sustain great environment and people live  simple life and happy). As we all know, there are no advertising in Cuba, only lately (2012), Cuban entrepreneurs started advertising. It all still for small owner entrepreneur. It advertise through stickers and sms text.

USA POWER over The WORLD is none GENUINE work To Heal The WORLD.
From technology to other branch of Knowledge, USA (and so called Western Nation EU) their hegemony is so POWERFUL that they killed and abolish its original knowledge/Science (as Local Wisdom of Indigeneous People/3rd WorldNation).

And for so long Western system of knowledge DENIED Indigenous People’s Knowledge or Practices as Science. While at the same time, Western scientist/corporate hijacked Indigenous People knowledge to be patent and produced its massive product for benefit without acknowledge/admitted its source. That is one sample of true hegemony, not only power of mind but power over everything.

What is the MOST BLANTANT hegemony of USA Politics & Cultural is that USA can’t STAND if there is a Nation in the World whom different from them. That is happened with Iran and Cuba.

The term of democracy have to be democracy as defined by USA/western.
Universal Human Rights have to be the same as defined by USA, local condition is never considered as part of on how Human Rights is practiced and guarantee. USA whose claimed its Nation principle embraced Pluralism Diversity cannot accept the idea of different perspective,different ideology.

Read and see about Iranian President, Ahmadinedjab who come to USA, whose claimed as civilized State Nation, how can the civilized people in USA can let New York Times have title “WELCOME TO EVIL” or to welcome its State guest or even bigger UN guest. How dare they mock the Souvereirgn Nation as Iran by humiliated and judge by Dean of Colombia University with opening of Ahmadinedjab speech with statement of mockery such: authoritarian leader. Why can’t people in USA be humble and be more civilized that judge of other by your only eyes perspectives, and never try to understand what other shoes and believes, isn’t respect is lies by let people practiced its believes, unforcefull.

As now, people (including academic) in USA quite and embraced their ideology thoroughly and maybe without any chance to learn or practice other political ideology (CIA agent maintainer); Mc Charthy follower. How great is citizen/people in USA embrace its State Ideology so they will defend it from Communism, and later Religion (Islam). As I saw in Dixie Chick’s film, there portray a person who said Dixie Chick communist?

Now since Communist State fell down, Islam is a target. But save for USA, Saudi Arabia a state where Ka’bah a center fold direction for all muslims in the world is surrender to USA, Islam is still in USA arm, and merely practice as spiritual power not political. And muslim’s hardlines guerilla against Israel (USA) as part of ideological/Political movement is easily judge and target as terrorist. Anyhow, while US continuingly support and sells its weapons for both of countries of enemies

And for the USA citizens across the Globe, I congratulate for your inaction and action to SUPPORT this polical and cultural oppression to whole unfortunate Nations in The World including Indonesia.

On the news of USA mass media, when Ahmadinejab came to New York (for UN General Assembly, 2007)

And the Rising Chinese and India, since 2008 worried USA economic, and they have to find source for their money. They invade Gulf, Egypt, Libya, Suriah..all nations in this area should bow USA and surrender their oil…In exchange they have USA culture of Capitalism consumerism and liberals arts.

Umi Lasminah


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