Modern Philosophy and western history Failed

The so called period of Renaisance and Enlightment in western philosophy was started since 15century with the marking of Descartes for its rationality with the Mind as the Master of all. His sentences proudly restated on and on by western academic “the Cogito Ergo Sum”. I think there for I am. And later on his rational mind of the power of math logic has invade all human who like to learn to live.

It was after Descarted the distinction between the body-the soul-the mind strictly separated. It was when the human thought use as ultimate power to other human. It was when the Western empirium started to the colonialism, imperialism.

As we know, The Latin America has already been a state, a country when Spanish conquest in 15century. It was also when the semitic force to change the way the people in Latin America lives.  In Asia another semitic force came from Gulf, middle east, Islam. Both Christian and Islam have been brought the same value of One God.

I think Western Philosophy and Knowledge is retarded in context of knowing The World. First: how come the ultimate power of modern western knowledge as its said to know about the world yet they never mention Nusantara, islands of Java, Jambudipa etc the country of thousands spices.

The Western Value Destroy the Origin of Human Knowledge

Long before the semitic has it power through western aparatus (i.e Academia, Kings), world has it value of worshiping Gods/Godesses. The Paganism was practicing in Asia and Latin America. In Nuswantara, the worshiping Gods/Goddess has been created the true Relationship Between Human as God’s creation and God’s Mirror (as its stated in Holy Book). The fact is Western philosophy also has its similarity with the Asian faith (in Nusantara Raja adalah Dewa ingngejawandah), the faith about King is that the King/Queen is directly representing God in earth.


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