World Negative Campaign Against Indonesia

Since Indonesia Independent proclaimed by Founding Fathers Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta in 1945. They became First President and Vice President of Republic Indonesia. Indonesia established as first ex western colonial country to be free and continue struggle against colonialism and imperialism. Under leadership of Soekarno, Indonesia with other Asia nations India, Egypt found a meeting. First ever people of colors meeting (colonized nations) of Asia and Africa country. The meeting was Asia Africa Confrerence in Bandung, 1955. This event was the first gathering of the Oppressed country of people of the world, was slipped away from Western domination knowledge in Social Science of History of The World science. This might be done in conscious by western scholars and universities. One of evidences of these is if you search in or try to find information about the event you might have regretted due to very limited academic writing about its subjects. You cannot find it from the western resources. The countries of which joined the Asia Africa Conference. And in many informations about the event sometimes did not mention India, when in fact India (Jawaharlah Nehru) was the pioneer along with Indonesia (Soekarno) and Burma (U-Nu). with this youtube showed what Soekarno stated about countries of Asia Africa as the first meeting of inclusion all ism and economic doctrines. After the Asia Africa conference many Asia Africa countries gain their independen Algeria 1963, Angola 1975, Cameroon 1960, Mali 1950, and Syria 1961 etc.

Soekarno, the founding father of Indonesia is greatest docrtine of all ism, that has relation with human need to connect with eachother and nature. Soekarno’s visioner is the greatest Statesman ever exist. His theory and doctrines unlike western made theory (Marx, Engels), because Soekarno was product what have been experiences as human (oppressed and colonialized). He was prisoned by Dutch colonial, struggle and come to be free with his nation’s people and Proclaimed nation independen. No other doctrine as Soekarno’s that can be practiced and discussed as academic and daily practices by academic and common people. Yet his legacy of Pembangunan Rakyat Semesta (Development People’s Universe) and Tri Sakti (sovereign in politics, economic independence and cultural indonesia identity) might scared the Western capitalist and colonialist.
That is why When Joko Widodo, have planned to implement Soekarno’s doctrine, create uncomfortable feeling for other countries, especially western. And the way they showed it first: Create Malinformation About Indonesia. It was the biggest campaign ever by Multinational Corporation to accused of Indonesia as incapable state. The sample first target hit Indonesia, is The Capital City of Jakarta. The mockery that Jakarta is the first rank of traffic city in the world according Castrol company (the company that product oil and lubricant for automobile vehicle) . What a joke.

And that was one of many survey or story pseudo academic to against Indonesia, as negative campaign. Other will follow especially country that has disadvantage by Indonesia’s policy in handle Illegal Fishing in Indonesia oceans. Death sentence for drugs conviction etc. While in fact US now still in economic confusing, and their citizens also addicted to sex and drugs, and Europe nations is also in confuse, like Greek, Portugal due to their economic condition on one value currency…and still do not know what to do to escape the economic problem. Most of theses countries do not agree with German’s leadership…that’s the world should know.


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