Community that Survived Globalized Economy: Masyarakat Adat Mampu Hadapi Globlisasi Ekonomi

foto By Nissa Wargadipura

In certain areas on earth there is no such thing called Climate Change, and there is no such thing as market commodity. The nature preserve by community. The origin of the creature and habitats with their most civilized culture, Native, some of western called Indigenous Community. Native to its lands and cultures. They live for happiness and welfare all of member of the community. They are almost uninfluenced by all forms of climate changes.  For their part, the climate is unchanged. Their land of soil still pure and rich. Their way of production of food and shelter are spiritual, also the way they live their life within people or individual. Micro and macro cosmos. Inside and outside of the self.

They are living their life by talking and listening to the earth, the wind, fire, woods and everything in between. The land, the river, the sea, the forest, and the mountain are sacred places. Their whole life are in peace and happy living in the universe. The people of the community practice wisdom tought by their ancestors, the legacy preserved. Their way of life is to give high value of every living things, and preserve things to always be useful  for day to day basis, what nowadays called recycle.

But now, that certain area on earth might be impact by Climate Change. The climate that has change by human actually part of Great order of God/Goddess. Although the facts indigenous way of life has just been currently accepted, but the western feminism such as Maria Mies has mention its as theory of subsistence perspective in her book of The Subsistence Perspective Beyond the Globalised Economy, Maria Mies and Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen. The subsistence perspective is  focuses on the creation, recreation and support of life and the living, and it has no other purpose than this. It is life that stands at the centre of this vision, rather than money, economic growth or profit, and as such it requires the rejection of capitalist industrial society. It is where we fulfilled the needs to live by and for ourselves including material and spiritual needs.

And in Indonesia many indigenous community has practiced its way long and continuously until now. Most of them live in island of Kalimantan, Papua, Nusantenggara Timur, Banten province and part in Sumatera island. But there are also not so much indigenous community  of Giyombong village in District Bruno, Purworejo Central Java. Not so much because they already living with modern technology. But they practicing tradition and way of organized community in they way their ancestor did. Also they have manage food and beverage to live without hunger treat. Any weather can be faced with their own technology, and most of them environmental friendly.  And recently, there is also, the community that has been created base on the intention to opposed the globalization of commodities of foods. This community is still young, and live among  modern as whole, it is Pesantren At Thaariq in Garut, West Java of whom the founder is an farmer activist Nissa Wargadipura in 2000 ( ). They chose the pesantren (boarding school) with focus on ecology. The children who living in Pesantren learn how to cultivated soil, planted the trees, and the fulfilled their daily needs of food and beverage from what they have planted. Only few things of them bought. I considered the way Pesantren Attariq has been build as community is the best way to resist disadvantage of economic globalization especially the market fundamental force as claim as free trade. How the people of Giyombong and Pesantren Athariiq community living their life…. I will go to there soon, and will reporting to yo with stories and photos. (to be continue)


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