Non Vegetarian: Animal & Plant Equality on Earth

All “good” creatures creates by Gods/Goddesses have obligation to living kindly on Earth, Ocean and in between. All have their nobility to live in the mortality of the world to be in immortality of heaven. They are human, animal, plants/tree and creatures in between seen and unseen. Called it Nature of the Earth or outer space, seen or unseen.

Nowadays trend for people to be a vegetarian. They’re follow by certain spirituality to be a vegetarian or for most of non-practicing certain religion claimed to be non violence (eat by killing animal) , other follow the religion and some to be healthy.

For creatures whom living on earth they have to act in accordingly of Great power of Nature. Because the modern human, who have and still held the reign of Natures (minus unseen and in between world), human still cannot control the Greatest Power of Natures (mountain, outer space, seas and all layers of the earth).

In accordingly conduct by Greatest Power of Nature for example, most of all animal driven by their commonality of instincts to staying alive, or desire to fulfilled hungry. They do not have what human taught as Culture. Culture is the knowledge or sciences that has been learn through education since human’s birth, from parents to all their children. The forms of culture of human created things that might called beauty with different forms of its as functions and usefulness to make life good living. Not merely staying alive like the animals. Within this context human also have the obligation to exercised the power to animal and trees, due to their powerlessness to Greatest Nature. As we are in Nuswantara believe that human ancestor directly from God/Godess who owns the Greatest Power of Nature , that is why many traditional cultural activities in relation to stay living (making food farmer, harvest has always have way to connect both Natures and God/Goddess.

Relationship between human and animal ultimately close since the beginning of Earth inhibited by human. Infact before human as directly descent by God, other species have lived on earth, they were giants or tiny creature sometimes called dinosaurs, and apes. Those existences cannot be denied. All holy books from differences spirituality said about those existences. About how human is the Utmost powerful creature to rule the planets, yet nowadays only rule Earth, and its also still limited, unlike the ancient powers did. The ancient human ruled similar with the God/Goddess due to prime power that given directly by the Almighty. All the stories you can read in scriptures tomb and ancient building all over the Earth. Yet, modern human stil cannot reach the conclusion about the existences of many unexplained phenomena that occurred in and on earth as well above.

Anyhow back to animal relation with human. Henry Bergson has said abit about differences between human and animal, about instinct and intelegent. Ki Ageng Surya Mentaram, a Javanese psychology has stated the differences of human and animal. How the privelege human had toward themselves and natures while, animal merely “robot” whom already been created base on limited instinct. Yet because of their relationship with human, animal can have metaphor more than they used to be, bigger than instinct. It is a privilege for both creatures. Somehow, there’re Believers in direct creation of certain animal is made by certain God/Goddess. And somehow, if one human, or god/goddess did something real mistaken or disobedience the Curse or Punishment was to become An Animal with half formed of human, like Ganesha, a God with half human body and head of elephant believes as God of Sciences. In fact it was believe he was a Prince of God’s Ghana son of Batara Guru, have his kingdom in upper Sunda Land, due to his mistake he was became half elephant. But there was duration for punishment. While as Ganesha, all elephants in the world bow to him. It was rather similar with certain God/Goddess or One Person Choosen a Prince/Princess who can transformed themselves (by choice) to be animal with diiferent feature/figure with common animal.



Semua mahluk “baik” yang diciptakan dewa/dewi memiliki tanggungjawab untuk hidup dengan baik di Bumi, Laut maupun ruang di antaranya. Semua mempunyai kemuliaan untuk hidup dalam ketidak abadian di dunia dan untuk abadi di nirwana. Mereka adalah manusia, hewan, tananam dan mahluk di antaranya yang terlihat maupun yang tak nampak. Sebutlah itu sebagai jalananya Alami Bumi.

Kini sedang terjadi tren di dunia menjadi vegetarian. Beberapa yang mempraktekkan menjadi vegetarian beragam alasan, khususnya yang non penganut Budha yaitu tak mau membunuh, atau untuk jaga kesehatan.

Mahluk yang hidup di atas bumi berprilaku sesuai fitrah atau Arahan dari Sang Pencipta. Karena manusia modern masih menguasai alam (tanpa penguasaan yang tak tampak dan mahluk antara), manusia pun tak dapat mengontrol/menguasai Kekuatan Terbesar Alam (gunung, antariksa, angkasa, lautan dan lapisan-lapisan dunia).



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