1. Friendly Capitalism: entertainment industry,sports.

As leftist academy how do you explain Diana Taurasi, a US professional basketball player of WNBA (woman national basketball association) took a year break to play in Rusia because in the US her wage is less than when she played in Rusia.
She even have a joke “, the W.N.B.A. is, like, communist.” that in term of basketball wage for women in US is like in communist. While when they play in Russia the wage are double double, the facilities and comfort. After all Diana Taurasi is superstar who has achieve 3 WNBA champions, 4 gold olympics medals.

Other than basketball, football (soccer) in the world also similar In term of non existing ideological State. One person of a State can have their citizen to works in sports club for other country _ like Ronaldo play for Barcelona of Spain.

Those are capitalist related system, where the company who sponsored of the sport event, the person who own the club usually own company.