Wartafeminis adalah blog warga sipil dengan perspektif feminis, sensitif gender Indonesia-Nuswantara teori dan prakteknya.

This is Warta Feminis (Feminist News), blog of citizen journalist with Indonesia Nuswantara gender feminist perspective as the Indonesia Feminist Perspectives Theory and Practice.

This blog aim is to share the knowledge about Indonesia

Women feminist perspectives and theories as well in action in Indonesia. Indonesia is country of hundreds of ethnics, languages and many faiths. The women of Indonesia has always been the greatest contributors for the Nation and State. Their politics  stance have been colored Indonesia politics

Admin and Moderate by Umi Lasminah phone.62-8158153085

Chief of Editor Umi Lasminah Email umilasminah@yahoo.com

Board of Editor: Anik Wusari, Nur Amelia, Emi Sulyuwati, Steffani A.Sari

12 thoughts on “About WARTA FEMINIS

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  1. Salam kenal mbak Umi,
    saya senang sekali membaca tulisan2 mbak…
    ingin belajar banyak tentang feminism ini, terutama dari konteks lokal kita…
    makasih banyak utk berbagi bagi kita disini…

    Salam Manis dari Indonesia Timur 🙂

  2. Good job Umi! (I’ve told you before). I was doing some research, came across your history of Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia, you wrote that the Suara Ibu Peduli demo was Feb 19th, 1998. It was actually Feb 23rd.

    Keep up the good work!

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