Hillary Amazing Speech

Hillary R.Clinton menunjukkan diri sebagai perempuan tangguh, politisi luar biasa. Hillary Clinton, perempuan aktivis yang suaminya selingkuh, bangkit menjadi senator New York, mencalonkan diri sebagai calon presiden- dikalahkan oleh rivalnya. Banyak pendukunt ‘militan’ Hillary tetap tidak ingin memberikan dukungan pada Obama, karena harrashment dan cara-cara kotor terhadap team, Hillary tetapi Hillary, sebagai seorang poitisi yang loyal pada partainya mendukung Obama, dan Ini ditunjukkan pada konvensi partai Demokrat DNC 26 Agustus 2008 lalu, saat ia memberikan Pidato-nya.

Konvensi akhirnya memutuskan Obam secara aklamasi sebagai Kandidat Partai Demokrat, tanpa pada pemungutan suara, tentunya ini untuk menghindari perpecahan di DNC, karena akan banyak delegasi tetap memilih Hillary (kemungkinan 50%). Meskipun Hillary berulang kali meminta para pemilihnya untuk mendukung Obama, seperti yang diulangi berkali-kali: I want you — I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me, or were you in it for that young Marine and others like him? Were you in it for that mom struggling with cancer while raising her kids? Were you in it for that young boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage? Were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?

Bagi yang belum sempat melihat Pidato Hillary yang memukau berikut pidatonya:

The following is a transcript of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, 26 August, 2008

Senator Clinton: Thank you. Thank you all.(APPLAUSE)

Thank you. Thank you all very, very much.(APPLAUSE)

Thank you. Thank you all very much. I…(APPLAUSE)

I am so honored to be here tonight.(APPLAUSE)

You know, I’m — I’m here tonight as a proud mother, as a proud Democrat…(APPLAUSE)

… as a proud senator from New York…(APPLAUSE)… a proud American…(APPLAUSE)

… and a proud supporter of Barack Obama.(APPLAUSE)

My friends, it is time to take back the country we love. And whether you voted for me or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose.


We are on the same team. And none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines. This is a fight for the future, and it’s a fight we must win together.


I haven’t spent the past 35 years in the trenches, advocating for children, campaigning for universal health care, helping parents balance work and family, and fighting for women’s rights here at home and around the world…


… to see another Republican in the White House squander our promise of a country that really fulfills the hopes of our people. And you haven’t worked so hard over the last 18 months or endured the last eight years to suffer through more failed leadership. (APPLAUSE) No way, no how, no McCain.


Barack Obama is my candidate, and he must be our president.


Tonight, I ask you to remember what a presidential election is really about. When the polls have closed and the ads are finally off the air, it comes down to you, the American people, and your lives, and your children’s futures.

For me, it’s been a privilege to meet you in your homes, your workplaces, and your communities. Your stories reminded me that, every day, America’s greatness is bound up in the lives of the American people, your hard work, your devotion to duty, your love for your children, and your determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles.

You taught me so much, and you made me laugh, and, yes, you even made me cry.


You allowed me to become part of your lives, and you became part of mine.

I will always remember the single mom who had adopted two kids with autism. She didn’t have any health insurance, and she discovered she had cancer. But she greeted me with her bald head, painted with my name on it, and asked me to fight for health care for her and her children.


I will always remember the young man in a Marine Corps T-shirt who waited months for medical care. And he said to me, “Take care of my buddies. A lot of them are still over there. And then will you please take care of me?”

And I will always remember the young boy who told me his mom worked for the minimum wage, that her employer had cut her hours. He said he just didn’t know what his family was going to do.

I will always be grateful to everyone from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the territories…


… who joined our campaign on behalf of all those people left out and left behind by the Bush administration. To my supporters, to my champions, to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits…


… from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you, because you never gave in and you never gave up. And together we made history.

And along the way, America lost two great Democratic champions who would have been here with us tonight, one of our finest young leaders, Arkansas Democratic Chair Bill Gwatney, who believed with all his heart…


… that America and the South should be Democratic from top to bottom.

And Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a dear friend to many of us, a loving mother, a courageous leader who never gave up her quest to make America fairer and smarter, stronger and better. Steadfast in her beliefs, a fighter of uncommon grace, she was an inspiration to me and to us all.

Our heart goes out to Stephanie’s son, Mervyn, Jr., and Bill’s wife, Rebecca, who traveled here to Denver to join this family of Democrats.


You know, Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones knew that, after eight years of George Bush, people are hurting at home and our standing has eroded around the world

We have a lot of work ahead of us: jobs lost; houses gone; falling wages; rising prices; the Supreme Court in a right-wing headlock; and our government in partisan gridlock; the biggest deficit in our nation’s history; money borrowed from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis; Putin and Georgia; Iran and Iraq.

I ran for president to renew the promise of America, to rebuild the middle class and sustain the American dream, to provide opportunity to those who are willing to work hard for it and have that work rewarded, so they could save for college, a home, and retirement, afford gas and groceries, and have a little left over each month.

To promote a clean energy economy that will create millions of green-collar jobs, to create a health care system that is universal, high-quality, and affordable, so that every single parent knows their children will be taken care of.


We want to create a world-class education system and make college affordable again, to fight for an America that is defined by deep and meaningful equality, from civil rights to labor rights, from women’s rights to gay rights… (APPLAUSE)

… from ending discrimination to promoting unionization, to providing help for the most important job there is, caring for our families, and to help every child live up to his or her God-given potential, to make America once again a nation of immigrants and of laws, to restore fiscal sanity to Washington, and make our government an institution of the public good, not of private plunder.

Senator Clinton: To restore America’s standing in the world, to end the war in Iraq, bring our troops home with honor, care for our veterans, and give them the services they have earned.


We will work for an America again that will join with our allies in confronting our shared challenges, from poverty and genocide to terrorism and global warming.

Most of all, I ran to stand up for all those who have been invisible to their government for eight long years. Those are the reasons I ran for president, and those are the reasons I support Barack Obama for president.


I want you — I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me, or were you in it for that young Marine and others like him?

Were you in it for that mom struggling with cancer while raising her kids?

Were you in it for that young boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage?

Were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?

We need leaders once again who can tap into that special blend of American confidence and optimism that has enabled generations before us to meet our toughest challenges, leaders who can help us show ourselves and the world that with our ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in America.


Now, this will not be easy. Progress never is. But it will be impossible if we don’t fight to put a Democrat back into the White House.


We need to elect Barack Obama, because we need a president who understands that America can’t compete in the global economy by padding the pockets of energy speculators while ignoring the workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas.

We need a president who understands we can’t solve the problems of global warming by giving windfall profits to the oil companies while ignoring opportunities to invest in the new technologies that will build a green economy.

We need a president who understands that the genius of America has always depended on the strength and vitality of the middle class.

Barack Obama began his career fighting for workers displaced by the global economy. He built his campaign on a fundamental belief that change in this country must start from the ground up, not the top down.


And he knows that government must be about “we the people,” not “we the favored few.”

And when Barack Obama is in the White House, he’ll revitalize our economy, defend the working people of America, and meet the global challenges of our times.

Democrats know how to do this. As I recall, we did it before with President Clinton and the Democrats.


And if we do our part, we’ll do it again with President Obama and the Democrats.


Just think of what America will be as we transform our energy economy, create those millions of jobs, build a strong base for economic growth and shared prosperity, get middle-class families the tax relief they deserve.

And I cannot wait to watch Barack Obama sign into law a health care plan that covers every single American.


And we know that President Obama will end the war in Iraq responsibly, bring our troops home, and begin to repair our alliances around the world.

And Barack will have with him a terrific partner in Michelle Obama.


Anyone who saw Michelle’s speech last night knows she will be a great first lady for America.

(APPLAUSE) And Americans are fortunate that Joe Biden will be at Barack Obama’s side…


… a strong leader, a good man who understands both the economic stresses here at home and the strategic challenges abroad. He’s pragmatic, he’s tough, and he’s wise.

And Joe, of course, will be supported by his wonderful wife, Jill.


They will be a great team for our country.

Now, John McCain is my colleague and my friend. He has served our country with honor and courage. But we don’t need four more years of the last eight years…


Senator Clinton: … more economic stagnation and less affordable health care…


Senator Clinton: … more high gas prices and less alternative energy..


Senator Clinton: … more jobs getting shipped overseas and fewer jobs created here at home…


Senator Clinton: … more skyrocketing debt, and home foreclosures, and mounting bills that are crushing middle-class families…


Senator Clinton: … more war and less diplomacy…


Senator Clinton: … more of a government where the privileged few come first and everyone else comes last.


Senator Clinton: Well, John McCain says the economy is fundamentally sound. John McCain doesn’t think 47 million people without health insurance is a crisis. John McCain wants to privatize Social Security. And in 2008, he still thinks it’s OK when women don’t earn equal pay for equal work. (AUDIENCE BOOS)

Now, with an agenda like that, it makes perfect sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together next week in the Twin Cities, because these days they’re awfully hard to tell apart.


You know, America is still around after 232 years because we have risen to every challenge in every new time, changing to be faithful to our values of equal opportunity for all and the common good. And I know what that can mean for every man, woman, and child in America.

I’m a United States senator because, in 1848, a group of courageous women, and a few brave men, gathered in Seneca Falls, New York, many traveling for days and nights…


… to participate in the first convention on women’s rights in our history. And so dawned a struggle for the right to vote that would last 72 years, handed down by mother to daughter to granddaughter, and a few sons and grandsons along the way.

These women and men looked into their daughters’ eyes and imagined a fairer and freer world and found the strength to fight, to rally, to picket, to endure ridicule and harassment, and brave violence and jail.

And after so many decades, 88 years ago on this very day, the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, became enshrined in our Constitution.


My mother was born before women could vote. My daughter got to vote for her mother for president. This is the story of America, of women and men who defy the odds and never give up.

So how do we give this country back to them? By following the example of a brave New Yorker, a woman who risked her lives to bring slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

On that path to freedom, Harriet Tubman had one piece of advice: “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”


And even in the darkest moments, that is what Americans have done. We have found the faith to keep going.

I have seen it. I have seen it in our teachers and our firefighters, our police officers, our nurses, our small-business owners, and our union workers. I’ve seen it in the men and women of our military.

In America, you always keep going. We’re Americans. We’re not big on quitting.

And, remember, before we can keep going, we’ve got to get going by electing Barack Obama the next president of the United States.


We don’t have a moment to lose or a vote to spare. Nothing less than the fate of our nation and the future of our children hangs in the balance.

I want you to think about your children and grandchildren come Election Day. Think about the choices your parents and grandparents made that had such a big impact on your lives and on the life of our nation.

We’ve got to ensure that the choice we make in this election honors the sacrifices of all who came before us and will fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope.

That is our duty, to build that bright future, to teach our children that, in America, there is no chasm too deep, no barrier too great, no ceiling too high for all who work hard, who keep going, have faith in God, in our country, and each other.

That is our mission, Democrats. Let’s elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden for that future worthy of our great country.

Thank you. God bless you, and Godspeed.

Not that

Not that I hate American People

I love American people, their spirit their passion and their arts.

I love Joan Baez, Jewel, Tori Amos, Elvis Presley, Madonna and Janis Joplin and American writer like Marylin French or American scholar like Catherine MacKinnon or Carole Patement. And I like my American friends.
It just I don’t like their government. Their policy towards the world.Their ideology of capitalism and liberalism. Of course that the Chosen type of democratic system by American founding fahters.

Iam grateful for American for what I have read from them have enrich me and inspire me, like when I read Walt Whitman, or Emerson, or Emily Dickenson or many other poets.



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Manusia (Komnas HAM) meyampaikan pernyataan sebagai berikut:
1. Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 memberikan adanya jaminan bagi setiap orang bebas untuk memeluk agamanya masing-masing dan beribadat menurut agamanya dan kepercayaannya itu. UUD 1945 juga menegaskan, bahwa hak untuk bebas memeluk agama dan beribadat sesuai dengan keyakinannya adalah merupakan hak yang tidak dapat dikurangi dalam keadaan apa pun dan oleh siapa pun (non derogable rights).
2. Bahwa negara, terutama pemerintah mempunyai kewajiban sebagaimana dimandatkan di dalam konstitusi untuk memberikan periindungan, pemajuan, penegakan dan pemenuhan hak asasi manusia.
Dalam kaitannya dengan kewajiban untuk memberikan periindungan, Negara diharuskan memberikan kemudahan dan periindungan bagi setiap warga negara menjalankan agama dan keyakinannya. Bukan sebaliknya, membatasi hak-hak warga negara menjalankan ajaran agamanya.

3. Bahwa sesuai dengan ketentuan Pasal 73 Undang-Undang Nomor 39 Tahun 1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia, pembatasan hak dan kebebasan hanya dapat dibatasi oleh dan berdasarkan undang-undang. Berdasarkan hal tersebut, maka pembatasan dan pelarangan bagi Jemaat Ahmadiyah
melalui Keputusan Bersama ini tidak sejalan dengan amanah Pasal 73 tersebut.
4. Berdasarkan pada kewajiban konstitusional Negara tersebut dan kewajiban internasionalnya, kami berpandangan Keputusan Bersama Menteri Agama, Jaksa Agung dan Menteri Dalam Negeri dapat mengurangi secara serius ketaatan Negara ini terhadap kewajiban dasarnya, yaitu menjaga konstitusi dan kewajiban internasional hak asasi manusia.Demikian pernyataan ini disampaikan dalam rangka menciptakan kondisi yang kondusif bagi pamajuan, periindungan dan penegakan hak asasi
manusia serta menciptakan suasana yang harmonis dalam menjalankan kebebasan beragama.

Jakarta, 10Juni2008


Hillary Speech

Jumlah Delegasi Barrack Obama 2153 Hillary Clinton 1915 John Edward 4 Richarson 1

Butuh 2,118 untuk menjadi nominasi kandidat Presiden Partai Demokrat, maka Obama akan menjadi Nominasi sebagai Calon Presiden. dalam Konvensi Partai Demokrat, Agustus 2008 di Denver. Adapun Hillary Clinton belum menyatakan mengundurkan diri dari Race, dan meminta pendapat pemilihnya tentang apa yang harus dilakukkannya melalui http://www.hillaryclinton.com

Berikut pidato Hillary Clinton di New York saat pengumuman kemenangan Primari di South Dakota.

Hillary Clinton Speech, June Thank you all so much. Thank you and thanks so much to South Dakota. You had the last word in this primary season, and it was worth the wait.

I want to start tonight by congratulating Senator Obama and his supporters on the extraordinary race that they have run. Senator Obama has inspired so many Americans to care about politics and empowered so many more to get involved, and our party and our democracy is stronger and more vibrant as a result. So, we are grateful, and it has been an honor to contest these primaries with him, just as it is an honor to call him my friend. And tonight, I would like all of us to take a moment to recognize him and his supporters for all they have accomplished.

Now, sixteen months ago, you and I began a journey to make history and to remake America. And from the hills of New Hampshire to the hollows of West Virginia and Kentucky, from the fields of California to the factories of Ohio, from the Alleghenies to the Ozarks to the Everglades, to right here in the great state of New York, we saw millions of Americans registering to vote for the first time, raising money for the first time, knocking on doors, making calls, talking to their friends and neighbors, mothers and fathers lifting their little girls and their little boys on to their shoulders and whispering, “See, you can be anything you want to be.”

I think, too, of all of those wonderful women in their nineties who came out to see me because they were born before women could vote, and they wanted to be part of making history. And the people who drove for miles, who waved their handmade signs, who went to all the events that we held, who came to hillaryclinton.com and showed the tangible support that they felt in their hearts. And I am just enormously grateful, because in the millions of quiet moments, in thousands of places, you asked yourself a simple question: Who will be the strongest candidate and the strongest president?

Who will be ready to take back the White House and take charge as Commander-in-Chief and lead our country to better tomorrows? People in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the territories, all had a chance to make your voices heard and on Election Day after Election Day, you came out in record numbers to cast your ballots. Nearly eighteen million of you cast your votes for our campaign, carrying the popular vote with more votes than any primary candidate in history. Even when the pundits and the naysayers proclaimed week after week that this race was over, you kept on voting.

You are the nurse on the second shift, the worker on the line, the waitress on her feet, the small business owner, the farmer, the teacher, the miner, the trucker, the soldier, the veteran, the student, the hard working men and women who don’t always make the headlines but have always written America’s story. You have voted because you wanted to take back the White House, and because of you, we won together the swing states necessary to get to 270 electoral votes

In all of the states you voted because you wanted a leader who will stand up for the deepest values of our party. A party that believes everyone should have a fair shot at the American Dream. A party that cherishes every child, values every family, and counts every single vote.

I often felt that each of your votes was a prayer for our nation, a declaration of your dreams for your children, a reflection of your desire to chart a new course in this new century and in the end, while this primary was long, I am so proud we stayed the course together because we stood our ground, it meant that every single United States citizen had a chance to make his or her voice heard.

A record thirty-five million people voted in this primary, from every state, red, blue, purple, people of every age, faith, color and walk of life. And we have brought so many people into the Democratic Party and created enthusiasm among those we seek to serve. And I am committed to uniting our Party, so we move forward, stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White house this November.

For the past seven years, so many people in this country have felt invisible, like your president didn’t even really see you. I have seen the shuttered factories, the jobs shipped overseas, the families struggling to afford gas and groceries, but I’ve also seen unions retraining workers to build energy efficient buildings, innovators designing cars that run on fuel cells and bio-fuels and electricity, cars that get more miles per gallon than ever before, cars that will cut the cost of driving, reduce our reliance on foreign oil and fight global warming.

I have met too many people without health care, just a diagnosis away from financial ruin, but I have also seen the scientists and researchers solving the medical mysteries and finding the treatments and cures that are transforming lives. I have seen the struggling schools with the crumbling classrooms and the unfair burdens imposed by No Child Left Behind, but I have also met dedicated and caring teachers who use their own savings to buy supplies, and students passionately engaged in the issues of our time, from ending the genocide in Darfur to once again making the environment a central issue of our day.

None of you is invisible to me. You never have been. I see you, and I know how hardworking you are. I’ve been fighting for you my whole adult life, and I will keep standing for you and working for you every single day because in your courage and character, your energy and ingenuity, your compassion and faith, I see the promise of America every day. The challenges we face are great, but our determination is greater.

You know, I understand that a lot of people are asking, what does Hillary want? What does she want? Well, I want what I have always fought for in this whole campaign. I want to end the war in Iraq. I want to turn this economy around. I want health care for every American. I want every child to live up to his or her God-given potential, and I want the nearly 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard and no longer to be invisible.

You see, I have an old-fashioned notion, one that’s been the basis of my candidacy and my life’s work, that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their own dreams. This nation has given me every opportunity, and that’s what I want for every single American.

That’s why I want universal health care. It is wrong that Americans pay 50% more for health care than the people of any other wealthy nation, with costs doubling this decade and nearly 50 million people without any health insurance at all. It is wrong for parents to have to choose between care for themselves or their children, to be stuck in dead-end jobs just to keep their insurance or to give up working altogether so their kids will qualify for Medicaid. I have been working on this issue not just for the past 16 months, but for 16 years. And it is a fight I will continue until every single American has health insurance. No exceptions and no excuses.

I want an economy that works for all families. That’s why I have been fighting to create millions of new jobs in clean energy and rebuilding our infrastructure, jobs to come to all of our states and urban and rural areas and suburban communities and small towns. That’s why I sounded the alarm on the home mortgage crisis well over a year ago, because these are the issues that will determine whether we will once again grow together as a nation or continue to grow apart. And I want to restore America’s leadership in the world. I want us to be led once again by the power of our values, to have a foreign policy that is both strong and smart, to join with our allies and confront our shared challenges from poverty and genocide to global terrorism and global warming.

These are the issues that brought me into this race. They are the life blood of my campaign, and they have been and will continue to be the causes of my life. And your spirit has inspired me every day in this race.

While I traveled our country talking about how I wanted to help you, time and again, you reached out to help me, to grab my hand or grip my arm, to look into my eyes and tell me, don’t quit, keep fighting, stay in this race for us.

Now there were days when I had the strength enough to fight for all of us, and on the days that I didn’t, I leaned on you, the soldier on his third tour of duty in Iraq who told his wife, an Iraqi veteran herself, to take his spending money and donate it to our campaign instead. The 11-year-old boy in Kentucky who sold his bike and video games to raise money for our campaign. The woman who came to a rally hours early, waited and waited to give me a rosary. And all those who whispered to me, simply to say I am praying for you.

So many people said this race was over five months ago in Iowa, but we had faith in each other and you brought me back in New Hampshire and on Super Tuesday and in Ohio and in Pennsylvania and Texas and Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico and South Dakota. I will carry your stories and your dreams with me every day for the rest of my life.

I will carry your stories and your dreams with me every day for the rest of my life. Now the question is, where do we go from here, and given how far we’ve come and where we need to go as a party, it’s a question I don’t take lightly. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight. But this has always been your campaign, so to the 18 million people who voted for me and to our many other supporters out there of all ages, I want to hear from you. I hope you’ll go to my website at HillaryClinton.com and share your thoughts with me and help in any way that you can.

In the coming days, I’ll be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward with the best interests of our party and our country guiding my way. And I want to conclude tonight by saying thank you. Thank you to the people across America for welcoming me and my family into your homes and your hearts. Thanks to all of you in every corner of this country who cast your votes for our campaign. I am honored and humbled by your support and your trust. Thanks to my staff and volunteers for all those long hours and late nights, and I thank your families and your loved ones as well, because your sacrifice was theirs. And I especially want to thank all of the leadership of my campaign. Our chairman, Terry McAuliffe and everyone who worked so hard. And, of course, my family for their incredible love, support and work. Bill and Chelsea, Hugh and Maria, Tony and Megan, Zach and Fiona and my mother who turns 89 tomorrow. And, finally, I want to thank all of the people who had the courage to share your stories with me out on the campaign trail.

Tonight, I am thinking of a woman I met just yesterday in Rapid City, South Dakota. We were outside Talley’s Restaurant. There was a crowd there as I was walking into the restaurant. And she was standing right up against the barrier. She grabbed my hand and she said, “What are you going to do to make sure I have health care?” And as she was talking, she began to cry. She told me she works three jobs. She has suffered from seizures since childhood. She hasn’t been able to afford insurance ever since she left her parents’ home. It is shameful that anyone in this country could tell that story to me. And whatever path I travel next, I promise I will keep faith with her and with everyone I met across this great and good country.

You know, tonight we stand just a few miles from the Statue of Liberty. And from the site where the Twin Towers fell and where America rose again. Lady Liberty’s presence and the towers’ absence are a constant reminder that here in America, we are resilient, we are courageous, we embrace all of our people and that when we face our challenges together, there is no barrier we can’t overcome, no dream we can’t realize, nothing we can’t do if we just start acting like Americans again.

Thank you all very much. God bless you and God bless America. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a U.S. Senator from New York, is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

If Hillary Not to be Nominate

For almost three months, I watch eagerly theprimary process. I really like to see Hillary to be nominate as presidential candidate for Democrate Party. I know Hillary from her book, Living Legend, and I noticed her when she opened Beijing Conference in 1995, when she speech of women rights.

I really don’t understand why feminist in America have judge her, and even make a move to against her.

I don’t really know how her work in senate in USA but she had been elected twice. And her continuesly work for healtcare is undeniable truth.

I watch Hillary like I watched Sigolene Royale in France. My sisterly feeling for Sigolene Royal is strong that I feel dissapointed when she lost against Sarkozy. And for Hillary, I really don’t like people in USA treat her, and mocking her in the internet.

How the media is always and always keep doing what their doing to WOMEN, destroyed women’s power, destroy women’s confident, by judgement, by everything the media can, to humiliate women.

If Democrate do not nominate Hillary, its just another phase of how, the power of male strength and male ‘devining’  engagement ‘race’ is part of human power. As always, racism is stronger issue than sexism. So if Hillary win, it is not because of Hillary incompetent, but her competency is not have space in the media.

And how American can be blind of how Obama refuse to debate with Hillary, because he can’t handle debate. For women, it is always easy not to bind with other women, because most of the time women lives, thinking are influenced by others.. including media and male with their strong intellectuallity…

But if women, look inside their heart, feel their soul, they will be able praise and make solidarity with other women to create strength.

If Hillary not to be nominate, it will be the lost for many women have try to achieve, especially women who have in their lifetime fight and struggle for women to have vote (suffragist). When seldom young women nowadays aware that, in order to achieved women’s rights in politics (to vote) a woman Emily Davison, have committed suicide by throwing herself in race horse in Derby….and her funeral was attended by thousands of women…

Bless Hillary, Bless all women in the World, Hope in the future Womeh have always aware that they belong to each other as the oppressed.


May, 8, 2008




data2 fakta sosial perempuan


BPS 2000 populasi perempuan berusia 21 tahun ke atas, 101.625.816 jiwa 51% dari total penduduk

Pemilu 2004 terdaftar 147 juta pemilih, Perempuan 51% dari pemilih tersebut atau 74.970.000 adalah Pemilih perempuan

Tahun 2005, 60% perempuan berusaha di sektor ukm, atau 40juta.

Survei Demografi dan Kesehatan Indonesia: Agka Kematian Ibu 1998-2003 307 per 100.000 kelahiran hidup, 70% disebabkan persalinan

Berdasar data penduduk Indonesia 2005 perkiraan

Perkiraan Pemilih perempua dari usia 15-75 tahun 77,511,054



Ø Persepsi dan Opini Perempuan Kelas Menengah tentang Kepemimpinan Perempuan[1]

Hasil Angket Opini Perempuan Kelas Menengah (dari 20 sampel)[2]

Jika Perempuan Yang Memimpin


Tidak Setuju

Tidak Tahu


Pengambilan Keputusan berdasarkan perundingan dengan kelompok




Kemungkinan Korupsi lebih kecil




Akan lebih membela dan memberi kesempatan yang sama bagi perempuan




Sikap terhadap bawahan memimbing bukan memerintah




Opini tentang halangan yang dihadapi Pemimpin Perempuan

  1. Halangan Biologis: Hamil, menstruasi, fisik lebih lemah dari pada laki-laki
  2. Halangan Psikologis: Perempuan Lebih Emosional, dilema rumah tangga dan kerja
  3. Halangan Kultural: mengurus anak, urusan keluarga, pandangan masyarakat yang merendahkan kualitas perempuan, kesempatan, nepotisme

Alasan Memilih Pemimpin Perempuan

  1. Ingin merasakan atau mencoba dipimpin oleh seorang perempuan
  2. Pendekatan perempuan lebih berani mengungkapkan pendapat
  3. Perempuan bisa berlaku seperti ibu
  4. Pendekatan perempuan lebih bijaksana

Alasan Memilih Laki-laki

  1. Laki-laki lebih tegas disaat genting
  2. Laki-laki lebih konsekwen
  3. Laki-laki lebih rasional

Ø Temuan IDEA Mengingat relasi-relasi gender sering berubah selama masa transisi demokrasi, maka diperlukan anggaran dan konstitusi yang ramah gender.[3]

Ø Kendala sosio-ekonomi mempengaruhi Partisipasi perempuan dalam parlemen:

Kemiskinan dan pengangguran;

Lemahnya sumber-sumber keuangan yang memadai;

Buta huruf dan terbatasnya akses pendidikan dan pilihan profesi

Beban ganda mengenai tugas-tugas rumah tangga dan kewajiban profesional[4]


Sebagian besar pemilih (laki2&perempuan) mengangap perempuan sebagai kelompok kepentingan dalam politik yang cukup penting, 46% bersedia memilih perempuan dalam pemilu legislatif

60% setuju Pemilih perempuan sebagai kelompok yang memiliki kebutuhan bersama yang harus diekspresikan dalam politik dan pemilu

Lebih dari seperempat pemilih 27% merasa bahwa isu-isu gender sangat penting dalam politik

68% kaum muda terpelajar, usia dibawah 35 tahun mendukung perempuan sebagai kelompok kepentingan

61% laki-laki menganggap perempuan sebagai kelompok kepentingan politik yang sama

Pemilih muda mendukung kandidat yang mengusung isu perempuan 59$, 53%

Ada beberapa pemikiran calon Anggota Dewan. Apabila ada pemikiran mereka manakah yang membuat anda (laki-laki dan perempuan) lebih suka memilih mereka

Pemikiran Caleg

Akan memberikan suara untuk mereka

Lebih penting untuk anda

Pendidikan lanjutan untuk perempuan



Keluarga berencana



Pinjaman uang untuk membantu perempuan memulai usaha



Mendengarkan apa yang diinginkan perempuan



Menentang penyiksaan terhadap istri dan anak



Llebih banyak pekerjaan untuk perempuan



Hukum yang melarang perempuan dinomor duakan



Tidak satupun




Hasil Suara Pemilu dan Jumlah Kursi DPRRI Pemilu 2004 [5]



1950-1955 (DPR Sementara)










Konstituante 1956-1959





1971-1977 (DPRRI)



































2004-2009 (DPRRI)





2004-2009 (DPD)





Table 1.

Indonesa women in Eksekutif, Legislatif dan Judikatif



Anggota DPD Terpilih

Urutan Perolehan Suara



Dra.Hj.Mediati Hafni Hanum




Dinawati S.Ag

Intsiawati Ayus SH

Dra.Hj.Maimanah Umar






Aida Zulaika Nasution Ismet SE




Dra.Hj.Nyimas Ena MM



Sumatera Selatan

Hj.Asmawati SE MM



Bangka Belitung

Hj.Djamila Somad B.Sc




Dra.Eni Chaerani M.Si




Hj.Hariyanti Safrin SH



DKI Jakarta

Hj.Bra.Moeryati Soedibyo




Dra.Hj.Ratu Cicih Kurniasih



Jawa Tengah

Dra.Hj.Nafisah Sahal



DI Yogyakarta

GKR Hemas




Dra.Ida Ayu Agung Mas



Kalimantan Barat

Maria Goreti, S.Sos.M.Si

Sri Kadarwati




Kalimantan Tengah




Kalimantan Timur

Ir.Hj.Eka Komariah Koencoro

Ir.Hj.Nur Andriyani




Sulawesi Utara

Aryanti Barumuli Putri

Dra.Sientje Sondakh Mandey




Sulawesi Tengah

Nurmawati Bantil SE




Ny.Mirati Dewaningsih SE



Maluku Utara

Ny.Nita Budhi Susanthi




Ferdinanda Ibu Yatipay



Irian Jaya Barat

Salome Christin


D. Landasan HUKUM Pemberdayaan Perempuan Indonesia

  1. UUD 1945 Pasal 28
  2. UU No. 68 tahun 1956 ratifikasi Convention on the Political Rights of Women atau Konvensi PBB tentang Hak Politik Perempuan
  3. UU No.7 tahun 1984 tentang (Ratifikasi CEDAW Convention ) CEDAW: Convention on Elimination All Forms of Discrimination Against Women/Konvensi Penghapusan Ssegala Bentuk Diskriminasi terhadap Perempuan
  4. UU No.1 Tahun 1974 tentang Perkawinan
  5. UU No.39 tahun 2004 Perlindungan dan Penempatan Tenaga Kerja di Luar Negeri
  6. UU No.23 tahun 1992 tentang Kesehatan
  7. Kepres No.9 Tahun 2000 tentang Pengarus Utamaan Gender (Gender Mainstreaming) dalam segala kebijakan pemerintah
  8. Kepres No. Tahun 1998 tentang Komisi Nasional Anti Kekerasan terhadap Perempuan
  9. UU Pemilu No.32/2003 pasal 65 (1) saran mencalonkan perempuan 30% caleg partai
  10. UU No.32 tahun 2004 tentang Penghapusan Kekerasan dalam Rumah Tangga
  11. UU No. Perlindungan Saksi
  12. UU No.12 tahun 2007 tentang Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Perdagangan Orang

E. Landasan Konsensus Internasional

1.United Nation Convention on Politic Rights of Women, 1952

2.United Nation Women Convention 1975 Nairobi

3.CEDAW Convention

4.Resolusi PBB No. 1355 tentang Kekerasan Perempuan dalam Perang

5.Beijing Platform for Action, 12 Area Concerns


Labelisasi Buruh Perempuan[6]

Labelisasi positif


Labelisasi negatif


Kombinasi Pembagian Kerja Laki-laki dan Perempuan serta alokasi Waktu Harian Produsen Gula[7]


Pengindel (perempuan)

Gambaran di atas pekerjaan produktif tertentu yang bisa dilakukan oleh perempuan dan laki-laki, (dapat disubsitusikan atau diupahkan) akan tetapi karena telah turun temurun dilakukan dan skala usaha kecil yang tidak berubah. Sedangkan perempuan sering melakukan upaya usaha strategi bertahan dengan melakukan berbagai pekerjaan : mengurus ternak (kadang bukan milik sendiri), berdagang (buka warung). Kombinasi usaha ini adalah demi menopang hidup keluarga.

[1] penelitian terhadap 20 responden perempuan random kelas menengah hasil wawancara mendalam di Jakarta, oleh Umi Lasmina, Jurnal Perempuan Edisi 07, Mei-Juli 1998

[2] ibid

[3] Penilaian Demokrasi di Indonesia, IDEA-Indonesia, Seri 8 Tahun 2000, hal 169

[4] IDEA, Perempuan di parlemen bukan sekedar jumlah bukan sekedar hiasan, Bab 2. Nadezha Shvedova

[5] Datasheet Kaukus Perempuan Politik Indonesia 2005.

[6] Jurnal Perempuan No.35, “Buruh Perempuan antara Kapitalisasi Modal dan Budaya Patriarki”,Eko Bambang Subiyantoro

[7] Jurnal Perempuan No.35,”Penelusuran Kondisi Perempuan Usaha Mikro di Jawa Tengah, M.Firdaus Ratih Dewayani



Indonesian print media and electronic media has always been a tool for political participation of society. Its freedom of speech is part of democratization. Nevertheless, if talking about tae and plan, still always full with politics and mainstream opinion with many of them using theory of state from the grand narratives/liberal theory.

People tend to not knowing what women think considering state politics. Cause the media too taken for granted of all happened in reality. Including women’s live as citizen. It occurred in the way they presented through media, print and electronic media. Nevertheless women’s view of state is already recognized by some of Indonesian feminist. But again they seem do not have space to speak about it, neither in print/electronic media, nor in political sphere. The efforts for being brought by feminist activist and academic seem unchanged the male-stream atmosphere on concept of state, including basic rights of citizen. The citizens have to be in certain condition to be fully practicing their rights as citizen in term of state politics. All citizens have to be in physical independence, economic independence and impartiality.


These terms of independence are constructed with male standards. First physical independence is almost could not be embrace by women, cause state and patriarchy culture could not recognized violence against women as reality in state and politics, and must be demolishing. Violence against women has always been threat for physical independence of women. Economic independence is merely as wage-earning, but in reality of household and relationship between men and women, within marriage, family and community as whole; father, brother and husband mainly chosen as head of all household. Thus relationship is power relation. These situations are persists all over the world. Women could not hold fully citizenship in term of this independency. Though there are women who could manage to be on top of the political position in state, but in reality prejudice and doubts still persist within society as well as citizens; women and men. Women considered incomplete to polity task. Sometimes this result in realm make women systematically denied their rights to become fully citizen and practicing their rights. But again many women, individual and women’s organizations has done and still great effort to breaking these hindrances. In context of Indonesia, the efforts greatly create through women’s Non Governmental Organizations (women’s NGO’s).

Those three major independence of citizen, which will be questioned by women’s movement in post Suharto’s era. The women’s movement using three major way of looking within praxis, and bringing consciousness raising . Three ways of action by redefining through law regulation, affirmative issues of women’s within social context, and affirmative action through mainstream political sphere.
Turning Point

Many of social activities that being conduct through civil society organization, especially women’s organization were/are to reconsidered social contract for women as citizen. They start upsurge the questions of rights of women as citizen. Do women have rights to have their own name after marriage, do women have rights to bear children after divorce, do women have to get husband’s permission to submit loan, do women independently could go for election; become candidate, do women could get a higher career and go abroad for duty without husband/father permission, to state acknowledge women as part of citizen to defend their country with the way they chose non gender’s way. Those questions are part of women’s power to redefined social contracts. Like what already been stated by Carole Pateman,”…that the very theorytical structure of modern system of power ignore female sexual difference by absorbs it into an abstract paradigm of the individual which is understand a male and universal”.

In Indonesia, women denial to participation in politics as part of citizen rights is acute. More often than not, women become fear, and lack of self esteem were/are to actively involve in state politics. The New Order government has managed to exploited stereotype of women in advantage of greater space for masculinity/militaristic control of all individuals. The exploitation is implemented in suppressed and control of women in politic/public and domestic. Women could never enjoy to able to express their opinion, not even proud of. The New Order government maintain stereotype by introduced women’s dignity and valued after their task as mother. Women must be good and be angel. Double standard is only for women. New order’s fall in 1998 yet still lingering this condition.

Indonesia, like many other countries where the wind of change was in the way, has to face an era of transition. It is road for democracy. In May, 1998, Suharto’s regime fell. This is the beginning of realization of hope, of what has been started long ago by civil society of NGO’s, men and women. The image of an ending fear and oppression by military regime and start for civil government is on the way. Everyone is in hope to find a better future, women and men, older, young and any different background of human individual/collectives.

Months before Suharto’s fell, different types of women’s organization were full to work together. Women’s organization together was too drew women who were not activists. They even held the historical demonstration in Circle of Hotel Indonesia. The called themselves Suara Ibu Peduli (Voice of Concerned Mothers). They strategy to choose to use stereotype of women as mother related to avoid suspicious from security apparatus. This was necessary and effective tactic for struggle within context of military regime and mend to attract public sympathy.

As I stated above, within Suharto’s Regime, the government has performed many acts of violence to citizens and many people are abducted. Suara Ibu Peduli effort was to cover up politics actions as moral actions, turn way from suspicious of military regime. Though many of participants aware that demonstration was political actions. And, this action was seeing as illegal and demonstrators is arrest for civil disobedient . Three women force and arrest by police. Police interrogated them for almost 24 hours. One woman, Karlina Leksono Supelli was known as first woman astronomer in Indonesia. The action itself already being informed to public before took stance, national and international through press conference a day before. Media were prepared to capture the action. The journalists already in position near the location hours before, demonstration began. And coverage media on the actions was huge. The story and photo when they were grab by police were in Newsweek and other international media. The media attention focused on how women from upper and middle class took action. Since then many women from middle class and upper class start joining women’s movement. If not directly as part action of civil awareness, they support financially. They were a variety of women such as artists, entrepreneurs, professionals and academic.

After that action, Indonesia’s politics situation was in rapidly changing flow to one another. They become news in media. Though media still not free informed fully to public on what has happened or what has been said by political figure. They have to be careful not to create a provocative message, because they might be accused to bring untrue story. One could be accused as being subversive without being proof in court, as it happened to Tempo magazine.

That is why women’s organizations spoke in press conference the same time as with other political figure were sometimes being cut by the media. The occasion is when Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy read their statement at the same time in the same place with student action in Parliament Building. They spoke loud, but the voice could not be heard by television viewer, not because it was crowded, but it was because danger. Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy was too formed by the same women who formed Suara Ibu Peduli, but this new formed of organization will be more actively speak on national politics. Suara Ibu Peduli chosen to speak in a way of domestic women stereotype using as tool to encourage women. Not directly speak with male-stream level of politics but a women’s way. These are one road for redefined contract social.

Just days before Suharto ousted from the reign, women’s action within and out organization were submerge and in the heat of fire, also students movement. After SIP member being arrest, women struggle for justice follow and more massive. Women continue to support SIP with always be on court. And the mass demonstrations were everywhere, they inspired (though no one admitted) by SIP to held demonstration outside the courts and campuses.

Following accident occurred after SIP’s member arrest. Students who attended students gathering inside University of Trisakti shot by police. And city continued to state in turmoil. Indonesian tragedy of 13-16 May, 1998, where riots, burning, killing and raped were carry out. Fear control situation. Police do nothing to help citizens. The tragedy casualties was beyond compare. Human burn to a crisps, women were rape a massacre, building destroyed. The tragedy then, became a turning point to evaluating a social contract between women as citizen and state as controller. In Jakarta, Solo, Palembang, Lampung Surabaya and Medan hundreds of family lost their relatives, property, and many of them live in catastrophe causing trauma that will extremely difficult to cure.

One of prominent women’s politic (will become) organization, Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy was become first whose outspokenly demand Suharto’s to step down. At May 19, 1998 they considered as women’s movement. Not yet organizing and structure as today. The name of Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy was chosen after a discussed and debate within women’s movement. After long night of seeking support from women throughout Indonesia, the statement to be read in People Representative Assemly (DPR/MPR), finished. And finally after a night sleep, in the morning of 20 Mei women who joined with Indonesian’s women coalition went to People Representative Assemly (DPR/MPR), where thousands of students already there.

Though they were many Indonesian become victims, majority of women’s who being raped were from Chinese origin. They became vulnerable target, to be destroyed by certain military figure of men. At the time of riots and rape, police were never there to stop. If they were there, they do nothing to stop.

The human tragedy was brought again every element is society to questioning state responsibility. This time, I called, the citizen’s right to reconsider social contract. Women become more aware and more actively to act against state firmness to see violence against women. At this time media attention to brought to issue of May tragedy, where rape occurred. But again insensitivity of the media mostly only brought confusion to readers. The media wanted to exploit the victims. They convincing if there was no victim stand up to speak there was no rape occurred. What a male point of view.

Redefined Social Contract

Post May Tragedy become a turning point for women to really redefined Social (sexual) Contract. First trying to find the answer of the questions above in state affair. It began when women’s movement push the government to formed an institution support by state to protect women from any violence. It was then happened, the Habibie government formed a National Commission on Violence against Women (Women’s Commission). This institution is independently work and the decision making is make after the presidium of consist members agree upon certain disposition or proposal. They have support from state, from The Secretary of State Department. Yes, they should have, and actually more women’s organization or civil society organization deserve to have too. It suppose to be a part of State contribution of their responsibility in taking care of their people.

National Women’s Commisssion on Violence Against Women then become one of the breakthroughs the glass ceiling of silence state. Almost all the years of living in free country of Indonesia, women never been seriously acknowledge. Women is voiceless. If there is sound, it always been the voice of what State want from women but never in return. The state create Dharma Wanita, Persatuan Istri Tentara and PKK, all for women in relation with wife of civil servants, the wife of army and housewife.

Afterall, the state have already ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women in 1984 . But though, in almost all that time the regulation seem has do nothing to help women. It is like discrimination is society become non discrimination in law. Law is a real moment in social connection of these mirror image inversion as truth. And most of all, if we could look back history, so long that men dominate effectively enough in society without the support of positive law nothing constitutional can be done about it. Seem like the liberal way of feminist struggle to gain women’s liberation become a wrong way of doing, especially in Indonesia, but of course all the work worth of trying.

Back to Women’s Commission, where the organization effort is trying to be more involved in national as well local level, where violence against women persevere. They find out solution or something to overcome in local level, and brought it to higher level to get more facilitate and support. This effort could be seeing as to empower state to be more effective and more aware of citizen needs (women). Central government is main target as resource support for women’s empowerment. This is too, could create re-function of institution in the government. One of the successful of work for Women’s Commission was brought issue of violence against women as citizen issues. This could bring discourse of women’s view of state rather different from what already exist.

This is too, could seen in context of decentralization system or regional autonomy. Within range of violence against women, women could not independently workout to be physical independence without state guaranty and acknowledge. Women’s member of parliament still has to be in situation where harrasshment is taken place. A woman activist and member of parliament said that, if she talked in forum, many of male member sometimes making a joke of her or saying thing to contempt her. At this point state should recognize that, what has happened within the noble institution, there are violation of citizen’s rights.

Women Commission could independently voluntarily advice government institution without being threat. But again, government institution too could choose take or leave the advice- voluntarily. As historically patriarch, this situation in Indonesia could seen as in some level already been embrace with power as citizen. Though still, women still surrounded by not independence situation.

Other women’s NGOs too continue to works on questions. The organizations sometimes work together to discuss and talk about certain issues. Especially where regulation to protect women is none. This is the law as tool they choose. Until today, the parliament still in conduct to legalized a regulation on Domestic Violence Law .

Those phenomena of women’s struggle is could be a conviction that women, no matter what they being oppressed they still have their power inside. Only the space and room to exercise that power is just not yet been discovered. And all the effort through the organizations could be seen as complimentary action through legal and mainstream politics sphere. There are three main part of state structure that always been static, seem that women could not do anything about it. There are; Parliamentary/Legislative, Judiciary and Executive. As we all know that around the world, the three main structure of state organizer is belong to men, or at least male stream. It is important point for women today to recognize this, and make some more notice about it. Though as I said above, that the spirit as citizen of many women is less, they are live in denial their right as citizen; to participate active as citizen. Again many women’s organization are expectedly to be more active to influence those three organizers. Especially after the Central Government has decided to have decentralization system in 2000. The autonomy issues itself is well known by government in all province, but again it is a male issue. Not many local/province government aware of what the impact might be on women.@Umi Lasminah

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