kartini1.jpgLet’s together hand in hand, with politics of love, we leave patriarchal system of life and create a life full of respect with each other women and men, regardless their race, age, class, background, and sexual preference.
With Kartini’s spirit, let’s go to the land of discourse and make it real.

Indonesia feminist perspective is feminism with the spirit of Kartini, the practice of Pancasila and the acculturation with either local or global way of women and men share their life to be a better living.

Indonesia feminist perspective give a way of looking of life within Indonesia and beyond through the eyes of women of Indonesia. Indonesia women have richness of practices of feminism with the combination of different ideology of feminism as well grand discourse of Ideology, Indonesia feminism has its root with State ideology Pancasila. And Pancasila is not a taken for granted ideology, its ideology of Indonesia pluralism, Indonesian tolerance and Indonesia as a land of hope for women.

Despite the practices of Indonesia feminism has not yet seem to contribute in Internationally or academic discourse about feminism, Indonesia feminism already been practiced all the way since Indonesia was in the making to its Independen Day in 1945 to Now.


Chief of Editor and Admin by Umi Lasminah

Board Editor: Anik Wusari, Emi Sulyuwati, Nur Amelia