Amien Rais: ‘The Sangkuni’ the Most Opportunistic & Most Inconsistent Politician in Indonesia Part I

In Legislative Election April 2009, I had the opportunity to enter ‘real politics battle’ as a candidate. Coincidently I was posted to joint the contest in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java. I was lucky to learnt about Javanese culture and believe from a native Solo, who happen to be a hostorian, and a young man who has been award as Putro Solo 2005 (similar to A Solo Mr/Ms pageant).

My interest in Indonesia culture such a traditional dance, Wayang, and daily mores and value was feed a lot through living for 3 months (back and forth Jakarta – Solo).

Though mostly learnt about Javanese culture, I had a chance to compare with other culture too, which I found that there are different people from different cultural banckground who live in Solo. When in Solo I had a time to visit and bought Wayang from the creator/handcrafter. And I knew that Indonesian president was guide by Goddes of Durga, Betari Durga symbol of rage and destroyer, a friend of evil. I do not know yet who Wayang characterized or mimicry with SBY. But his God, is Godess Durga, and they knew from his date birth. No wonder since he was elected as president, hundred thousands of Indonesian people have died. You might call it superstitious/ klenik, but it happened since the President SBY, more people suffer, and death tolls were casualties or calamity cause by natural disasters or human tragedy.

For every human, there will be Wayang as your shadow follow or character and God who protect and guide you. Most Wayang shadow in you, have relation with God who guide you. God/Godess is mostly sighting of your destiny and Wayang mostly for your character in real life.

I like Wayang, especially Wayang Purwa, Indonesian Wayang which unlike in India, India Wayang do not have Punakawan/comical character for satire and criticized their junjungan/superior. The Punakawan (Semar, Petruk, Gareng and Bagong) are representative of the People. Punawakan speak in Java Ngoko (common language), only when they talked with their superior, they use Java Kromo Inggil. And their humour are the most funny in all scenes whether in Wayang Kulit or Puppet Wayang and Wayang Orang (Wayang Theater).

When the Punakawan angry or in huge rage, no one can control them, even God. There are stories when elites or king do not act wisely as they should, the Punakawan can became a king and unbeatable as Petruk is a King, and only Gareng can beat Petruk.
And when elites do not act as they should to its people, Semar create kingdom in heaven, even Gods cannot dare to beat him. Semar itself, is creature where genderless (he might change to be a man mimicry of God Ismaya), but in Punakawan he look like both female and male (with big breast and huge ass).

The main character of Wayang has always been Pandawa family of brothers:Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula&Sadewa and Kurawa a family of 99 brothers and a female of sons and a daughter of Destarata and Gandhari. And Duryudono is the oldest in the Kurawa family. A family of two clans, and other characters of who are related to both families. Most character in those families have always been link with God and Goddess. Prime/Main/ Major Goddes and Middle God/Goddes and Lower God/Goddess. Punakawan marah

The most famous epic in Wayang story is Bharatayudha (Family War). In this war there are main characters of whom as most influential character, Dorna (guru/priest), Bisma (guru), Sangkuni (uncle), Karna, Baladewa, Srikandi (wife of Arjuna), Kunti.(mother of Pandawa),Gatotkaca (son of Bima), Abimanyu (son of Arjuna), Sembadra (wife of Arjuna the opposite character of Srikandi), Drupadi (wife of Yudistira).

Sometimes in April, I had time to went to Museum of Lodya Pusaka, where you could see the Javanese kingdom costumes, furniture, and equipment for ceremonial or ritual events. And in part of the museum, there was a person who can give a sight of who is your Wayang mimicry or guide, through your date birth. In Lodya Pusaka you might go and ask what is the Wayang character who follow you and your beside character. They are Bapak.Winarso kallinggo and Mbah Hadi.

And in Indonesia politic, Amin Rais is known for his ambiguity, opportunistic person every surge in Indonesia politics. He is not a shame of speaking and commented of inconsistency sentences either in substance or not.

To be continue…

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