Amien Rais: ‘The Sangkuni’ the Most Opportunistic & Most Inconsistent Politician in Indonesia Part II

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And in Indonesia politic, Amin Rais is known for his ambiguity, opportunistic person every surge in Indonesia politics. He is not a shame of speaking and commented of inconsistency sentences either in substance or not.

Let’s start by the Election of 1999, when he formed the PAN Partai Amanat Nasional, but beforehand he was a lecturer who enter politics as most of the intellectuals at that time. Amien Rais, who seen that the election 1999 will be win by the PDI Perjuangan of which the party leader was/is female Megawati Soekarnoputri with Islamic view of female as forbidden leader, and due to popPularism of Gus Dur as president Amien Rais He with other islamic politics party create Central Axis (Poros Tengah) of which tried to stoppedMegawati to became President. At this time women organization’s has fight to influence the Plenary meeting of (People Assembly/MPR) to use their heart for choosing the President. At this time the Role of Poros Tengah is to win the seat of Head of MPR, and change the Constitution to liberal.

Nowadays, Amien Rais start to belittle Jokowi figure, and told something irrelevant things about Jokowi works. Jokowi’s popularity has became treat to Amien and his crony that was why he constantly said different and opposite thing about Jokowi.

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