Friendly Capitalism of Sports

As leftist academy how do you explain Diana Taurasi, a US professional basketball player of WNBA (woman national basketball association) took a year break to play in Russia because in the US her wage is less than when she played in Russia.

She even have a joke “, the W.N.B.A. is, like, communist.” that in term of basketball wage for women in US is like in communist. While when they play in Russia the wage are double double, the facilities and comfort. After all Diana Taurasi is superstar who has achieved 3 WNBA champions with Phoenix Mercury, 4 gold Olympics medals. She still consi

dered as the best woman basketball player in the planet. Currently she got MVP in France when United States of America Basketball Women National Team has the FIBA exhibition tournament, which US win 3:0 against Senegal, Canada and France.

Other than basketball, football (soccer) in the world also similar In term of non existing ideological State. One person of a State can have their citizen to works in sports club for other country _ like Ronaldo played for Barcelona of Spain.

Those are capitalist related system, where the company who sponsored of the sport event, the person who own the club usually own company. Few persons with loads capital own the sports club, in US, the sports industry is Huge. The evidences are they have many television of sports channel and most of them are paid subscription, it money again. And of course people pay ticket to the court to watch their favorite team play. This is mutual,where people buy what the love and one who is being paid to play, they play good. This is entertainment. And entertainment Industry like other industry will always and in rising to fulfilled everyone needs to be happy in live, at least have a enjoyment for a momentary, a bit of escapee from the “cruel reality”. I will not talk about how industry process works, the workers, wage system, the manufacturing products, you can find it elsewhere and almost always did not mention the impact on people related indirectly with the industry, like me.

And for me, when The capitalist have the ability to give a genuine pleasure in human, I call in Friendly. What is genuine pleasure. It is the feeling of joyful, happiness, laugh, because of what has happened to their favorite sport Club. This too, I feel, when I watch WNBA finals, I like Sue Bird, but I want to see Elena Delle Donne  win the Champion, and when The Washington Mystics lost. I feel not enjoying the moment, I unfollow Stewart IG. Why would I did that?  Those are the temporary emotion of feeling


down cause by the lost of your favorite person or team. And Iam not even in US, far from them. That the power of ICT of its contents are borderless can stimulate the feeling. The feeling is not engineering by anyone. The match is out there without any intervention but by the power and endurance of players and the great luck from Above, it called destiny.

The future of the world, I must hope is PEACE and Happiness. Peace is where any country can compete on any event of sports. Tough the Olympics has nothing to do with peace,  when at war, the Olympics has cancelled  in 1916, 1940, and 1944, and during cold war US-Soviet 1980-1984 lots of boycott. But sports can drew people closer, as  two countries still at “dispute” have joined the team together as South Korea and North Korea in AsianGames 2018 Jakarta Palembang. When the team of women Basketball, Cano, and Rowing. The Korea got gold in Cano women Asian Games. Sports also have related with identity, it is individual. Lots of people love sport event, other don’t.

Sports as any human activities is for the benefit of humanity, human healthiness. Sports now has merged with entertainment industry, and it’s inevitable. Sports might have be different in the future. Women sports might have wider space because it is different from male sports. Sport with women in it have softness, solidarity and beauty.

While in the past sports might seen as total masculine effort on the body, now it is health, it is entertainment, it is work. You work you get paid, and yet have healthy body. But because the root and basic capitalism is gaining profit (money), it might have other effect with people within sports industry, if they cannot maintain integrity. That might come from the rock star effects of many sport stars.  Again sports industry is industry where the products is manufacture of the people greatness “jersey with sport star name” etc. Of course there are things that people always wear on daily basis of industry like shoes. What the different with other manufactures industry sports adding a new thing for human lives, their feeling of love, of like and spirits. And those effect usually have came for popular entertainment industry (film, music), now sports. It is even bigger now — of sports effect-more than representation the feeling of any individual who love their club/team, it is now parts of collective feeling of sense of belonging–a country, a city , a nation of the club.






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