Who Killed Gods and Godesses

This not the anti monotheism argument. But does anybody aware since When Human only believe ONE GOD. They said it was from Abraham (since when then?) The reality until TODAY is that HUMAN throughout the world believes many GODS. Even have different names. But the similar word for One god is Allah (using by Christian and Muslim). Anyhow, in the Gods/Goddesses believe of Nuswantara people, there is certain God that feared and always be avoid by human, it is KALA, Batara KALA, the Son of Batara Syiwa and Batari Durga.

Batara Kala is believed to have great power of destruction of human and its obligation to Worships GODS/GODDESS..that is why in Nuswantara Indonesia, since the monotheism came and enter the mind people’s tried to forget their ANCESTORS, because THE ANCESTORS of Nuswantara People is GODS AND GODESSES. And of Course there is THE ULTIMATE GOD, ONE -THE GREATEST AMONG ALL GODS/GODDESS..

The spreading of Monotheism was began mostly after at the 16centuries, after the Majapahit fall out or buried themselves. The monotheism that spread are from the modern Philosophy of Europeans, such as from Scholastic to Frankfurt …the winner of rational thinking has reign the rule of Western hegemony. But their hegemony towards Asia and Africa (of which mostly have believe in polytheism)

to be continue.

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