Women of Indonesia the unique Sisterhood

 Indonesia women have always been great target for commercials. Either their bodies; their “stereotype job” as caregiver; a homemaker for “homy” home, or their soul and perspectives. But they are living their way in unique sisterhood, silent feminists. They do not claim themselves feminists, yet they are practicing feminism in many ways they can.

Indonesian women has always have sisterhood without needed to know about feminism, or the term of sisterhood in so called feminist’s way.  Their sisterhood shows in daily life. In the way they care for each other at the office, at the school, at organization or between neighbors.

Sisterhood is powerful was already proof by Indonesian women. Many women friends have been created social networks to help other women. It might be philanthropic activities or it was an organization. One of the basics and essential example of Indonesia sisterhood is through Arisan, mutual savings. A circulate saving amount of money by a group of women. Women whom practiced Arisan are varied; which form from different social class, status, ethnicity, or environment. For village or small group of women within neighborhood, sisterhood were showed when one member of the group have accident or caught up in trouble such as family member is ill, death or other disadvantage situation. The group usually, initiate by one of its leader of one of women living in area took initiative of something as to collect donation or come to show support to the women within group.

Indonesia feminist perspective is feminism have Kartini’s spirit, Pancasila in practiced and the acculturation with either local or global way of living, and with men whomever they share their life to be a better living.

Indonesia woman internalized custom and culture that already have implement feminism spirit. Although still many culture from many ethnics have deny women’s rights as equal with men, those culture mostly come in practices after certain period of Indonesia history. Most has have change after 15th century. Long before 15th century in most of Nusantara culture, men and women have equal rights in politics.   The stories of historical facts about equality and how society respect and adore women have needed to be told more, explore more. For those stories not only will show how sisterhood also in practiced in many level of life, including within palace, schools and Forrest.

The stories of herstorical facts of women living within period of 15th century can give new perspective, a way of looking of life within Indonesia and beyond through the eyes of women of Indonesia, beyond centuries. Now that Indonesia women have richness of practices of feminism with the combination of different ideology of feminism can be seen as part of practicing daily in history, can create a grand discourse of ideology, Indonesia feminism has its root and deep connection with State ideology Pancasila of 2 humanity (mutual assistance/gotong royong) between women. And Pancasila is not a taken for granted ideology, its ideology of Indonesia pluralism, Indonesian tolerance and Indonesia as a land of hope for women.  Despite the practices of Indonesia feminism has not yet seem to contribute in Internationally or academic discourse about feminism, Indonesia feminism already been practiced all the way since Indonesia was in the making to its Independen Day in 1945 to Now.

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