The Devil Creation,The Western Ways

Soekarno once said, that Imperialism is the mother of capitalism, and the son of capitalism in colonialism. And the world now has shown us it is a true statement.

Indonesia Declaration of Independent is The Preambule of UUD 1945 (Indonesia Constitution), The First Line of Preambule stated: “Bahwa Kemerdekaan ialah hak segala bangsa..” That freedom is the right of all nations…Oleh sebab itu maka PENJAJAHAN di atas dunia harus dihapuskan..” Therefore the COLONIALISM on earth Ought to be Abolished’ Karena tidak sesuai dengan kemanusiaan dan perikeadilan. Because it against humanity and justice..

If we clearly read those words, it will bring us the understanding that Indonesia independence is not merely for Indonesian. It all includes those nations that still in colony. As we know, in 1945 almost Asia-Africa nations were under the Power of Western Colonialism. And in order to implemented the Constitution 1955 Indonesia with India, China held Asia and Afrika Confrence. The first EVER meeting for human with colors. Most of the countries were still in colony by European Countries (UK, France, Netherlands, Italia, Spain).

The Soekarno, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Chinese leader Chou Enlai came and promoting Asia-Africa independence. For the first in HISTORY, the nations of all colors people came and held conference about their future state.

The action of Soekarno of course worried the Western Regime. Especially at the time of the conference, the gap between USSR (Soviet Union) and the US, was wide. As the US tried to blocked the communist into world power. The Communist China government also¬† part of the worried. And the leader, Soekarno of Indonesia became threatening to West. Soekarno’s leader was and still acknowledge by nations Asia-Africa, as Soekarno’s history in Asia-African conference was written in Asia-African books. Unlike those history written by Western Historians, almost none of them acknowledge the Great Story of the Meeting of The Oppression people of Colors. You will hard to find history of Asia-Africa conference written well by western academy.

And so the Western, a US sponsored war against communism began in Vietnam.

And the US lose the War.

But they US the leader of The West, still trying to blocked the communism to spread to the Country which have Natural Resources, the US won’t let Indonesia became a Communist. It is enough the US let China to continue on became communist nation. So their Main Target was Indonesia.

Again, INDONESIA Feed The World Again

As we learn from History of Indonesia, Indonesia has been colonized by The Netherlands since 16 century. Almost 350 years Indonesia feed The Netherlands people and make wealth of the Kings and Queens. So other European nation which have relation with The Netherlands, especially trade and exchange commodity.

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