Taylor Swift Product of Sweet Capitalist Patriarchy

Taylor Swift Product of Sweet Capitalist Patriarchy, sweet as I tried to created real metaphor as sugar taste, sweet, it’s nice, somehow it can bring you disease or diabetes for some, but necessary too of glucose for brain. The Product means, that Taylor herself already identified her selfness as Music, not Human, but Music is human creation, not all but part of God’s creation. Maybe Iam wrong, music is a Gift from God, you share it through the world with your pieces of arts.  Anyhow my writing, merely to describe on how Patriarchy persist and already deep internalized in the brain of people living in society, especially in entertainment industry in USA, particularly in country music industry.

And I don’t mean to judge any of Taylor Swift acts in public or in private, any action are her responsibility and her her human rights, including any sexual tendency. And honesty has nothing to do with sexual preferences of any people’s choice on that, nobody owe Taylor to about her life choice in sex. Any choice of sexual orientation or preference are human rights, but it is the fact throughout the history, Only one sexual preference is accepted by society as known as heteronormative. And my essay not going to talk about that, it is about the female singer song writer I happened to love recently due to Folkore album, there’s phrase in Indonesia Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang, (When you Don’t know, you Don’t Love, or You Love and You’ll Know”)

The “TAYLOR SWIFT” between fear and hope

Recently, I notice anything about Taylor Swift comment on public in magazine, radio or television or at last Long Pond Session in DisneyPlus, still I found out, that what I thought she’s changed, but has not. Negativity, she still have that tendency, negativity on almost anything, rarely Joy 60% Doubt 40%, mostly always 50:50 negative : positive. Maybe she still have her Insecurity as show in her documentary film “Miss Americana”. Or in song Lover about her Lover .. “And I’m highly suspicious that everyone who sees you wants you” , how come? And many other insecurity shows in her song lyrics. Even in Begin Again ending with good, it started negative, of Happiness (Evermore) or The 1. I assumed she lives full of doubts. For scientist it might be good, but for a Live and young woman, it somehow made you live uneased.

About uneased, Taylor admitted about her own dependency on outside source for healing, taken herbal medicine for anti depression. I assume it was very hard living as woman artist in patriarchal capitalist industry, where you’re live on constant battle with Public Persona, and highly competitiveness of music industry. Luckily she has created the cult personality by modern tools (social media), PR and marketing. Her followers trust her 100%, love her like a militia army on social media, they’re more than hundreds millions Swifties (Taylor Swift fans called themselves Swifties) all over the world.

So Taylor Swift success in blending “the cult”, the capitalist industry with kindness, continue loving her fans in her own way. They way that never been done with any musician/artist before her. So when the fans bought her merchandises because of love, and Taylor giving love back through her music, and philanthropy, charity. But the swifties and public only knew Taylor through her music, and her public speaking. Unlike any artist (musician or actor) who tell a talk about their “blooming” relationship, even has press release about the relationship with whom or when something happened (divorce, separated). Taylor Swift “I Just think that my personal stories sound better in a song that in an interview quotes”. But somehow her explanation (Long Pond Studio Session DisneyPlus) of the songs in Folklore album seem like those artist talk about their relationship try to explained yet explain nothing. And suddenly a lot of swifties create Taylor’s love story in social media with allegedly William Bowery mr.Joe Alwyn. After months of speculation in internet about particular song Betty, for LGBT community, the Joe Alwyn pop up in part of Taylor song writing seem back to hope and fear, faith and worrying as she fell about RED album.

“My life has become like constant balancing act between hope and fear, faith and worrying, being nervous about this album that I’ve really hard on and being proud of this album that I’ve worked really hard on” to Katie Couric before release RED. 2013.  (p. 457)

Being kind to fans “I get starstruck all the time. I ask for autographs at award show like superfan”..that’s part of  the reason she treats her fans well, as she wouldn’t be where she is today without them (fans) (p.465)

If you happened to read Taylor Book, read about how she got so much gratitude with her fans, that she ought to show her love to them at the very beginning of her career Taylor replied her fans email, and communication directly in MySpace.  When I log ini, they’re like, ‘Your music has changed my life,’ “When people (fans?) are constantly being loving to you, it’s the nicest thing. It’s just so cool. It’s a constant stream of love”

And she chose those fans over her own, she chose her carreer “My career is the only thing I think about. It’s stronger than any alcohol, stronger than any drug, stronger than anything else you could try- so why should those thing” This statement was 8 years ago, when she was 22, about how she protect her self from any scandalous photo. That happened once and twice bout her personal relationship, but the PR has doing great to help her to keep inline and safe her career. She’s a good girl. She behave by choice, by conscience not by management forced.. 479. And she has a heart of humanity since began her rising career in 2008 (just 19 yrs old) Taylor said “They’ve stood by me, they gave me a sold out show. You’ve got to pay it forward in life—that’s all I did in Cedar Rapid” donate $100.000 to Iowa floods victims.p.504

The “NEW Claimed TAYLOR SWIFT” after 1989, Peak at REPUTATION era

So Taylor Swift recognize first time by her works was in July, 26, 2006 when a woman in Boise airport Idaho kind of wishing her a “Taylor, I just love your song and want to wish you great things in your career”, that time her only song “Tim McGraw” was on radio (p.474). So it was fourteen years ago, and her response to the woman she Hug her and said “You’re the first person who’s ever done that, thank you”. Those are genuine acts of Taylor. She really loved her fans.

Those are country era, music where the fans mostly Republican and living in countryside villages. In Indonesia genre music like country is Dangdut. In compare to any genre modern music, pop, rock, or jazz, the Dangdut music have highest number of fans, but unrelated to any political affiliation. Either political parties (9 political parties) members or supporter in Indonesia love Dangdut music. And in any major election public campaign dangdut singer always have a place to sing in front of thousands supporter of political candidates. Taylor Swift’s concert in Jakarta 2014, I did not go, I was busy with works with volunteers to support Joko Widodo as our beloved President elect. Anyhow I watch in youtube, Taylor cried when sang All Too Well in Jakarta…

Back to topic, I knew Taylor Swift how big she was, since her face in the cover of Time magazine in 2014, her face in the magazine cover stand in the rack of library I passed every day I went to my office. But I only knew her music Red, a song. Song as of Love Story, although I tried to listen through music video it was not clicked. I did not love her then. Love her when I listen Shake it Off (friends love sang it in karaoke), and later on her album Reputation, especially Gateway Car.

When the Reputation album hit here, Bad Blood always play in the radio, and it was Katie Perry things in here, and Kanye West. I was waiting her anticipation album release, caused I follow her IG, with snake. Duh.

So Taylor Swift no longer pop star as in 1989 era, or country Era? The old Taylor is dead. And the tour stadium sold out. Won Billboard Tof US Tour et all. But was old Taylor died? Not a hundred percent. She stated “A lot has changed since then, but a lot hasn’t as well” (19 yrs) p.483. And she said similar thing about Now she’s different but something is the same in 2020.  

So Taylor “hijrah” move to other genre music Country to Pop in album 1989 release October, 24, 2014. By the time of this album release, the gossip frenzy about her sexuality has already since April 16, 2013 has faded. The rumor of the two famous young women at the time was in pairing as dating, Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron (famous as Quinn Fabray “The Glee”) spread all over internet. At that time Dianna Agron allegedly socialmedia account also vanished. Other than 1989 is pop Album, Taylor album RED also have lots pop in music collaboration, and RED is breakup album as Taylor claimed in 2020. I have no intention to further the rumor about that Taylor relationship with Dianna Agron, but only mention that the sexual preference on artist still matter in music industry or other entertainment industry.

If only there’s no heteronormative in the world that influenced any industry including music industry, the issue or rumor might not relevant, the media will not write about it, and the artists did not give a damn about any news. But on the other hand, the reality in US, the polarity of conservative and liberal was more clear than any other progressive nations especially in Scandinavian countries. The leader of the country in Scandinavian already have gender fluid, gay, or transgender are political leader, while in the US there’s no woman leader, no female president or vice president, but 2020 Kamala Harris. But the Taylor Swift herself aware in her young age, she wrote about heteronormative in her lyrics Picture to Burn:

State the obvious, I didn’t get my perfect fantasy
I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me
So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy
[Album version line:] That’s fine I’ll tell mine that you’re gay!
[Music video version line:] That’s fine you won’t mind if I say
By the way…

So with the different between video and audio has showed that there was an issue on homosexuality, and when wrote the lyrics must be with consciousness about “being gay” is crazy in the eyes of society.

With new genre pop, the album 1989 the awareness about herself being scrutinize by media about her love life was picture in Shake it Off. This song is feminist in her own way. But to be fully feminist in Patriarchal world is hard, Taylor also said in one interview how the internalizing patriarchal is still in her head “as when doing something bossy they call women bossy, while it just boss doing boss thing”, “ or when men doing things they call it strategic, while women people called in calculated”, and later on in Lover, album with the song The Man, I found its not feminist in term of liberating or equality but somehow if you look male “The Rock Star” life surrounded by models, fell like, she Taylor Swift a female “The Rock Star” needed to justify by surrounding herself with models. The man criticized double standard in patriarchy and part of it is true. Thank God that the Old Taylor and New Taylor never engage with drug addiction, as it was mostly can hit the rock star as many of her peers.. oh her drug is a person (Love)..

Don’t blame me, love made me crazy
If it doesn’t, you ain’t doin’ it right
Lord, save me, my drug is my baby

So is it Taylor new already presented to the world, of still the Old Taylor, a good girl from Nashville, who have survived her career without drug (but love), that is why her songs mostly about love and heartbreak. Although she claimed in Rolling Stone interview, that she’s not writing heartbreak song again.. but most the fans only know the lyrics. So how Folklore and Evermore were sad, as interpreted by fans.. is it because pandemic? Who knows…

The Patriarchy Industry, Artist is a Labor, a Worker

Taylor have record deal before she turn to 17 years old, with Record Label, Big Machine Records,  the record company that been established because of her works. For the company not yet established when Taylor started her first Album Taylor Swift. She wrote many songs, including all previous Albums before Lover (2019). And yet she doesn’t own of her masters album. Those are the capitalist industry, where copyrights are belong Big Company. If you want to know more about how, a girl with unknown information about Law and agreement, how Taylor Swift as an artist can be trapped in the capitalist industry…Capitalist music industry still mastered by corporates, mostly male CEO, or male owner, and needs lots of investment for Tour, dancers, everything related the industry.



Anyhow,  Ms Swift seem like true capitalist friendly for she launch her music in Youtube where anybody everywhere in the world can accessed the music and the lyrics, even downloaded 🙂 . And only true rich fans can buy her merchandises or album format (CD, Vynl, Deluxe…), and those who bought because of lover her works…


Taylor Swift  Music and Lyrics are Good, but I know Tori Amos, Natalie Merchant, Jewel and Ani Di Franco before I know Taylor Swift


Liv Spencer., TAYLOR SWIFT, platinum edition,  2010

Patriarchy / Patriarki

What is Patriarchy. Patriarchy is the world we live in. The system that has been and still upon us in the state, the community and the family. Patriarchy is an ideology to some men and some women.

Patriarchy has its central in male state of mind, and some internalized women. Patriarchy works in benefit to some and take other women benefit, make women is disadvantage as human. That is mean the Patriarchy almost always in favor of men (male in the systems).

Through the systems of Patriarchy, any value that works in favor of the continuity of its system will always be in tied with male, Patriach. And one of the way to ensuring how Patriarchy works is through domination of women. The domination of women and whole other human (elders, children, transgender) by male is the conditioned. It has not be done and can’t be done without agents, its agents are most male in home and publics. Sometimes women play agents too, unconciousnessly through family socialization.

How patriarchy works effectively? Patriarchy works when male keep women in subordinate through their dependency to men. Dependency first comes from women’s need to survive, that mean the economy and protection to be save. When women depend on men in economy men need their trade in power. In this term, women surrender themselves to become the property of male. First and foremost in economic. Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote beautifully and candidly about how economic is root for female oppression. And Carole Pateman is Sexual Contract to counter Social Contract of John Locke explisitely showed how economic works without borders to make women depend on men. And marriage is the market for the exchange and trade of economic between man as buyers and women as objects “goods”.

Women who don’t aware of how can women be in always oppress position might have  advantage condition, it makes them unaware of other women disadvantage.

The facts are that women all over the world started enter into formal education hundreds years after men. Women allow to enter the university only at the nineteenth century.

— –

Patriarki adalah dunia yang kita tinggali kini. Sistem yang menggerakkan roda kehidupan dunia, negara, masyarakat dan keluarga, serta sistem nilai yang dianut mungkin oleh 3/4 penduduk dunia yang berkesadaran.

Patriarki adalah cerminan dominasi. Dominasi oleh suatu kaum yang berjenis kelamin laki-laki. Dominasi ini menguntungkan kaum dengan jenis kelamin tertentu yaitu laki-laki, dan merugikan jenis kelamin lainnya, perempuan.

Patriarki bekerja secara sistematis, dalam kesadaran dan bawah sadar. Banyak perempuan yang telah terinternalisasi nilai-nilai patriarki akhirnya menjadi agen melanjutkan nilai patriarki.

Patriarki adalah binari oposisi. Laki-laki adalah penguasa, perempuan yang dikuasai. Membagi tempat domestik dan publik. Perempuan domestik, laki-laki publik.

Walaupun patriarki sudah mulai goyah kebinariannya, dalam realitas binary oposisi, dualisme kondisi selalu terjadi. Laki-laki di atas, perempuan di bawah. Terutama dalam posisi Power-Politik.

Posisi power-penguasa politik akan terus menerus berada ditangan laki-laki (Patriarki) terutama sejalan dengan lajunya patriarki yang tak henti, tak bisa dihentikan. Hal ini terjadi karena, posisi “bekerja”nya patriarki membuat nyaman satu kaum, yaitu laki-laki. Maka mau tak mau kenyamanan itu tak bisa digubris, harus dipertahankan, dan dibuat sedemikian mungkin hingga perempuan pun nyaman dalam patriarki.

Cara kerja patriarki masuk yang paling kuat melalui individu, pemikiran, perasaan, kalau bahasa kerennya Psychological Opression of Women. Penindasan ini mungkin terlihat individualistis, namun dengan massifnya pelaku praktisi akhirnya penindasan kemanusiaan perempuan yang merupakan implementasi patriarki menjadi diterima. Hanya mereka yang masih menanggap bahwa penindasan terhadap perempuan ‘tergantung’ perempuannya, dia telah menjadi agen patriarki secara tak sadar. Karena suatu yang bersifat kolektif, akhirnya menjadi behavior yang diterima laku diadaptasi, diadopsi dan akhirnya dijadikan kebenaran. Itulah sebabnya, hingga kini masih jarang laki-laki yang berani melawan Patriarki dengan melantangkan penolakan Patriarki. Umumnya mereka para laki-laki beranjak dari apa yang diperjuangkan,  yaitu kesetaraan, tapi jarang yang berangkat dari mengangkat Akar penidasan, yaitu Patriarki.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman dalam Women and Economics,  mampu memberi gambaran bagaimana Ekonomi berperan menempatkan perempuan dalam situasi tertindas “the powerless” bersama anak-anak, orang lansia, dengan Laki-laki sebagai penindas dengan alat penindasanan yaitu Ekonomi.

Kelanggengan Patriarki

Sampai detik ini, menit dan jam ini, di tahun 2011, patriarki masih merajai keseluruhan hidup manusia di muka bumi, terutama di negeri-negeri modern. Hal ini merupakan bentuk kelanggengan patriarki. Sebagaimana halnya berbagai ideologi di dunia, suatu praktik dari paham menjadi sangat berperan untuk kelanggengan patriarki, yaitu kapitalisme dan liberalisme. Bagi patriarki dimana perlawanan pertama kali terhadapnya melalui ideologi feminisme, meskipun banyak bentuk feminisme di dunia mengeroyok Patriaki, tak jua mampu mengalahkan mode dan faham ini. Menurut saya hal ini karena feminisme yang merajai juga feminisme liberal. Feminisme yang cenderung pragmatis dan tiak melakukan perombakan pada akar, namun berselingkuh dengan kapitalisme.

Persekutuan feminisme dengan kapitalisme antara lain dengan menjamurnya berbagai bentuk eksploitasi tubuh perempuan, diri perempuan dalam dunia industri, semata-mata untuk kapitalisme, namun berbungkus liberalisme yaitu individualistis perempuan, independensi perempuan. Padahal faktanya, bagaimana mungkin perempuan menjadi individu yang indipenden dan bebas manakala ia memakai kerangka pikir ciptaan laki-laki tentang konsep kebebasan. Padahal saya sangat sepakat dengan Catharine Mackinnon there is no freedom without sexual equality.

Patriarki menemukan aliansi utama dengan kapitalis dan kaum kanan (konservatif). Di Amerika Serikat, kapitalisme walaupun menjadi ideologi negara dan dianut oleh kedua partai: Partai Republik maupun Partai Demokrat, ternyata lebih erat dan rapat hubungannya dengan Partai Republik yang memang merupakan wadah bagi kaum konservatif ataupun kanan. Suatu kombinasi yang cocok. Lebih jauh lagi, disebabkan Partai Demokrat-pun berideologi kapitalis namun liberalisme ekonomi tidak terlalu menjadi pegangan Demokrat. Feminisme Liberalis-nya lah yang menjadi panutan para perempuan di kalangan Partai Demokrat. Bagaimanapun, asumsi kebebasan individu perempuan kini telah membuat banyak perempuan Amerika mencapai  posisi dan statusnya. Adapun eksploitasi keperempuanan oleh Kapitalisme, melalui berbagai industri Ketubuhan Perempuan maupun industri pornografi tak pernah menjadi bahasan penting feminis liberal.

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