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Why do you hate Hillary Clinton?
Published by Fred Soto• October 4th, 2007 RSS News Feed

Debunking anti-Hillary Clinton myths

I’m posting this article in response to some misleading and venomous propaganda that is often spouted by a powerful and influential news organization that claims to be fair and balanced. In this article I’ll also tackle the issue of planned parenthood that I’ve notice Bill O’Reilly uses as a tool to manipulate his audience.

Ms. Claudia Lee posted the article: Hillary Clinton fights to protect her little girl. It is a short angry piece with an anti-Hillary bent. When you filter out the attacks and passionately driven commentary you get this:

I wonder who is going to protect babies that are going to die as a result of continued governmental funding of groups like Planned Parenthood?

My first thought was the article reeks of FOX NEWS NOISE, so much so that I hesitate to engage in a serious discussion on Hillary Clinton and Domestic Policy.

Most people aren’t aware that in 2005-2006 alone, the planned parenthood group murdered [emphasis mine] over 250,000 babies.

What does it mean to murder future babies?

When guys masturbate are they killing life? Every single sperm has the ability to create life, and if you want to split hairs, then I guarantee that the number of murdered future children is far more incredible than those involving planned parenthood.

What about contraceptives provided to teens who are engaging in premarital sex? Is this a form of murder? It isn’t like this problem is as simple as wagging a finger at a teen and telling them that they should simply not have sex until they get married. Get real, join the rest of us on planet earth. Where I think most pro-life advocates go wrong is they are overly concerned with when life begins and rarely consider life’s purpose, what procreation actually means, and whether biological life forms are intended to follow arbitrary rules in order to legitimately take part in the game of life.

According to Hillary Clinton’s website, she “championed the Prevention First Act, which expands access to family planning services for low-income women”.

Oh no, what are we going to do with Hillary Clinton, she is one evil woman!

The Prevention First Act and Christians – Uproar over “Hillary Care”

The Prevention First Act is not a proposal directed at funneling money towards a ‘baby killing’ machine. Aside from the fact that this is an issue that deals with a woman’s right to choose, it has to do with effective medical care for the poor, American women in this case.

There is no reason to destroy a policy proposal over some propaganda that the Bill O’Reilly’s of the world make a living off of. The ‘murder’ allegation serves to undermine the pro-life arguments, it just doesn’t seem like you are living in the same world. I can list far more intrusive and invasive religious foundations that feed off Uncle Sam’s teet than organizations like planned parenthood.

Leaving poor women without adequate care because of misguided notions of life and some awfully misguided idea that our nation is a Christian nation, is really unfortunate. By ignoring this segment of the American population, will it deter them from having sex or abortions altogether? Absolutely not. Maybe the problem will just magically vanish in much the same way that gays vanish in Iran. No, wait that isn’t going to happen, either!

All too often, young women have to turn to planned parenthood because telling mom and dad is not an option. You know, there are strong conservative and Christian families that push children towards suicide because of overwhelming expectations. Life isn’t perfect, millions of people struggle just to survive. This struggle for survival doesn’t prevent biological urges and hormone from taking place in nature. People make mistakes and many of them happen to be members of families that make less than $10,000 / year.

My feel is that when young women are determined to ‘abort’ a child they will find a way to get it done and when they are in a situation that involves drugs, rape, or unprotected sexual situations, why shouldn’t we try to provide them with a means of support? The federal government should not play a paternalistic and overbearing societal role. The government isn’t and shouldn’t be in the business of dictating American values if we want to continue living in a free society. On a whole, the federal government can and does regulate organizations like Planned Parenthood. This isn’t some big factory of blenders where fetuses go to die, no matter how you phrase the issue.
There is no evidence that supports the idea that providing less care for women in trouble helps them suddenly ‘become less stupid’ or miraculously interested in God almighty because they are denied federal assistance that would otherwise help them tackle some serious life issues.

Hillary Clinton is an American with dreams

She isn’t a monster, she isn’t different from you or me, don’t be fooled by the noise that attempts to dehumanize her. Hillary Clinton isn’t the perfect candidate for everyone, in fact I have serious issues with Hillary’s foreign policy beliefs. Like any candidate, she has ideas that do not sit well with me but I’m not ready to write her off as unworthy of consideration. Every Republican candidate with the exception of Ron Paul is urging the killing and murdering of actual life in the middle east, including American citizens. Not only are our soldiers dying, but half a million innocent Iraqis are now dead. Where are the pro-Life advocates when our federal government is sponsoring murder of actual human life?

I rarely write about Hillary Clinton, because I don’t believe she needs the exposure. Clinton attacks make me question why anyone would ‘despise’ Hillary Clinton to such a degree. Some Americans seem to feel a need to come out swinging without providing a single shred of evidence that Hillary Clinton is in fact the devil. Take away the propaganda and you have a real human being, yes, believe it or not, Hillary Clinton is human. Like you, Clinton has feelings and she does care about people. Like you and any other American, she’d love to ’save the world’, not destroy it.

Her methods may differ, her policy beliefs might not agree with your own, but that is no reason to close your ears and eyes to all things Hillary. I admire Hillary Clinton for thinking about the poor, the middle class and how Americans might solve real life problems. What we do know is that Hillary Clinton isn’t focusing all of her energy terrorizing American citizens and exploiting troops, God, and country to carry out a political agenda.

I’ve given my theory as to the source of the vitriol, I’d like to know if I’m right about the Fox Noise machine or if there is any merit to the anti-Hillary hate speech. I’d like to see substantive arguments against her proposals, not passionate arguments against her presumed values and malicious intentions.

Senator Hillary Clinton, 2008 Presidential Candidate

What I see in Hillary Clinton is a true leader, a strong woman, a progressive Democrat if not a social conservative. I see an independent thinker, a woman not afraid to go against the fray. She is a woman who would challenge conventional liberal thinking and reign in the GOP neo-conservative bullies that spawned in the wake of September 11th.

Hillary Clinton may be the closest thing to ‘conservative’ that this country will get in 2008. As long as the GOP keeps Ron Paul out of the nomination discussion, there is a strong chance that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and/or John Edwards will play the role of President and Vice President. We know that the other Democratic candidates are far more liberal than Hillary and the clowns at Fox News will stop at nothing to poison them in the eyes of their already biased audience.

Below are interesting bits I found on Hillary Clinton’s site that I find admirable, not demonic, and not evil as some Hillary haters claim.

On Health Care and Medical Benefits

I believe every child should have a world class education, every worker should have a job with good wages and good benefits, every American should have a secure retirement. And today, as we strive for a new beginning to the 21st century, I believe everyone, every man, woman and child, should have quality, affordable health care in America. We should do it.

We should do it because in this new economy, when people move jobs more than ever before, their health insurance should move with them. We should do it because doctors and nurses, not insurance company employees, should be calling the shots on patient care.

Hillary Clinton tried pushing Universal Health coverage while she was ‘the First Lady’, I dare you to find a first lady that was as active in Washington and as caring about society and America’s children as Hillary Clinton. I know you won’t find such a person, because you’d be hard-pressed to find an actual President that cared enough about social justice to force the issue.

On Empowering Women and minorities:

“I believe women can be powerful agents of change and that women’s leadership is critical not just in the boardroom or the courtroom, but in our families and communities as well. When we choose to read to our children, to get to know their friends, we are exercising leadership and strengthening our children’s future. When we get involved in our churches and our local organizations, we are also exercising our leadership and strengthening our fellow citizens’ future.”

Response from a Latino magazine where the quote was printed:

For many of us as Latinas, our madres, abuelas, hermanas and tias are our role models, and the women who inspire us, and we know that many readers of Siempre Mujer will be inspired after reading Hillary’s article.

On the issues, Policy, ideas, Hillary Clinton’s platform

Let me know what you find so reprehensible about her policy interests and political history.

Among the issues she has fought for and will make a priority as president are
Attracting and supporting more outstanding teachers and principals, and paying them like the professionals they are.
Reforming the No Child Left Behind Act. This law represented a promise — more resources for schools in exchange for more accountability — and that promise has not been kept.
Giving new parents support and training to promote healthy development for their children.
Increasing access to high-quality early education and helping to create Early Head Start.
Passing legislation to provide respite care for caregivers of elderly and disabled Americans.
Helping to pass the Family and Medical Leave Act to enable new parents to take time off without losing their jobs, and expanding it to make it available to more parents and to provide for longer leave.
Advocating for adoption and for abused and neglected children — as First Lady, Hillary pushed legislation that more than doubled adoptions out of foster care.
Promoting programs, like Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, that provide new parents with support and guidance in caring for their children. As First Lady of Arkansas, she helped bring HIPPY to the U.S.
Protecting children against violence and sexual content in the media and studying the impact of electronic media on children’s cognitive, social, and physical development.
Providing meaningful support to households, called “kinship care” families, where grandparents and other relatives are raising children.

Yeah, really, Hillary Clinton sounds just terrible! What a a horrible woman for wanting to help protect children’s health and promoting education among the America’s youth. We should definitely not consider Hillary because she just wants to kill babies. *rolls eyes*

Please, the propaganda is so transparent and it is sad when intelligent people fall prey to the tricks that politicians use to discredit and destroy otherwise qualified candidates. Below are are some of what Hillary Clinton would like to accomplish as our President. Again, please stop me when I reach a morally reprehensible objective that would destroy America and ruin our ‘Christian’ Nation forever!
Strengthening the Middle Class
Providing Affordable and Accessible Health Care
Ending the War in Iraq
Promoting Energy Independence and Fighting Global Warming
Fulfilling Our Promises to Veterans
Supporting Parents and Caring for Children
Restoring America’s Standing in the World
A Champion for Women
Comprehensive Government Reform
Strengthening Our Democracy

I’d gladly debate anyone on the issues, but I need substance, I need direct links or some quotes for context. A straight attack that is premised upon the ‘Hillary is and evil Bitch’ propaganda that idiots at Fox News push on viewers simply doesn’t cut it for me, I’m sorry.

If you think I’m a Hillary Clinton promoter, I’m not. I just don’t like it when assertions are made about candidates that are clearly framed in a way that avoids the issues in order to go for the jugular.

I’d urge you to read the following articles, to give you a taste of what I believ

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