August is Near

August is Near. It’ll be Tomorrow. A month of my birth day, a month of many Leo friends. We are blessed to be born the same month with Indonesia Independent Day of August 17, 1945.

This month of August will be special one. We will have legalized our New President, Our Indonesia Leader JOKO WIDODO. A humble man from Surakarta, in Central Jave. He will be the first president who happened to love heavy metal music. I am blessed I have been a part of his campaign team. And have a chance to meet him in many occasion, even long ago in 2009 when I joined the race for legislative candidate.

Since he was proclaim to be a candidate from Indonesia Democratic Party in March 2014, and running for presidency candidate in May 2014. Our lives as party cadre has change. By the time of The PDI Perjuangan party chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri, I was not in Indonesia. I was in Malaysia, yet many people sent me message to congratulate me of the choice made by Megawati. I was proud and happy at that time. And on 22nd of July, 2014 I was proud again, Jokowi and JK has been pronounce as elected president and vice president by KPU Election Commission.

August is a month of sunny day in Indonesia. Everyone who was born in August supposed to have warm personality, and sometimes emotional.  After all they are living by Sun Sign in the zodiac.


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