Since long time I consider myself fundamentalist feminist. There is no such feminist in feminism theory. Somehow, I proclaimed it. It was because I use feminism as my view of everyday life. For me fundamentalist feminist is a combination of radical feminist in context, believe in sexual inequality persist and use it as perspective of my mind and to direct act in daily life.

Fundamentalist feminist as well radical feminist never hate male. Most of them disagree with male act as men. When male became man (gender role), they comfort in the role and forget other creature (female). In their comfort zone (patriarchy), male do not want to change the status quo (of women is subordinate, men in power and in advantage).

To be a fundamentalist feminist is only needs determination and loyalty. The determination is to continue struggle for change a patriarchy system into an equal joint-mutual community in the World. To be a fundamentalist feminist you have to be ready to be accused as not fair, “sexist”, un-strategic, due to way of persistence to be on female side, encourage female to be leader, and dare to create women’s space for their affirmation action in many parts of the life.

There is a simple way to put this into act. Try not judge woman over their ‘badness’, do not stop women to develop, etc…If you have a dream, share your dream with women, let’s make them investing to make your dream come true even in very small way.

umi lasminah@2008

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