The HUGE Lies Still Persist in Today HISTORY

Human evolution as a system of knowledge was created by Western science. Its knowledge was part of search of their true ancestor. The holy books  (the Monoteism believes) that persisted cannot give any clearer information about the human ancestor. Even if we MIGHT THINK CRITICALLY about the Dogma of Adam-Eve and God, Why God did that, He/She plant a special tree, a tree than can easily reach by Adam and Eve yet, but God forbid Adam and Eve to get the fruit out of that Tree. And if it was in Heaven, was it the Only tree that have fruit or there are other fruit in the tree? So Adam and Eve did not have us split the fruit?

Have you ever think, if God love you, He deliberately plant a tree with fruit on it and under Adam-Eve reach…but when Adam-Eve take and eat the fruit, God kicked off Adam-Eve out to heaven. After all long before Adam-Eve ousted from Heaven, the earth has been populated. The giants and devil already lived on Earth. Later on The Ultimate God sent its Gods and Goddess to lived as human Ancestor.

In Indonesia, there are many mountains. The highest places is the nearest to heaven. Heaven is above. What about the ancient building somewhere in South Indonesia. What about the mountains all over Indonesia, how the people who lives in Indonesia, their character, their lands, their culture.

And what more strange is that when you bring your mobile phone up to the mountain in many Places in Indonesia, why the signal is bad? It suppose to be great signal since it was on the upper of the land and satellite is near..

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