Look into yourself and be Proud

Look into yourself and be Proud, you were born in Indonesia, the soil of God-Godess ever created for Human.

The lands of miracles and perfection, not yet uncover.

The cultures of Nuswantara where human ability to live and recreate is the greatest on earth.

The cultures that cultivate millions of arts and beauty. Through its tradition and mores.

The cultures that bear: thousands tastes of food and beverages, millions of clothes and textures, hundreds of hut and house architectures..and what will be revealed millions of ancient buildings of pyramids, temples, towers, acropolis.

You should be proud: don’t you see Indonesians can play classical music from piano to flute, to tamborine and sampodia, out of Haydn and Debussy or Mozart, while Indonesia can play Gamelan of which the melody merely different, and can play any songs with only Bamboo of Angklung..

And how Indonesian either can dance ballet of Swan Lake or Bedhaya and Jaipong, how those are Indonesia flesh and bones. The Bodies that has been and always be part of Great-great Ancestors of Gods, and Great Grand Parents.

The chips of program or OS (operating system)of any ability of human kind was there, in the soul and body of Indonesia women and men..So do not Soul searching outside Indonesia..it is here, here in the land, the sea, the air of Indonesia.

The lands where the forest and the sea are still guards by Gods/Goddess, only the human that lives in Indonesia still do not acknowledge the manager of the Natures. The Indonesian natures have lots of mountains, trees, stones that most of it are still covered by the power of the Gods. When human neglect the Gods/Godesses whom own the natures, it makes nature out of human control.

Do not soul searching outside–Not from the lands of countries which Always in conlfict –the Gulf.

It’s all here, and be Proud.
@Umi Lasminah 20Agustus,2011

twitter: @umilasminah


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  1. Yes, we ought to be proud of all what we have, the richness of the nature, the fine climate, and centuries of civilization manifested in various forms of arts.
    However, we must not be indulged by the God given richness and privileges. We must do our best to preserve out natural resources at the same time optimize the use of the resources, and maximize our human capacity to reach our dream : welfare that is enjoyed by everyone, young-old, rich-poor and men-women.

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